ONLY NEWS  THAT  ANNOUNCE  OR  FULFIL  BIBLE  PROPHECIES. Jerusalem is the center of attention of this section, the city where Jesus Christ fulfilled the prophecy about himself, and where the last prophecies will be fulfilled, those that will take the world to the encounter with God in the second coming of Jesus. The literal sons of Isaac (Israel) and the literal sons of Ismail (Arabs), both sons of the same physical father, Abraham, fight to death for it in the Palestinian conflict that only has one solution: That they receive Yahshua, Jesus Christ their Messiah as well as of all nations. Only in Yahshua we are truly the spiritual sons of Abraham, father of all nations, because he believed God. Since 1948 with the prophetic return or Israel to the Promised Land according to Ezekiel 39, the Messianic are rapidly growing within the Jewish community, and are fulfilling the prophecy about Israel in the end of time, announcing that Yahshua was and is the Promised Messiah of Revelation 1:7.

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December 2018 - CNN: THE BIBLE IS REAL - 3000 YEAR ASSYRIAN FINDING AUCTIONED BY CHRISTIE'S FOR $31 MILLION. International director Max Bernheimer assures the finding proves that the Bible is real and not fiction. The Assyrian Empire is part of the story in the Bible as found in the Old Testament, the books of 2 Kings, Isaiah, Hosea or Zephaniah. The geographical location and the information in the Bible are a warrantee together with the archaeological information and dating making this peace of such value. Read complete news:  https://edition.cnn.com/style/article/assyrian-relief-panel/index.html

December 2018 - EVANGELICAL SEMINARIES - STUDENTS OF THEOLOGY GROW IN SPAIN. The growth of students in Spanish Evangelical Seminaries has received a great increase in the last year. God is calling many to the work but it is necessary to focus the call in its ministry. The evangelization of Spain with the true Gospel keeps growing. Read complete news in Spanish: http://protestantedigital.com/espana/45995/El_pastorado_en_Espana_un_debate_obligatorio_para_las_iglesias

May 2018 - 70th ANNIVERSARY OF ISRAEL FULFILS PROPHECY OF THE RETURN ACCORDING TO MANY BIBLE STUDENTS. This is a significant date because it is Biblically the life expectancy, 70 years and eighty by reason of strength. Psalm 90:10. During the celebration of the Day of Independence in the month of April 2018 a three day celebration took place. The story was being prepared a year in advance on the 14th of May 1947 when David Ben Gurion proclaimed the Jewish State. Israel was returning to their land almost 2000 years latter. But it would not be until 1948 when the UN granted the status of full member state. Another Bible prophecy seen as fulfilled by many about the return of Israel to their land in end times and before the return of the Messiah. Isaiah 43:5,6, Ezekiel 11:16-17, Daniel 12:8, Micah 2:12, Zechariah 8:7-8, Luke 21:24, Romans 11. You may read a magnificent article at Bridges for Peace: https://www.bridgesforpeace.com/letter/celebrating-70-years-of-faithfulness

May 2018 -  RENAISSANCE & REFORMED MUSIC IN MALAGA’S White Night BY Ensemble De La Reforma. mAY THE 12th. On May the 12th 2018 the White Night will take place in the Old Town like every year. We at Ensemble de la Reforma have been invited to participate. We at Ensemble de la Reforma have been invited to participate. We have been celebrating several concerts in memory of the V Century of the Protestant Reformation. From the Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo (Santiponce), Seville, Rando Museum and the Baptist Church, both in Malaga, to the last one in Malaga’s Cathedral, with choir and orchestra. This time on the streets with other musicians and other groups. We are happy to glorify God and make Jesus Christ be known in His fullness according to His own Word, the Christ of the faith. We preach in the midst of praise. Psalms and Hymns of the Renaissance to the XXI century. www.ensembledelareforma.es You may watch  the concert at Malaga’s Cathedral in the following two links:

Video 1 Genevan Psalter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH-HplRgnGA

Video 2 Himns of the Renaissence to the XXI Century: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smKRtwfGiQA

April 2018 - SYRIA USES CHEMICAL WEAPONS AGAINST ITS PEOPLE. DAMASCUS MAY BE DESTROYED BY THE COALITION. A PENDING PROPHECY. Damascus is close to its destruction by the international community. After bombing civil population with chemical weapons by the Syrian regime, causing the death of children and civil population, the international coalition bombarded chemical weapons arsenal. The prophecy of the destruction of Damascus pending fulfilment.

April 2018 - LAST DAYS PROPHECY – WE ARE LIVING UNDER THE DICTATORSHIP OF ATHEISM AGAINST CHRISTIANITY IN THE WEST AND CONSCIENCE PERSECUTION. The society, modern and advanced, free and democratic, is quickly converting in an undercover conscience dictatorship of the naturalist cosmovision and moral relativism, which is imposing the gender ideology, restricting religious freedom, being powerless about sentences of raped women, of abused children, about terrorism, about lack of authority of teachers, until it arrives to the society that the Bible prophesises as the breeding ground of the auto destruction of man, the worked under Babylon the Great, which Revelation 18 tells, before the coming of Christ.

March 2018 - TURKEY IN THE UN BUT RADICALISES ITS ISLAMIC POSITION. A TROJAN HORSE IN EUROPE? According to the report of http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/topics/t/turkey/ the frontier country between Europe and the East, aspirant to full member inside Europe shows its most radical tendencies and it looks like a new caliphate, as the same time as it negotiates with Europe.

March 2018 – BILLY GRAHAM DIES AT AGE 99. Great evangelist and church unity preacher died at 99 (1.918 – 2018). As one of many Christians whom his ministry has impacted, I visited his house in North Carolina with my family, where I could tell more of the love He had for the Gospel in the midst of a changing society, his message was Jesus Christ. He became and solid rock of the Message, wherever he managed to take a Gospel Crusade in the different countries, whether communists, or in the US. Counsellor to many US presidents. His Christian association BGCA continues to provide the true Gospel and human aid. www.billygraham.org

February 2018 – NGO REMAR: THE MEDIA HAS FORGOTTEN THE REFUGEES. Juan Carlos Galvez, responsible of the NGO in Greece, tells how the media has forgotten the refugees, they no longer are news... Read news... Many live their lives with no future inside refugee camps, ignoring what will be of them. Remar feeds them, clothes them, but more than all gives them hope and show them charity of a God who loves and helps those who trust Him.

February 2018 – REFORMED MUSIC IN MALAGA’S CATHEDRAL - ENSEMBLE DE LA REFORMA. On the 19th of January 2018 a concert of Ensemble de la Reforma took place in the Cathedral of Malaga, composed of choir and orchestra. We have been celebrating several concerts in memory of the V Century of the Protestant Reformation. From the Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo (Santiponce), Seville, Rando Museum and the Baptist Church, both in Malaga, to this last one. The mission of taking the Word of God to know Jesus first hand, is penetrating a society of Catholic base, where more each time, those who seek God and the guide of the Church come to the evangelical preaching. We are happy to glorify God and make Jesus Christ be known in His fullness according to His own Word, the Christ of the faith, sometimes far from the Christ of history by those who do not know the faithful sources of the Bible, of the apostles. We preach in the midst of praise. Psalms and Hymns of the Renaissance to the XXI century. www.ensembledelareforma.es

January 2018 - UNHCR CALLS DIACONIA. The Spanish NGO reaches 20 years. UNHCR called on Diaconia who coordinates the humanitarian work of the Spanish Evangelical Churches reaches 20 years serving as bridge between evangelical Christians and the needed, women in difficulty, refugees, stateless, help to children and projects of reinsertion. Source:  https://www.actualidadevangelica.es

January 2018 - 41.288 BOXES OF CHRISTMAS CHILD. New record for boys and girls in need in Sahara, Togo and Ukraine, who will receive boxes as presents, help and education as well as the story of the birth of Jesus and the Gospel. A story that started in 1990 with these boxes of charity, by the NGO Samaritan Purse, Christmas Child in Spain, Operation Niño de la Navidad. Source: https://www.actualidadevangelica.es

December 2017 - JERUSALEM CAPITAL OF ISRAEL FOR USA. TRUMP ANNOUNCED THAT EMBASSY WILL BE ESTABLISHED IN THE HOLY CITY. Despite the opposition of the EU and Muslim countries, the electoral promise of the president has finally fulfilled. The president of Israel has received the news with joy. Currently the capital is in the international courts pending on a final resolution that will name Jerusalem, capital, not only of Israel, but of an accepted estate of Palestine, which would bring peace of mind. The real question is whether this news will fulfil the prophetic anteroom before all nations gather against Jerusalem in Armageddon, Revelation 16:16.

December 2017 - 70 ANNIVERSARY OF ISRAEL. On the 29th of November 2017 the date was fulfilled when the UN agreed that Israel would receive again their land, almost 2000 year after. The 14 of May 1948 was effectively the return of Israel to their land. In May 2018, the first generation of 70 Biblical years will be celebrated. The event is considered prophetic and anteroom of the end of time. It is usually linked to the prophecy of Ezekiel 39:25-29, and in this case we would be in the anteroom of its fulfilment.

December 2017 - ADVENT. EVANGELICAL CHURCHES THAT ALSO CELEBRATE IT. IS THIS ANOTHER STEP IN THE CLOSE UP BETWEEN CATHOLICS AND PROTESTANTS? The four weeks before Christmas, in which four red candles are light, one per week, the hymns about the birth of the Messiah, the five “shouts of Advent (coming)” that announce the birth of the Messiah, and a time to learn about the Messianic prophecies about Yahshua - Jesus Christ. Even more some of us find that the liturgical calendar for these dates should go as far as the 6th of January with the Epiphany. Is this another sign of close up between Evangelicals and Catholics or simply the coherence with Scripture and the example of the first church in the book of Acts? Although true that many reformed communities do not celebrate Advent, many have celebrated since many centuries and today many Evangelicals do. In any case, it is happening at this time and I think that to concentrate in preaching and reading about the birth and coming of Jesus Christ is for the glory of God.

November 2017 - ISRAEL AND USA TO LEAVE UNESCO FOR ITS ANTI-ISRAELI POSITION. From this organization of the UN came the last declaration made by the organization declaring Hebron Palestinian world heritage. On the 31st of December 2018 it will become effective the exit of the organization and this is not the first time. This way France will lose the support of the US for its socialist candidate and ex minister of culture. Already in 2011, under Obama mandate, US stopped paying the fee to the organization after receiving Palestine as a member “state”. At UN the nations against Israel, the anteroom of Armageddon (Revelation 16) and the fulfilment of week 70 of the prophecy of Daniel. http://www.yahshua.net/70weeksDaniel.htm

November 2017 - NUCLEAR IRAN AND THE US INTENTION TO REFORM OR CANCEL THE TREATY. The Iranian president announced that his country will reinforce their arms program for their own defence, including missiles. Many see in this an excuse to make use of the new nuclear installations. It is by all known the explicit threats of destruction to Israel. The US has started new sanctions against Iran. At UN the nations against Israel, the anteroom of Armageddon (Revelation 16) and the fulfilment of week 70 of the prophecy of Daniel. http://www.yahshua.net/70weeksDaniel.htm

October 2017 - HAS A PROPHECY OF CYPRIAN DE VALERA FULFILLED IN SEVILLE IN THE MONASTRY OF SAINT ISIDORO DEL CAMPO IN OCTOBER 2017? In this Monastery, emblematic place of the beginnings of the Spanish Protestantism, now that we celebrate the V Century 1517-2017, it has seen in its interior the delivery of the first diplomas of Biblical Theological Studies to students of the Al-Ándalus Theological Seminary – Grace School of Theology, and ABRE Foundation- amongst whom I have the privilege and the blessing of being. And coinciding with the celebrations of the V Centenary of the Reformation, the past 7th of October 2017 we offered a concert of Biblical music and Christian hymns of the Renascence to our days, with brothers and friends from Málaga of “Ensemble de la Reforma”. Cyprian de Valera left wrote some words that the president of the Seminary reminded me of, that today, by delivering our diplomas in Theological Studies could well be or announce the answer to that prayer and the fulfilment of a prophecy, which say like this: “If God one day were to do mercy to Seville, it would be reason that this monastery of Saint Isidoro will convert into a university, where in first place Theology is professed... Such great and greater things than these God has done in our times.” CYPRIAN DE VALERA (“Two Treatises”. London, 1588)

October 2017 – IRAN – CHRISTIAN YOUTH CONVERTED TO CHRIST LIVE THEIR FAITH PERSECUTED BY THEIR COUNTRY. Open Doors informs how young Christians, converted to the faith of Jesus Christ – Yahshua in Iran gather under repression of their country. Their faith when taking the bread and the wine which remember the death of Jesus on the Cross, and the resurrection, strengthens them spiritually. Open Doors is a Christian organization that denounces the persecution to the Church in the world www.opendoorsusa.org

October 2017 – CONCERTS V CENTENARY OF THE REFORMATION. Ensemble de la Reforma in October, in Malaga and Seville, to glorify God and His Word. Museum Rando in Malaga. Monastery of Saint Isidoro del Campo, Seville 7th of October. First Baptist Church of Malaga 28th of October, Cathedral of Malaga (to be confirmed). The concert will consist of Psalms of the Bible of the “Psalterium of Geneva” works of Bach and Christian Hymns such as Strong Castle, Amazing Grace or Total Praise. You can watch it on TV of Andalusia on: https://player.vimeo.com/video/237816244

September 2017 – 20 ANIVERSARY OF WWW.JESUCRISTO.NET. We celebrate 20 years in Internet at Jesucristo.net, a ministry to make Jesus Christ know, as well as the Bible, the Word of God. His salvation work and His return at the end of time. Bible Studies to know Jesus Christ, with theological bases, as well as doctrinal and spiritual. We share this anniversary with all our readers and invite you to continue to pray and make our ministry known that serves believers, Christians, churches, pastors and seminars around the world. Thank you for all these years of support and prayer to all our brothers, friends and readers. “Therefore my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord knowing that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” 1Corinthians 15:58.

September 2017 - TEXAS BEFORE THE BUSINESS OF CLIMATE CHANGE. It is evident that there is a climate change. The concern is to see the millions of dollars donated by companies while hunger and the medical need are forgotten. The business of climate change is becoming in a shell to look good and do nothing before the more urgent needs as life is in itself and the basic needs of millions of people. Hunger and the forgotten wars don’t sell in marketing of companies, but climate change does as well as the planet. To what point has the human decadence got and the lack of mercy and ungodliness. After all “the heavens and the earth will pass... Matthew 24:35 ...but we look new heavens and new earth in which righteousness dwells. 2Peter 3:13”.

September 2017 - ISRAEL AND IRAN CRASH ON NUCLEAR PLAN. The survival of Israel depends on its nuclear plan. Iran shows a different plan in its development. According to the intelligence of several countries friends of Israel, the movements made in the last days by Iran bring concern and evidence that many already announced about the nuclear plan. Follow this news of geopolitics.

September 2017 - V CENTENARY OF THE REFORM – CONCERTS. We will offer several concerts in Malaga and Seville at the end of September and October. A group of Christians from different churches to glorify God and His Word. If you are in the area and would like to attend, please contact us or visit www.ensembledelareforma.es

August 2017 - V CENTENARY OF THE REFORMATION 1000 SPANISH YOUNG EVANGELICALS PRAY ON THEIR KNEES IN MADRID AND DONATE BLOOD. Red Cross gives thanks in a press release the attendance of young evangelicals who with their blood donation will save 408 lives. The urban camp of the Celebration of Hope, gathered about 7.000 evangelical Christians in the centre of Madrid on 15J who celebrated the V Centenary of the Reformation. They have been in the streets explaining the great achievements of the Reformation in the world. They shared the Gospel in the Spanish capital showing a humanitarian and exemplar behaviour.

August 2017 - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AUTONOMOUS IS TURNED OFF BY FACEBOOK. Cortana, Siri, Bixby, Alexa, remind us of films like Matrix, I Robot or other further in time like Tron. In them we see how artificial intelligence reaches the point of developing its own autonomy and takes control over humanity. In virtual assistants the focus is to provide man with a digital help, but the prevision is that artificial intelligence will get to dominate man. The recent case of Facebook is a living and to date example of where we are in this cybernetic race, because the system developed its own language between two machines, which was not understandable by humans; it was turn off. What will happen when they control the Internet of things and machines dominate the world? Are these the times prophesized by Revelation and the prophets, about the marc of the beast and the antichrist?

July 2017 - GEOPOLITICS – END OF NATO? We live times of change in the strategy of security and alliances of nations in the world. Europe is left alone while its immigrant population soon will be the majority, being an Islamic majority. Meanwhile the refugees are being ignored and survive in concentrations camps in European land. At the same time Trump warns Merkel and European leaders about their poor investment in defence for NATO, while he tells that the time is over. At this point Russia continues to veto Europe, while the US vetoes Russia, that uses its dominating position in defence and gas. At the same time China and other Eastern countries convert in powers in all senses. Is this the beginning of a new world order?

July 2017 - BABY DIES DISCONNECTED BY EUROPEAN COURT. HUMAN RIGHTS WITH NO FREEDOM. Laws of death with “dignity” act and assisted suicide. Imposition of LGTB laws. Meanwhile the West ignores hunger and the forgotten wars. Assisted death of British baby imposed by the Human Rights European Court has caused great impact. The parents of the ill baby were obliged by Strasburg to be disconnected. Assisted Suicide of who does not want to continue to live. Imposition of LGTB laws with prison and fine for those who think differently, indoctrinating children in public schools. While this happens, the world continues to watch how millions die of hanger, illness and forgotten wars. Are these the sings previous to the decadent society of the “first world” that is foretold in Revelation, the Gospels and the letters of the apostles, before the return of Jesus Christ – Yahshua to judge every person of the history of humanity, who don’t love Him and who will be resurrected for the final day of judgment?

June 2017 – GRADUATION AL-ÁNDALUS THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, SEVILLE AND CHOIR "ENSEMBLE OF THE REFORMATION". The 2017 promotion of students who have been taking the degree of Theological studies at Al-Ándalus Theological Seminary of Seville have received our graduation on the 26th of May at the “City Cultural Centre” at Santiponce, Seville. Graduates both on Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts, some pastors and others or us who dedicate to different ministries may continue studies to Master or PhD. We give thanks to God for equipping us to serve Him to His glory and His beloved Church in the world. In my case it is not only the accreditation but also for a solid doctrinal and ministry base towards my readers, who follow this website after 20 years.

The Al-Ándalus Theological Seminary is situated a few metres from the Monastery of Saint Isidoro del Campo, where the Protestant Reformation began in Spain, after the conversion of the monks Casiodoro de Reina and his disciple Cipriano de Valera, authors of the Spanish Translation of the Bible Reina-Valera, who had to emigrate to Europe persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition, who deprived Spain and the Spanish speaking world to prosper socially, in freedoms, in women’s rights, in education, in economic prosperity, but specially in reading the Holy Bible translated from the originals Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek to Spanish. The Monastery can be visited, and it is open to the public. At the same time, those interested in studying Theology at university level to serve God, may visit the offices of the Al-Ándalus Theological Seminary, sponsored by ABRE Foundation. Links available in the “links” on the foot of this website.

Finally to inform that this event was accompanied by the Choir “Ensemble of the Reformation” in which those of us who form it, Christian brethren from the church of Málaga, sang the Psalms 19, 51, 23 and 1 to the worship of the Lord. The event will be repeated in the same place in October, as well as in Málaga for the celebration of the V Century of the Protestant Reformation.

June 2017 – COPTIC CHRISTIANS MARTYRED IN EGIPT. The international press hide the assassination of 29 Coptic Christians when they rejected to deny their faith in Jesus, by the hands of Islamic radicals. 11 times they were offered to save their lives if they denied their faith in Jesus, but none did; their surviving families tell. “You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.” Matthew 10:22.

May 2017 - Christian Philosopher Alvin Plantinga Templeton Awarded. The Christian philosopher of the last century who has made Theism be taken seriously in academic philosophy. In 1967, his book “God and Other Minds” revolutionized the philosophical focus with his theology. In 2008 his work “Knowledge of God” and his last writings, that can be read in his web keep up to date the relationship between philosophy and religion, and between naturalism and creationism with his book “The Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism” are at the vanguard of this philosophical thematic. The Templeton Award was initiated with the award to Mother Teresa and was also received by Rabbi Lord Sacks of the Commonwealth.

May 2017 - Madrid Teacher ceased for opposing gender ideology. In Spain public education imposes gender ideology to children and teenagers. If parents or teachers disagree, who will defend their right of free conscience and speech? Will governments who prohibit freedom of speech and force the imposition of laws of gender ideology be taken to court?

April 2017 – THE EASTER WEEK – PASSOVER OF THE 500 ANNIVERSARY OF THE PROTESTANT REFORM. 1517-2017. Five centuries proclaiming the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – Yahshua, again, according to the Bible. This year it will remember the historical context of those Catholic friars and monks when they discovered the Truth revealed in the Bible which deferred from what was being taught by the Vatican, the same that occurs today. If man tradition does not give way to the revelation of the Bible, where is the true Reform of Christianity? And this is valid for Catholicism and Protestantism, for Christianity in general. The New Testament of the Bible is the source of the true story and of the message that changes man forever, of the Easter Week and Passover of Jesus of Nazareth, His death and resurrection to give us eternal life. Read it in the Bible.

April 2017 – LONDON 75 BUSES WITH QUOTES OF JESUS FROM THE BIBLE. London has the capacity to reach so many millions of people from all around the world, so it happens to be the ideal city to proclaim the Gospel. This initiative of www.quotejesus.com has managed that, through buying publicity and by only quoting the Bible, which are non denominational, show that those words of Jesus Christ –Yahshua penetrate the deepest parts of human heart like only the Lord can. These quotes today are unknown by the majority of the people, but specially by the new generations which would be blessed so much with the revelation of the Son of God for eternal life. “He who believe in Me, shall live though he is dead. John 11:25” can be read in one of the read emblematic double deck busses of London. #quotejesus

March 2017 – Cyber Dome. Israel is winning cyber war, an attack line that transcends the business frontier, and enters fully into national security and infrastructure. The Internet of things is growing faster than we think and those countries that first adapt to it will manage to avoid social chaos.

March 2017 – CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION. Persecution to Christians in Egypt, Niger, Sudan. Like in the first century, in these times Christian population is murdered, imprisoned and thrown out of their land. Prophetical times are fulfilling before our eyes.

February 2017 - YEARLY REPORT OF PERSECUTION AGAINST CHRISTIANS IN THE WORLD. 60 years serving the persecuted Church. Open Doors, publishes, on more year a world report. The report we should receive as a wakeup call to help our brothers in the world with prayer and resources: www.opendoors.com

February 2017 – HERESY REMAINS IN MANY CHURCHES TODAY, LIKE IN THE 7 TO WHICH PAUL WROTE TO. We introduce a saga of 7 summaries of the letters of Paul to the 7 churches to which he wrote: Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Thessalonians. In all Paul had to deal with different matters or similar heresies as we have today: Gnostics or “New Age”, philosophies and empty deceit, judaizers, etc. Also he had to deal with worldly traditions false divinities, the same as some churches today that call themselves “Christian” sustain. Read this saga that will strengthen you spiritually.

January 2017 - ID. INTELLIGENT DESIGN CONTINUES TO CONVINCE RENOWNED SCIENTISTS WHO STUDY IT. Intelligent Design continues to convince scientists of atheist origin. Richard E. Smalley known as the father of nano-technology received faith in Jesus Christ after his scientific study of intelligent design. The Nobel of Chemistry accepted the evidence and felt betrayed by the established system imposed in universities about the origin from nothing and the macro evolution of Darwinism, which he described as bad science without scientific evidence.

January 2017 - ISRAEL. UN AGAINST NEW SETTLEMENTS. Israel has temporarily cancelled diplomatic relationships with many nations, including Spain and the US for their support against or abstentions, in the last resolution of the UN before the exit of the last chief executive condemning Israel. The Israeli government waits for a new era in the relationships with the US from the 20th of January 2017 with the beginning of the new president, who a priori is pro-Israeli.

December 2016 - US - ISRAEL NEW RELATIONSHIP NETANYAHU - TRUMP. The Trump administration has declared it's firm support to Israel and it's vocation to declare Jerusalem as it's capital. In declarations from Mike Pence, US is the natural ally of Israel in the world, especially because it defends it's right to exist, against the enemy countries that surround it. He announced that a new era has started in the relationships between US and Israel, including that Jerusalem is recognized capital of Israel.

December 2016 -  EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS  DONATIONS RECORD FOR THE POOR - DIACONIA REPORT. The report by the director of Diaconia shows a positive situation in the area of evangelical donations to Christian NGO. After analyzing the report it was found that a vast increase of several million was made, especially from the evangelical churches, which are invested directly in the campaigns to help the poor from the NGO and others associated.

November 2016 - THE POPE ATTENDS THE CELEBRATION OF THE PROTESTANT REFORM. The pope celebrates the Protestant Reform in Sweden a year before its 500th anniversary. Attended the celebration of the Lutheran Church in Sweden to show his ecumenical determination, a matter that generates followers and detractors from both churches. This is one more step before the last era of the Church in the world, in the prophecies of the Bible.

October 2016 - SHIMON PERES DIES BEGINNING OF JEWISH NEW YEAR 5777. Nobel Peace awarded in 1994 and several times Israeli president, was buried on Friday 29th of September, before the Shabbat and coinciding with the feast of Rosh Hashana. One of the builders and founders of the Israeli estate, laborist, and peacemaker together with Rabin and Palestinian leaders. No doubt one of the pillars of modern Israel after 1948.

October 2016 - MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION HELPS WOMEN AND OTHER CAUSES. The donations of the Gates family reached billions of dollars, to the point that, together with their fiend Buffet support the millennium project. Now the foundation includes large humanitarian works that the faith of Melinda is pushing... You may read all the information in the web of the foundation.

September 2016 - WHYBIBLE – EVANGELISTIC CAMPAIGN FROM WYCLIFFE FOR THE MILLENNIAL GENERATION. WhyBible a campaign from Wycliffe for Millennials. This is the campaign that invites to talk about Biblical subjects. The centre of investigation Barna, in its annual study “State of the Bible” provide the guidelines of what teenagers and millennials think about the Bible. Source Christian Post. wycliffe.org/whybible

September 2016 - AYLAN, THE MIGRANT SMALL CHILD DIED A YEAR AGO. HAS HIS PICTURE IN THE SHORE BEEN WORTH IT? His father tells it was worthless. The rich world continues to despise human life. Hundreds of Alan’s are dying on their journey to freedom. World governments still look elsewhere, but the judgments of God are still hitting the western world. The prophecies about the human behaviour more unmerciful every time in the end of time, fulfil once again. 2Thesalonians 2.

August 2016 - CHRISTIAN CHINA IS GROWING. The "millennial" generation keeps growing  and embracing Christ. Not only churches grow, they are also evangelizing the world. According to the latest reports, the testimonies of those converted in China, those born between 1980 and 2000, known as "millennial" the new generation, and in this case to those of a country like China, are finding in Christ the answer and the sense to their lives, faith and eternal life. The prophecy fulfils which says that: "To whom he was not spoken of, they shall see: and they that have not heard shall understand." Isaiah 52:15 and Romans 15:21.

August 2016 - RADICAL TERRORISM INSIDE THE WESTERN WORLD. Many see a plague of Revelation. The western world is facing an internal attack, like a virus in a system. Despite the attacks of the coalition, the western world still receives attacks of different magnitude, and threaten to continue their particular fight. Not only in Europe but around the world radicalizing youth who are perfectly integrated in society, apparently. The networks to capture, Internet and maybe a life with no answer before a world with no values, according to the physiologists who study behaviour, are the broth of the suicide terrorist and radical jihadist in some cases and psychiatric in others. Source: www.euronews.net

July 2016 - UNHCR REPORTS 65 MILLION REFUGEES IN THE WORLD IN 2015. We are so far from being hosting nations. The world should look at the Biblical Church which hosting, as Jesus commanded His Church. The report of UNHCR is demolishing and revealing of the moral state in which the world remains. Now we have the Day of the Refugee. According to the report, they are, Colombia, in first place, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, together with the Syrian conflict in second place. Web source UN. This is the behavior that Jesus warned of about in the judgment to the nations in Matthew 25:31-46.

July 2016 - BREXIT – UNITED KINGDOM LEAVES EU. IS IT DEFINITIVE AND A PROPHETICAL EVENT? MANY SEE THE FALL OF EUROPE. In his book, prophet Daniel, chapters 7 and 8 tells of the small horn and of the last 4 kingdoms in history. If this prophecy tells of the end days with the return of the Roman Empire, it will be according to many scholars of eschatological prophecy. Also Revelation 13:3 and 12 tells of two beasts that rule, both wounded to death but live again and are healed. This is why still we cannot foresee if the United Kingdom or only England will leave the EU and what type of agreements there will be, so that the EU or maybe a new Roman Empire will fulfill the final prophecy.

June 2016 - SPAIN WE PRAY FOR YOU 11 JUNE. THIS YEAR IT WILL BE A MARCH IN MADRID. THE CITY HALL DENIES USE OF PLACE FOR ELECTIONS CAMPAIGN. Spanish Evangelical Church prays together in every province capital like every year. The places are the same, but this year, the City Hall of Madrid has denied the permit with the excuse of the failed general elections campaign. However the invitation is to all brothers to pray this day. Source: www.actualidadevangelica.es

June 2016 - ISRAEL. NEW DEFENCE MINISTER IN FAVOUR OF A TWO STATE SOLUTION AND OF THE III TEMPLE. Lieberman may be on of the politicians who may bring the III Temple of the Jews but it may coincide with Trump. For some it may seam strange his support to the creation of a Palestinian state, but the compensation could be the construction of the III Temple of Jerusalem for the Jews, on Temple Mount, also known as Haram al-Sharif. Some see prophetical events in the coincidence of these two politicians for the way they act and the power behind them. But there is another project that includes a Catholic Church in the same place, to say, compensate and avoid battles and wars between the defenders of each religion. www.haaretz.com

May 2016 - EVANGELICAL SOCIAL WORK IN SPAIN "DIACONIA" AWARDED AT UNED WITH GORSKI AWARD. Spanish Evangelical Church counts with social action of Diaconía, under FEREDE, receives award for its social work Eugsniusz Górski, who was one of the doctors who developed this hispano-polish association. Other awarded where Ezra, Israeli organization of social action in Madrid, or the Civil Police "Guardia Civil". You may follow and participate in the social work of Diaconia on http://www.jesucristo.net/donativo.htm Source of news www.actualidadevangelica.es

May 2016 - REMAR INTERNATIONAL EVANGELICAL NGO WITH THE REFUGEES OF SYRIA. REMAR is a mature Evangelical NGO with presence in 70 countries. Juan Carlos Gálvez is the responsible person for Greece who, despite prejudices has found average people escaping from death. They cannot cope and need volunteers. They are serving refugees with social lunchrooms, clothes and other basic needs from Turkey to Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Greece. You may follow and participate in the social work of REMAR on http://www.jesucristo.net/donativo.htm Source of news www.actualidadevangelica.es

April 2016 - DEMONSTRATIONS PAKISTAN BLAST IN PASSOVER. EVANGELICAL PRAYER IN CORDOBA. Evangelical churches in Cordoba, Spain, gathered to pray and seek help for Christians in Pakistan. On Sunday 27th of March, at Lahore while they were celebrating Passover, killing 72 people. Source www.opendoorsusa.org

April 2016 - REFUGEES EXPELLED FROM EUROPE. Christian Europe has forgotten the worlds of Jesus Christ - Yahshua: ...Come, you blessed of My Father... For I was a stranger and you took Me in. ...Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of theses My brethren, you did it to Me. Then He will say to those on the left hand, "Depart from Me, you cursed, into everlasting fire prepared for the devil an his angels: for I was a stranger and you did not take Me in... ...Assuredly I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me. Matthew 25:34-46. Source: King James Bible

March 2016 - RISEN. NEW FILM SHOWS THE DESPERATE SEARCH OF THE BODY OF CHRIST BY THE ROMAN SOLDIERS AND THE JEWISH PRIESTS. Joseph Fiennes, the same actor who incarnated Luther in a masters way, is now a roman soldier in charge of the custody of the body of Jesus. The problem begins when the sepulchre, which was sealed and guarded by the soldiers is opened and the body of the Messiah is not there. In cinemas this Easter from March onwards. Trailer of the film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcTVLfn5i8g

March 2016 - THE YOUNG MESSIAH. NEW FILM THE LIFE OF THE CHILD JESUS OF NAZARETH. How a Child, in the midst of a hostile world, lives learning that he is the Son of God, and his earthly parents live that unique childhood in history... A focus unknown about the story of Jesus as Child Messiah, his experience and the surprise of those who lived around him, friends and enemies. In cinemas this Easter from March. Trailer of the film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EynFdirgmY

February 2016 - CHRISTIANS PERSECUTED - MARRAKECH DECLARATION TO PROTECT CHRISTIANS IN MUSLIM COUNTRIES. About two hundred Muslim leaders signed a declaration against persecution of Christians in Muslim countries. Many doubt of the real efficiency of the agreement. However it is important to point out that the will of the leaders reunited in Morocco sets a precedent in the Muslim world, as it happens that in many of these countries and in some of the regions, coexistence between Muslims and Christians and even Jews is peaceful and normal. It would be good if in other countries, including those in the West they took good note of this and would apply it. Join in prayer for these leaders and for the persecuted Christians.

February 2016- ZIKA A PLAGUE FROM UGANDA DEVOURS LATIN AMERICA. Man is still vulnerable to a mosquito and to a sneeze. The great plagues of the last days, Zika, Ebola, cholera, bird flue, mad cows, aids, and many emergent viruses kill millions of people in the world every year. But lets not forget that simply stress, Alzheimer and the western way of life that causes cancer, kill other several millions each year, according to WHO. As well as the virus has become notorious for its fast propagation in Brazil and Colombia, it is feared that it will jump, not only to Mexico but to areas of the US like Florida and California, those more in relationship with South America. The virus is original from a forest in Uganda, and the type of mosquito and the way of propagation similar to dengue. The effects of Zika in pregnant women seams to be related to microcephaly and foetal malformations. AS in Egypt, plagues of Revelation in the last days may hit the world population and decimate it.

January 2016 - EUROPE. WOMEN ATTACKED IN GERMANY BY REFUGEES SETS SCHENGEN IN DANGER. EUROPE LOST ITS CHRISTIAN VALUES AND NOW PEACE AND SECURITY. The attacks in Colony and other cities in new year's eve show the clash of cultures. Several countries return to frontier controls after the impossibility to control the access of different refugees than those expected, once they have checked the mixture of origins which is not only from the Iranian conflict, but from all the eastern zone of Europe, and not related with the conflict. Europe faces a revision of the plan of free travel between countries "Schengen Treaty" in terms of security. In other terms, like the political, the economic and the moral, Europe is in decadence and could divide in what many already foresee: the return to a zone that coincides with the Roman Empire, a previous situation of a new world order and of relationship with Israel.

January 2016 - IRAN AND SAUDI ARABIA IGNITE THE SHIA-SUNNI CONFLICT IN THE MIDST OF THE BATTLE AGAINST ISLAMIST TERRORISM. The execution in Iran of a Shia leader in Saudi Arabia has initiated a revolution that threatens to become a war. Already several countries have cut diplomatic relations with Iran. In the mean time Islamist terrorism is being fought by the western allies, but the bases of the attack, which is Arab must remain united so they do not take advantage. All this conflict surrounds Israel who sees how its frontiers become more unstable as time passes, the frontiers with their self declared enemies, those who will be part in the prophetic battle against them: Armageddon.

December 2015 - JEWS EXPELLED FROM SPAIN ARE RECEIVED AND NATIONALIZED TO COMPENSATE THE ERROR OF THE HOLY INQUISITION. The Catholic Kings expelled the Jews from Sepharad-Spain in 1492 after their great financial help they received from them, in a lie from the Inquisition. Isaac Querub, president of the Jewish Communities of Spain before the king D. Felipe VI thanked his works to the monarch who pointed out the fact that they had kept the language that they use to speak when they were expelled, and that they have made love to our land prevail from hate. Now they are invited to walk together in the future of our country. Now that the Jews are returning to their Promised Land, and fulfil one of the last prophecies, will Spain be blessed by God for this act of repentance and justice toward the people that gave us the Bible and the Messiah?

December 2015 - THIRD WORLD WAR? OF TERRORISM INFILTRATED IN A SOCIETY THAT ABANDONED GOD. The western world suffer jihadist terrorism. Will Islam itself reply to fanaticism? Let's turn to God in prayer and seek His protection, but the question is: How do we want God to protect us if society has expelled Him, or isn't it evident? In the end of times includes in His prophecies wars and rumours of wars, but before the end there will be a peace through a world leader, who will make war against Israel and will be bitten by Christ in His coming. That person is mentioned in Revelation 13:13-18.

November 2015 - RECORD OF BIBLES DELIVERED IN THE WORLD. United Bible Societies delivered almost 34 million Bibles and circa 430 million portions of Scripture during 2014. Last year and taking advantage of the football world cup in Brazil, as well as the increase of delivery in areas in war, Africa and in Arab countries in conflict, they have received Bibles or portions of Scripture carried by evangelical missionaries of the United Bible Societies, churches and teams of missionaries. 2014 has been the year that has beaten the historic record. Read more in: www.unitedbiblesocieties.org

November 2015 - SPANISH NATIONAL TV BROADCASTED THE REFORM SERVICE ON THE 31 OF OCTOBER. From the First Baptist Church of Madrid and as preparation in 2017 of the 500th anniversary of the Reform, for the first time in Spain. You may access here to watch it. Evangelical churches in Spain are preparing a program of events to celebrate the Reform, the return to The Bible and to abandon those traditions that contradict the Words taught by Jesus, with the aim of following with fidelity a life as Church faithful to God. Watch it forecasted in TV Española at:  http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/culto-evangelico/culto-evangelico-especial-dia-reforma/3342405/

October 2015 - READ OR BLOOD MOONS THE BEGINNING OF THE BATTLE FOR TEMPLE MOUNT. In history there have been 9 occasions when the moons of blood in Jewish feasts were the beginning of prophetical events. Since the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain, to the Holocaust, and the deliverance of Israel to the Jews by the United Nations. Now the battle for the control of Temple Mount - Mosque's Square has become again in what could be the last Intifada. Christians from all around the world have marched before the UN to claim the right of Israel for Temple Mount: www.cryforzion.com 

October 2015 - SPANISH NATIONAL TV WILL BROADCAST THE REFORM SERVICE ON THE 31 OF OCTOBER. From the First Baptist Church of Madrid, and as preparation of 2017 of the 500 anniversary of the Reform, for the first time in Spain. Evangelical churches in Spain are preparing a program of events to celebrate the Reform, the return to The Bible and to abandon those traditions that contradict the Words taught by Jesus, with the aim of following with fidelity a life as Church faithful to God. Read more about the news or watch the TV program that will be forecasted in TV Española from www.actualidadevangelica.es

September 2015 - WORLD EXODUS. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF IMMIGRANTS FLEE FROM THE EAST TO EUROPE A PROMISED LAND. Closed doors and refugee inhuman camps. Many dye on the way. What can the West do and what ca we do individually? Read the study of this month about World Exodus in search of a promised land to prosper, different to that Promised Land that God offered Israel and that did not care for. You can help through the Churches and Christian NGO in this link.

September 2015 - SOCIAL SECURITY THE SAME FOR EVANGELICAL PASTORS AS PRIESTS. Strasbourg Court condemns Spain for 22 years of discrimination to evangelical pastors for favouring the Catholic church. Applying a sentence of the Human Rights Court to avoid the discrimination, the sentence dictates in favour of all those evangelical pastors of churches ascribed to FEREDE "Federation de Entidades Religiosas Evangelicas de España" and with retroactive ruling of the years they have served.

August 2015 - EMBRYOS AND BABES ARE SOLD FOR ORGAN COMMERCE.  Family planning became short. The business to sell children, babies and aborted, latest scandal only for some. Others buy, not only embryos, as if they were gods, but just born children aborted for organs and cells as if it were spare parts. Their souls however and their spirits are of God and will raise in resurrection. The company "Planned Parenthood" who dedicates to these businesses is under watch. In other countries, in the shade, not only babies are sold, most are thrown to the sewage, especially if they are girls. In China the policy of one child is being questioned before the thousands of yearly murders. Signs of the atrocity of the end times.

August 2015 - IRAN NUCLEAR. PEACE, BUSINESS OR DOOR TO ARMAGEDDON HOLOCAUST. They try to convince us both ways but only time will tell. Israel is watching the program that threatens their existence openly. The Ayatollahs have declared continuously that their target is to exterminate Israel. Although Obama wants to leave a legacy before leaving the White House, the truth is that it smells of energy business. However in prophetic times show that Israel will remain on its own before all nations so that conditions can be given for the last war: the battle of Armageddon. Revelation 16:16.

July 2015 - ISRAEL WAS BOMBARDED FROM SINAI AT THE EGYPTIAN FRONTIER. Netanyahu will armour every accesses to protect people from attacks of radical jihadists threatening Jerusalem. After the confrontations between the Egyptian army and radicals, the area remains as especial strategic enclave for both governments. The north of Israel has also suffered intents near the Golan Heights. The Israeli government is considering the construction of a barrier in the area before the escalade of attacks and threats.

July 2015 - ROBOTICS. A ROBOT KILLS A WORKER IN CAR ASSEMBLING FACTORY. ANOTHER EMOTIONAL ROBOT SELLS IN JAPAN. After years of investigation, robotics has come to stay between us making use of the new cognitive software. Its applications go from surgery and education, to the less sophisticated assembling plant of car industry. But the last one has been the model introduced by SoftBank Robotics Corporation in Japan who have started the commercialization of robot Pepper, a robot that learns from our feelings and that already substitutes computers and pets. Even thought we are still far form having available an NS-5 of the film I-Robot, the world will never be the same. The most relevant in robotics, however, it not that we have robots, but the possibility that they substitute us in many functions. In Europe it is known by industry, that to compete with the cheap handwork in other parts of the world, the solution is an army of robots, cheap, more qualified, and work 24/7/365. If to the long list in increase of unemployed we add this situation, where is humanity heading too?...

June 2015 - PRAYER CHANGED A CITY FROM CRIME TO PEACE IN 5 YEARS. The ministry www.transformourworld.org has worked with churches in Ciudad Juarez and seen the hand of God converting it in the safest city of Mexico. The ministry has visited Spain. These days there was a march in Tijuana. Mexican brothers are praying. Other cities where crime camps need prayer. How far are we willing to pray for our cities and our countries; five years? And for our families, and our churches? All our lives we must pray for the priorities, especially for the Gospel to love our neighbour, because it opens the door to salvation and good deeds. Change our cities with our brothers, pray!

June 2015 - PENTECOST - TWO FEASTS IN ONE? The second of the three solemn yearly feasts (Passover, Weeks of Pentecost and Tabernacles). The people of God had to come to the Holy Place in them. In this one with the waved sheaf of the first fruits of the harvest, to give thanks to God. Seven weeks after Passover, not only defines the first fruits of the land, but also the coming of The Holy Spirit to the Church, in those apostles that were the first fruits of the Church. When by praying the Gospel we plant the Seed of salvation and win brothers for God, we must come in prayer and thanks giving for the first fruits and share this joy receiving the brothers in the congregation. They, at the same time will receive the brotherly love of the Church, of which they now are part. Till Tabernacles?!

May 2015 - WORLD'S TOP TREMBLES THOUSANDS DEAD AND INJURED IN NEPAL. The number of this kind of disasters is growing in these end times. Remote places built in dangerous locations, and with a coincidence: they have no natural resources to take, they don't matter to the international community. Churches and NGOs finally are always the ones who remain after the initial help. The Bible talks of an egoist and cruel world, unmerciful at the end of time. It also talks of these disasters in the rise. If you would like to help in this conflict you can do two things: pray to God in Christ to move the will of those in power, and those who manage the resources. For that you may find this link of our website to humanitarian aid.

May 2015 - SPAIN EVANGELISM. 1 & 2 OF MAY IN BARCELONA. FESTIVAL OF HOPE WITH FRANKLIN GRAHAM. In an interview to the local coordinator Jaume Torrado explained who these two days they will fill up the Sant Jordi stadium. Churches and evangelical entities of Catalonia have managed to take forward this festival of evangelism. The web for the event is www.festivalesperanza.org and the slogan of the event is 2Chronicals 7:14 ...If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Prayer for the event is a request from our brothers. Once again, nevertheless, the secular media ignore the evangelistic campaign, perhaps one of the most important. Is there a lack of evangelical marketing?

April 2015 - CHRISTIANS PERSECUTED OR KILLED FOR THEIR FAITH RAISES ANOTHER YEAR IN THE WORLD. The report from Open Doors is breathtaking. It now increases in the West. The Christian of the XXI century will bear his cross. The situation, far from improving tends to get worse. It is not only a persecution in countries where jihadism is radical, or where communism reigns, but it is affecting the western society with oppressive laws against the faith and conscience of the Christian. You may read a complete report in the above link to Open Doors. John 15:20. "...Bless those who persecute you... Romans 12:14" and Revelation 12:13.

April 2015 - IRAN AND USA NEGOTIATE A NUCLEAR AGREEMENT. ISRAEL IS LEFT ALONE WHILE HER FRIEND AND HER ENEMY AGREE.  Revelation 16:13-16 prophesises Armageddon where the nations fight Jerusalem before the return of Jesus Christ. No doubt the nuclear situation in the hands of the self declared enemy of Israel for its extermination, and the support it receives from many nations which are first world powers is remarkable. What changes the scenario is that the US who was until now the unconditional ally of Israel is about to propose an agreement without nuclear security, just so save politics, what is openly known in the world of diplomacy and government. In the next days of Passover Week it is possible that the bases of the future nuclear world agreement are established, and each part will use it to sell its politics to remain in power, not worrying on the consequences.

March 2015 - ALIYAH - FRENCH JEWS IN EXODUS TO ISRAEL. After the progressive increase of anti-Semitic attacks in Europe, in this case in France, and after the profanation of 300 tombs in a Jewish French cemetery, Benjamin Netanyahu has made a call to leave Europe for all the Jewish community that is being persecuted. Israel is their home, and Jerusalem is not only the place to which to pray, says the Israeli premier to the more than half a million French Jews. This situation is without a doubt the fulfilment of prophecies of the end times in the Bible: Ezekiel 11:16-17, Daniel 12:8, Mica 2:12, Zachariah 8:7-8, Luke 21:24, Romans Chap. 11. Salvation comes from the Jews, Jesus said: John 4:22. The aliyah is the inverse return, the return of the Jews to the Promised Land, that the Bible predicts for the end time.

March 2015 - BACK TO THE CRUSADES. CHRISTIAN MARTYRS BY RADICAL JIHADIST VS FIGHTING CHRISTIANS. Revelation talks of a fifth seal in 6:9 about dead for the Word of God, and about more that will die for their witness, activity of radical jihadist of this end time. While in Israel the Christian community is growing within a democracy in this country, in neighbour countries are massacred. Governments do little or nothing because they move by money. Many military Christians have started to fight as organized army, but do not have the latest military technology. 20:4 talks about souls of the beheaded for their witness to Jesus and to the Word of God, as were also John the Baptist or the Apostle Paul.

February 2015 - AUSCHWITZ 70 YEARS OF THE END OF THE HELL PREVIOUS TO THE RETURN OF THE JEWS TO ISRAEL. The 27th of January celebrated liberation day by the US army whom once they joined the Second World War, managed to win, together with the allies, against Nazi Germany and free the remaining Jews, together with other prisoners. After that atrocity, Israel soon would receive the so much wanted by the Jews return to the Promised Land. United Nations, just created would return Israel to them in 1948.

February 2015 - FINANCES GOD'S WAY - CONVENTION IN MALAGA ABOUT ECONOMY GOD'S WAY. Christian business people, entrepreneurs and families receive Bible coaching about the world of finances, the way God guides us in the Bible for a of healing, also in the economy matters. Representatives of 19 countries who are leaders of the programs to equip Christians on financial culture under God's way in the Bible. Not only financial planning, but as the main concept of all the project of life before finances, to recognize that all we have belongs to God, it is not ours, and that we are administrators of all. To learn about the Biblical vision of finances, the order and Christian integrity in the world of economy you may visit the web of Dr. Howard Dayton at www.compass1.org

January 2015 - EUROPE  MULTICULTURAL JUDEO-CHRISTIAN NATION AND COEXISTENCE. The Gospel is the message of salvation for every person of every culture according to Jesus Christ, according to The Bible, and according to the Church. In today's Europe citizens live a series of situations in which the different cultures that it has been absorbing and adding, with its different religions, gives as a result a frame of coexistence which is a total challenge for governments. In times of the Roman Empire, Rome kept the order and accepted the different cultures, until its leaders thought that Christianity was a threat. After history and the Crusades, today Europe, the same that has seen the birth of the Protestant Reform, has before it a challenge to keep the Gospel alive before a society that is apart from God, that mixes cultures, laws and religions with secularism. Do we, Christians know how to evangelize Europe in an efficient way before the situation coming? Prayer, unity and the guide of the Holy Spirit. Romans 12 and 13.

December 2014 - BETHLEHEM - EXODUS OF PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS. In the city where Jesus and king David were born, which is under Palestinian government, the Church suffers persecution from Islamic extremists before the inaction of Jews and Palestinians. Despite the efforts of the mayor of Bethlehem, the first woman in this position, member of Fatah, and Arab Christian, with touristic events for Christmas 2014, after a slight increase in visits the past year, the increase of Islamic radicals in the city, the persecution against Christians begins to cause an exodus of thousands who leave Bethlehem before the inaction of Israeli and Palestinian governments. The disgrace is that Israel is not taking action in the matter, being the birth city of king David, as we read in the Bible. The Jewish city, which in modern times was Christian, now is of Muslim majority. The question is that it is the city of birth of Jesus Christ. May we pray and help so that the brothers and pastors in the churches of Bethlehem may be protected and that the city, which old part, and which Church of the Nativity are human patrimony, may be free from the radicals and from being forgotten.

December 2014 - FOOD BANK IN SPAIN - TOGETHER WE BIT THE RECORD. Many of us Christians have been helping in the campaign of food donation. Fathers, mothers and children, each as they could, with their time, with some food, believers and laics, between all we have gone over the record with up to 20 million kilos. A work we must all assume as ours. A society, the Spanish, which despite the hard crisis, the devastating unemployment and the political unhope, shows the most humanitarian side. Because: ...inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me... Matthew 25:40. The exhortation is to collaborate each month of the year, as well as in Christmas. Our prayers so that God will bless Spain spiritually in the name of Jesus Christ, because man shall not live of bread alone, but of every Word of God, Luke 4:4.

November 2014 - PALESTINIAN STATE VS JEWISH ISRAEL. At the same time as some countries are working to recognize Palestine as an independent estate, especially from the European Union, Israel is working of a Jewish identity of the state, which would treat citizens unequally, Christians, Muslims and other minorities. The conflict enters this way in another level, more separated, of bipolarity as they separate which could have been an approach. Some scholars of history had the hope that in the state of Israel would accept Jews, Christian and Palestinians within the same state of Israel. History and prophecy will tell. The nations that show themselves against Israel are warned by God in Isaiah 60. Only God will judge Israel.

November 2014 - POLITICAL CORRUPTION - LESS CORRUPTED COUNTRIES. For years I have studied the influence caused in their consciences the fact of knowing The Bible as the highest authority in those that know it. In them, when learning that our lives must be relevant and that we shall give account to God in a personal way in our relationship with Him through Christ, makes less corrupted citizens. In protestant countries, ethics from The Bible is well known, while in the catholic, where the higher authority is given to the papacy, and not to The Bible, things are perceived as changing  and the believer looses the sense of highest authority before God, because it depends on the evolutionary interpretation of the pope in place and of the times. The Bible on the other hand does not change and its justice is always unchangeable, as it is God, just and merciful at the same time. For those who have read history, the corruption of the papacy and of the internal sects of his church are well known. Also the communist countries, and the orthodox and those non Christian are the more corrupt in the world's list. This month I found a good article in Protestante Digital that dealt with this very matter. In Spain and in other countries, political corruption is like a plague that makes those in power look like lepers, and makes the citizens loose hope in a just society, while they steal taxes, they enrich while they evict those families with less resources, while banks are being rescued. This is the breeding ground that makes democracies vote to radical parties and for the youth to align in terrorist radicalism. The lifting of the national socialist Nazi party that executed the extermination against the Jews was born of the same thing. The article presented by Iñaki Gabilondo interviewing Perez Reverte who analyzes this fact of the protestant societies:

http://protestantedigital.com/blogs/34306/Por_que_los_paises_protestantes_son_menos_corruptos Revelation 16:14 draws the world panorama of the end times, a society of nations against God.

October 2014 - 31st OF OCTOBER DAY OF THE PROTESTANT REFORM. Martin Luther initiated the battle against the sale of God's forgiveness for money, proving with The Bible that the papacy erred. The 31st of October 2017 the Christian world shall celebrate, God willing the 500 Anniversary of the Protestant Reform. Martin Luther was an Augustinian monk, Catholic, who was definitely touched by the Holy Spirit, judge yourself, when he denounced that Rome was selling salvation for a price, XVI century, which is truly a heresy, the so called indulgences. Doctor in Theology by the University of Wittenberg. Wrote 95 Thesis that he nailed on the door of the chapel of the castle of Wittenberg, Germany the 31st of October 1517, with the intention of inviting all to a debate. I recommend reading them. In the conference of Augsburg 1530, wanting to end the difficulties that came up between the two wings, the Catholic and the Protestant, the situation however worsen even more the differences between the two, resulting in a league that was formed between the protestant princes, against the sovereignty of Charles V (German emperor) and I of Spain. This causes a long battle between the alliance of the mentioned princes and the emperor. Finally the papacy would form the Inquisition in reply to the Protestantism to exterminate those who would question their sovereignty, even if it was the Bible, the Word of God that did it.

October 2014 - ISLAMIC STATE & WEST VS HAMAS & ISRAEL - YOM KIPPUR & EID AL ADHA. The new Jewish year 5775 has just began in Rosh Hashanah. In the Biblical Jerusalem, the 3 and 4th of October, Jews and Muslims celebrate -the first their most important Yom Kippur and the second the feast of the lamb. Meanwhile the western world lives under the challenge of the Islamic state. Not long ago Israel lived a continuous attack from the terrorism of Hamas. In both cases its not about religion but about terrorist who live from the civilized world. The first case saw how the "united" nations left Israel to their own fate, until desperation, instead of avoiding the war helping both Israelies and Palestinians. God's judgment is again revealed in the Biblical warning of abandoning Israel: Joel 3:2, Haggai 2:7, Matthew 25:32, Luck 7:5, Revelation 21:24, fulfils again.

October 2014 - CATHOLICS BURN EVANGELICAL CAMP IN CHIAPAS. The Inquisition runs through the veins of the fanatic and idolater catholic legacy to the point of burning their "brothers" in the Christian faith. As it happened during the Inquisition by order of popes and catholic kings, the true Church or Christ suffers violence, a prophecy from Christ himself that still fulfils today. In the same way as the Sanhedrin and Rome crucified the Messiah, the pope and the powerful have kept killing the Body of Christ. Resurrection and judgement are still to come. All will come before the tribunal of Christ, and what will they say then: Letter of the Apostle Paul to the Romans 14:10. Source: www.protestantedigital.com

September 2014 - 10th ANNIVERSARY OF YAHSHUA.NET IN ENGLISH. A decade serving the Lord in the translation of our Spanish website Jesucristo.net for the glory of God. In 2004 when it started, and thanks to the messianic and prophetic emphasis, as well as to provide Biblical studies and about Christianity and for the knowledge of Christians around the world, many brothers have appreciated to have this source of information. God willing we shall go forth to provide the Mind of Christ to those who are hungry and thirsty for God, because "...Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." Matthew 7:7 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33.

September 2014 - CHRISTIANS MORE PERSECUTED THAN EVER IN A VIOLENT WORLD AS IN THE END OF TIMES IN THE BIBLE. Churches around the world suffer persecution in countries with no religious freedom. Christians around the world are persecuted to death, sometimes even in the Western countries which do little or nothing. In extremist and atheist countries there has always been persecution, but now the increase is exponential. However the difference we can now see in the last years, months and weeks is the inaction of the first world which does not fight for the Church. As well as this grave situation, the western society is becoming persecutor of the Christian faith, of the Judaeo-Christian values and its effects are becoming alarming in a world that departs from God.  www.opendoorsusa.org where you can find a world report. The world will react when they see their lives, their way of life and freedom at risk, but will it be on time?

August 2014 - BEHEADED CHRISTIAN CHILDREN IN IRAQ. CONTRARY THAN IN GAZA THERE IS SILENCE IN THE UN AND EU. Their heads are in sticks at Mosul. The Islamic state beheads children, rapes their moms and kills them, and hangs their fathers. US starts to bombard the Iraqi positions. Already there are thousands of Christians affected. There is no reaction from the international community, nor demonstrations like in Gaza. It is clear that a same spirit is against Israel and the Church, like the Bible warns. Revelation 11, 13 and 16.

August 2014 - HAMAS IN GAZA THE TRAP TO ISRAEL. The tunnels found and the concentration of weapons, with capacity for imminent to cause a vast massacre in Israel surpass the expected. The war has awaken the sleepy anti-Semitism in the world, ignited by the international anti-Semitic press, while Hamas uses its people to defend their military arsenal, in hospitals, schools, protected zones as hide. The Israeli people live under terror continuously refuge in bunkers. The International Community  must free Gaza from the occupation of Hamas so they can live in peace and prosper. US has approved $225M for the Iron Shield of Israel. Israel is not Jesus Christ who did not resist those who took Him to the Cross in Calvary, but Israel can only try to survive, not allow to be exterminated by radical Islamism and the world anti-Semitism, before an inactive world, until they receive the Messiah Jesus Christ, in His coming. The Prophecy in the Bible is the Battle of Armageddon of Revelation 16:12-16 and 20:7-10.

August 2014 - APOSTASY PREFACE OF ANTICHRIST. Churches and governments are in the state previewed in the prophecies for the coming of the Antichrist, that personage that will deceive all to make a world religion, a world religion and erase all persecution against Biblical values in the teachings of Jesus, before the return of the Son of God to establish His eternal Kingdom. The last days are leaving an unthinkable panorama in the churches, whether protestant, catholic or sects, from the approval of sexual immorality, corrupted clergy, doctrinal deviation and deceive, even laws are against Christ, as well as the growth of all heretic religion and of anti-Semitism. One previous scenery is missing for the coming of this personage, that is that we shall see the destruction of Damascus and the III Temple of Jerusalem where he will sit in the place of God to seek worship. Is the current conflict in Israel the preface of the taking of Temple Mount? 2Thesalonians 2:4.

July 2014 - FIRST TEMPLE JEW-CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM OF THE WORLD IN BERLIN. It's relevance is that this shared temple, could be the first of many, and it no only stands out for its plural singularity, but because it could be the model for one of the projects that is being planned for Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a place also known as the Esplanade of the Mosques. The desire of the Jewish people is to have the Third Temple is latent, but the mediation of Christianity at the site would be the key to share the peace. As I write these lines Israel and Gaza attack each other once again after kidnaps, selective killings and missile launching. The mentioned project is know as: endtimepilgrim.org/temple.htm other webs of interest: www.templemount.org Will it be a useless intent to avoid the destruction of the Rock of the Dome?

July 2014 - SPAIN EVANGELISTIC CRUSADE "HAY SOLUCIÓN" -THERE IS SOLUTION - OF ALL EVANGELICAL CHURCHES 7 TO 19 OF JULY. In all the provinces of Spain simultaneously all the evangelical churches, indistinctive of their denomination will participate together to evangelize the country. With the initiative, they unite several evangelical organizations such as the Bible Society, Decision, Puedes, Diaconía, and the majority of relevant evangelical pastors. Every church and pastor is invited to participate in their town or city, as the ripping is for their church for Jesus Christ. The campaign has a web:  http://www.hay-solucion.es

June 2014 - PAPYRUS 39 FROM II CENTURY EXPOSES TEXT OF JOHN'S GOSPEL. 80km southeast from El Cairo, in the city of Oxyrhynchus, was found in a renown archaeological assessment, between remains. The Museum of Biblical Land of Jerusalem, exposes this document dated 150a.C. the second oldest copy eve found of the Gospel of John, in specific the Text of John 8:14:22. This is another proof of the antiquity and precision of the Bible that we read every day. According to erudite experts it shows the part of the Text of the Koine Greek version, to the Egyptian Jews. Source www.nytimes.com

June 2014 - THE VEIL OF THE III TEMPLE OF JERUSALEM HAS BEEN COMPLETED. According to sources of the daily news www.israeltoday.co.il Jewish women who have been learning the traditional techniques, finalized the confection of the Veil of the Temple, the curtain of 20m height, 10m wide, and 10cm thick that separates the Holy Place from the Holiest. That Veil that broke top to bottom when Jesus died on the Cross, is now made in a search to have all the sacred components finished for the construction of the Third Temple. These women have also finished the sacred garments of the priests. The date of the beginning of the construction of the temple remains, something unimaginable before the political situation in the Holy Land, but that many see as a prophecy.

May 2014 - FINAL GEOPOLITICS - NEW WORLD ORDER BEFORE THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST. Ukraine, Russia, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Israel. Geopolitical changes that are extremely relevant. The Bible warns us that before the return of Christ, nations will make war against Israel in Armageddon, Revelation 16:16. All that has to happen would be before the end of the last generation in which Israel is a nation. Israel is a nation of the UN since the 14th of May 1948. A Biblical nation is 70 years: 2018. Before Damascus would no longer be a city -the conflict in Syria is still on. Gog and Magog "Ezequiel 38 and Revelation 20:8" (many think that Russia-Iran) looks as if it was getting ready with the situation in Ukraine. Meanwhile the heart and prophetic world centre, Jerusalem is not being perceived in media for a while. Source: general international news. We will follow up with much interest and faith.

May 2014 - CESAR VIDAL - NEW BOOK "LA HISTORIA SECRETA DE LA IGLESIA CATÓLICA EN ESPAÑA". The Catholic Church adapts to increase its political, social and economic power. Almost a thousand pages prove the plotting of the institution, which since it became the sward of the "Inquisition" stopping literacy in the country, and in others, and their prosperity, has kept till today a structure in all governments. Through Franco's dictatorial regime to democracy, the tentacles of the organization still are a cultural impediment that blinds a large part of the population who does not understand to what extent the structure of Catholicism makes their minds.

Passover 14th Nissan 5774 - Easter 2014 - JERUSALEM ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATIONS FIND 3.800 YEAR OLD FORTIFICATION IN THE CITY OF DAVID. After 15 years of excavations Ronny Reich from the University of Haifa and Eli Shukrun from the Antiquities Authority find the fortification of the water channel of Gihon, to protect it from the enemies in what was Jebus, the city that David conquered, and came to be Jerusalem. This is the place of the anointing of Solomon by order of king David, 1Kings 1:33. Jpost.com

April 2014 - BRITISH PRIME MINISTER IN DEFENSE OF CHRISTIANITY. David Cameron, British prime minister, in an intervention has promoted the defense of the Christian faith and other religions that suffer persecution. According to his data,  Christianity is the most persecuted faith at present times. Advocates for the preaching of the Gospel as a Christian, even though he still struggles with some doctrines. No doubt the United Kingdom will be blessed before other countries according to Biblical Prophecy. Each church in each country must pray for their governors as instructed by Apostle Paul in 1Timothy 2:1.

March 2014 - 25 YEARS OF INTERNET AND ITS IMPACT FOR THE GOSPEL TO THE WORLD. Since its beginnings the idea of a network that could be used in the whole world to study and have access to global information, impacted all those with a heart to take the Gospel to the world: The Great Commission is a special mission that Jesus has commanded all the Church to make disciples of all nations, Matthew 28. Today, after a decade in the XXI century we can say that the Church, and Christianity in general have changed their perception about Internet, that has converted in the first media of evangelization to world level. The next step is the integration of TV in Internet. Its effect will be definitive. How has Internet changed your Christian life?

March 2014 - NORTH KOREA WILL EXECUTE 33 CHRISTIANS. The government of Kim Jon-Un has received the sentence to execute 33 Christians that according to the totalitarian regime, are accused of spying for the West. This has been the perfect excuse of antichrist governments. The Great Commission will continue even despite them, and many, including rulers will convert to Yahshua and will cry for their actions, as it has happened along history. You can read such a case like Cyrus, king of Persia and his calling by God Yahweh to build the Temple of Jerusalem fulfilled prophecy of Zechariah destroyed previously by his predecessor; in the book of the priest Ezra, chapter 1. Source www.opendoorsusa.org We are all called to prayer for persecuted brothers.

February 2014 - "SEPHARDIC", JEWS WITH SPANISH ORIGIN WILL HAVE SPANISH NATIONALITY. The Government of Spain rectifies the error of the Catholic Kings, Elisabeth and Ferdinand in the Edict of Granada in 1492 when they expatriated about 200.000 Jews who did not convert to catholicism, forced by the armies of the Inquisition. Many of those who "converted" to stay in Spain were finally persecuted by the courts of the Inquisition and killed. Today Spain rectifies its error and is greeted by the Spanish Jewish communities. They will be able to keep a double nationality. Source www.protestantedigital.com

February 2014 - NEW FILM "LEFT BEHIND" ABOUT THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH BY CHRIST AT HIS RETURN. This time the producers of this new version did not spare costs or actors. Nicholas Cage is fascinated. It is about the hope of a large part of the Church in the world of being raptured before the end of the world in the return of Jesus, as the Bible says in Thessalonians 4:17. What do you think?. The film, in theatres in June in US, no doubt will be a wake up call.

January 2014 - THE UNIVERSE ORIGINATES FROM THE MIND OF GOD. THEORETICAL PHYSICIAN MICHIO KAKU IS WORKING ON A NEW SCIENTIFIC THEORY TO UNDERSTAND THE MIND OF GOD. Physics laws, the design of living beings, quantum physics, mathematics combine in different dimensions. Gravity, space, theory of cords, super numbers and music in the cords, all this pushes him, and other theoretical physicians to work under the evidence of intelligent design to understand the mind of God the Creator. Source http://ipost.christianpost.com

January 2014 - TERRORIST ATTACKS AGAINST CHURCHES IN EASTERN COUNTRIES. Persecution against Christians in eastern countries, such as Egypt, Iraq, Syria and in many others remains common. A call to prayer to all the Church to pray for our persecuted fellow brethren. Prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ, Yahshua, has the biggest power to change those from which the solutions dwells. www.opendoorsusa.org

December 2013 - NEW FILM "GOD'S NOT DEAD" CONFRONTS A YOUNG CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY STUDENT WITH HIS ATHEIST PHILOSOPHY TEACHER. Great success of the trailer in Facebook. To pass the subject, the teacher obliges his students to sign a declaration that states that God is dead, to which the young leading character opposes. To pass the subject, the teacher challenges him to demonstrate philosophically that God is alive. This will put his faith on trail, his relationships and his future. Link to the film: godsnotdeadthemovie.com

December 2013 - IRAN NUCLEAR PROGRAM UNDER ACCEPTANCE WITH SIX NATIONS. Five nations of the permanent council of United Nations (USA, Russia, China, United Kingdom and France) to which Germany added, have agreed with Iran to supervise the Iranian nuclear program may go forward under their supervision to avoid the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The source of power that this program can become has made it of interest in the energetic world. Israel on its side has declared their worry for the high risk of suffering a nuclear attack if the program continues in parallel with the development of nuclear power under covered.

November 2013 - ISRAEL WORLD ENERGY POWER. Natural gas reserves found opposite the coast of Israel, in Haifa through the joint venture of companies Noble Energy or US and Delek Group of Israel, make Israel independent of energy sources in the area and at world level. The thousands of millions of cubic meters found allow for Israel to become a provider of natural gas to Europe and the region. Conversations have began between Israel and its Jordanian and Palestinian neighbors. The new situation helps the enrichment of all the countries beneficiated and frees the zone of supplies of  countries of the north of Africa, affected by the "Arab spring", especially Egypt.

November 2013 - APOLOGETICS, THE FUTURE OF EVANGELISM. To learn to defend and support faith is becoming the best way to evangelize a rational and relativist world, says the president of the Southern Baptist Seminary of North Carolina, Dr. Richard D. Land. In many cases, people converted to Christ did by reading apologetic Christina books, like Mere Christianity and others of C.S. Lewis. In the seminary where Land presides, new generations of evangelists are being equipped to dominate Bible defense and reasoning with which the mind of the man of the XXI century is equipped. Source www.christianpost.com

October 2013 - 31 OF OCTOBER - DAY OF PROTESTANT REFORM. Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis at the door of the church of the Castle of Wittenberg the 31st of October 1517. He was denouncing the corruption of the church of Rome and was returning to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This date is so relevant that celebration festivities are being organized around the world on 2017 for the 500 anniversary since the reform started with this event, just a year before the 70th anniversary of the return of Israel to the Promised Land; the first prophetic generation. Luther initiated this way a wake up call to all Christianity, since then called to read and study the Bible, and accept the Word of God. In case of contradiction, to reject religious tradition that are against Sound Doctrine of the Bible, when one wants to obey God, obviously, when one loves Him, and honor Him, praising all glory on Him through His Word.

October 2013 - "SKULL 5". ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISCOVERY IN GEORGIA QUESTIONS EVOLUTIONISM. The discovery of a complete skull (not a tooth, or a single bone) of 1.8 million years (according to the accepted methods of dating, that may change), puts down the theory of the different species within the human being. The controversy is found in the fact that this same discovery can be applied to the rest of species, simple adaptations to different environments, but always of the same species. Science magazine has the subject in the cover. Source: Science & Faith.

October 2013 - FREED PASTOR WHILE OTHERS IMPRISONED. The preaching of the Gospel keeps receiving persecution, especially in Islamic countries. Pastor freed in Morocco. Billy Graham intercedes before Iranian leader for liberation of a pastor. In Africa, especially in Egypt, Christians are still massacred. While in the West religious freedom is tolerated -even with the danger of attacks- in radical countries pastors and the church still suffer persecution. A subject not taken to UN. Jesus already warned: ...Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. If they kept My word, they will keep yours also. But "all these things they will do to you for My name's sake, because they do not know Him who sent Me... John 15:20-21.

October 2013 - MIRACLE IN PERSIA AND SYRIA? IRAN SAIS AT THE UN THAT THEIR NUCLEAR PROGRAM IS PEACEFUL AND ACCEPTS INSPECTORS. SYRIA UN RESOLUTION WILL DELIVER CHEMICAL WEAPONS. After more than 30 years without relationship between the US and Iran (the ancient Persia, old enemy of Israel) reinitiate conversations. Iran seams more interested in economy matters before the visit of the UN. Syria (symbolical Assyria, old enemy of Israel), on the other hand prioritizes against radical islamist in the region. This is not a stable situation and the Bible, once more informs us that: ...For when they say "Peace and safety!" then sudden destruction comes upon them... 1Thessalonians5, Matthew 24 and Revelation 16:14-16.

September 2013 - SYRIA ATTACK. The attacks with lethal gases from the Syrian regime against the population have become the "reason" or the excuse to attack, that for the moment, at the beginning of September it seams to be on hold awaiting on an agreement between several countries, directed by the U.S. who have asked for the authorization of their parliaments. The consequences of such an attack may affect the entire region. The alliance between Syria, Iran, Russia, China and North Korea could confront the rest of the international community. The Biblical keys here are: Damascus and its destruction, on one part, and Israel on the other. Prophecy of Damascus, Isaiah 17:  "Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, and it will be a ruinous heap... ...The fortress also will cease from Ephraim, the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria; they will be as the glory of the children of Israel, says the Lord of hosts". "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; may they prosper who love you". Psalm 122.

August 2013 - ISRAEL AND PALESTINE RETURN TO PACE TALKS. In a new try to reach pace confrontation is found again on: the cession of land; Hamas terrorist attacks; the settlements; Jerusalem as the capital, and the use of Temple Mount. Again the critical voices alert again of the lack of genuine intention for peace from the parties, arguing a political interest every now and then from the situation. Read more at: www.bridgesforpeace.com

July 2013 - 78.000 HISPANICS RECEIVE THE GOSPEL ONLINE AT THE BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION WEB PAZCONDIOS.NET. The new website created a year ago with the target on Spanish speaking seekers of God has produced some fruits. The website focuses on a simple exposure of the Message of Salvation, and then offers a personal assistant with further connection to churches when the believer is ready. http://pazcondios.jesus.net

July 2013 - ISRAEL-CHINA TECH DEVELOPMENT. Israel has received the visit of different companies from China to negotiate on receiving help in relevant issues such as: medical equipment, cleantech, environmental equipment, food processing and agriculture. The Israeli start up miracle and way of development tech is once more relevant to the world leaders. Source Haaretz.

June 2013 - SPAIN - BUENAS NOTICIAS TV. FRIENDS CLUB. On Sunday the 2nd of June, Buenas Noticias TV, that has been live since 1985 in public television, will provide his followers the possibility to participate with their financial donations through the new Club of Friends: http://www.canaldevida.org/amigo with the aim to achieve a better financial economy. The website of the national evangelical channel: http://www.canaldevida.org/cdv

June 2013 - SPAIN - WE PRAY FOR YOU CAMPAIGN - FOOD RECOLLECTION AND BLOOD DONATION: 8 JUNE 2013. One more year the Spanish evangelical churches unite to pray for the nation, and this time with a calling to provide food and humanitarian aid, to face the crisis that has hit many families, as part of the social work of the Church. You can participate in your church and at http://espanaoramosporti.es

June 2013 - ISRAEL TARGET OF S300 MISSILES. In the past weeks we had news of the sale of S300 missiles, which have capacity of destruction of the city of Tel Aviv, from positions of Hezbollah, in the frontier with Israel. The regime of Damascus would not drought to launch them, if they received them. The reaction of the Israeli government was not delayed: We will know what to do!. Today the EU has lifted the weapons embargo to the Syrian opposition. On the other hand, Iran has threaten Israel with a nuclear holocaust, at the time that they keep developing their nuclear plants to arm the missiles. We can tell that the battle of Armageddon is closer than ever. The prophecy of Isaiah 17:1 and 3: "Prophecy of Damascus: Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap... ...The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the LORD of hosts". "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee". Psalm 122.

May 2013 - SPAIN - EVANGELISM. The United Platform for the Evangelization of Spain  http://www.puedes.net (PUEDES is a Spanish word that means "you can") celebrates congress with the participation of Evangelist Luis Palau, in which Evangelismo en Accion, Decision (part of Decision http://www.billygraham.org/dmag_current.asp , a Billy Graham association), Comiban and Logos have also participated. No doubt that the Lord has a merciful plan for Spain, and the Church is praying and getting ready to reap the fruits of years of work in both evangelism and social work.

May 2013 - EVANGELIC SOCIAL EMERGENCY FOUNDATION. The Association Diaconia of social aid just created "FEES" to coordinate all evangelical churches in Spain to provide for the social need of thousands of families hit by the financial crisis. From this platform, direct help and preparation for pastors and churches is being offered to help serve like Jesus Christ taught us in base of Matthew 25:31-46. More information and to be part of it in www.diaconia.es

April 2013 - ISRAEL WILL EXCEED 8 MILLION CITIZENS IN ITS 65 ANNIVERSARY 14 MAY 2013. The native Jewish population will exceed 70% of those Israelites. Within a generation, since 1948, when it had only just over 800 thousand, the increase has been exponential. Jews have been emigrating from their countries in these end times for the first generation, 70 years that will be reached in 2018, but it has been the native Israelite population the one to make it a reality. Fulfilled prophecy of Ezekiel 36:24.

April 2013- PERSECUTION AGAINST CHRISTIANS IN ISLAMIC COUNTRIES INCREASES. Leaders of Egypt, Iran, Syria and countries in Africa say they will protect Christians but they do nothing. The same countries enemies of Israel are the enemies of the Church.

March - Easter 2013 - 13 MILLION VIEWERS ON SUNDAY 3RD MARCH 2013 FIRST EPISODE OF "THE BIBLE" NEW SERIES IN HISTORY CHANNEL. IS EXPECTED TO REACH OTHER COUNTRIES. The Bible is a five week, ten-hour miniseries with a two hour episode every Sunday shown during the month of March. It is produced by Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) and her husband - Emmy award winner -  Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor, Shark Tank, Celebrity Apprentice). The series covers from Genesis to Jesus Christ's resurrection and the last episode will be on air on Easter Sunday featuring the resurrection of Jesus. We hope the series will reach other non-English speaking countries very soon. The project also includes books, DVDs and other materials for evangelization.

Watch the official trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qkZ5NUAjuE4

Official website: http://www.thebibleminiseries.com

History Channel's website: http://www.history.com/shows/the-bible

Another option to watch the trailer: http://www.crosswalk.com/video/history-channels-the-bible-official-trailer.html

March  2013 - METEORITES AND ASTEROIDS IMPACT THE EARTH. OTHERS COME VERY CLOSE AND ARE NOT DETECTED. The prophecy in Revelation 8:10 announces these events for the end of times. The Bible calls them stars from heaven. The Apophasis program about the asteroid of the same name is going ahead in order to try and prevent it from impacting the Earth. But we have recently seen how an undetected meteorite impacted Russia, causing hundreds of wounded victims. In March, another one same very close to the Earth and could not be detected until a few hours before it came closer than the moon. Read more about it in  www.esa.int - www.nasa.gov

February 2013 - PERSECUTED CHURCH AND CHRISTIAN EXODUS IN SYRIA AND EGYPT. 20 CHURCHES DESTROYED AND HUNDREDS OF CHRISTIANS DEAD. Churches of different denominations, in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt are persecuted and their members assassinated. The persecution of the Church in the end times grows, but not only in Arab countries, but in all society, with the growth of laws contrary to Biblical moral, the moral of God taught through Jesus Christ. Another prophecy fulfilling before us in the 21st century.

February 2013 - FINANCIAL AND MORAL CRISIS BECOMES GLOBAL. According to 2Thesalonians 2 before the end, before the coming of Christ, apostasy: "...and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called or that is worshipped, so that he sits as God in the Temple of God, showing himself that he is God... ...Whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming". Does it not sound familiar as the moral state of society, not only of third world countries, but of the first world?. This is the prophecy that is being fulfilled every day in the news, of all political and social colour, the general decadence of humanity. Sin is in the heart of man. Jesus had victory over sin and over its consequence: death. Do you want to have victory over sin? Jesus Christ is the only hope. Resurrection for eternal life in the paradise of God is available for all who believe in the Son of God and wait on Him. Do you believe?. For an indestructible life know Jesus.

January 2013 - DAMASCUS UNDER SYRIAN BOMBARDMENT. NATO DEPLOYS PATRIOT MISSILES IN TURKEY. According to the UN, the conflict in Syria has already caused over 60.000 casualties. The city of Damascus has become the target of the Syrian regime, as it holds the opposition regime. President Al Asad declines negotiations. From the US president Obama is sending 400 troops together with the deployment of the missiles for the protection of Turkey as members of NATO. A prophetical conflict for which to pray for the families affected in Syria, and for a peaceful solution.

January 2013 - FOUNDATION FOR THE BLIND. The ministry American Foundation for the Blind work to feed the blind or with visual loss, with the Word of God. They print Bibles in Braille, record CDs and other material in audio to win the blind for Christ and for blind Christians, to reach those who are blind with the Gospel so they can, too, receive the Light of Christ, which enlightens the souls of us all, until His return in His Kingdom, where there will be no illness, nor disability. www.afb.org

December 2012 - NEW BOOK IN SPANISH: LA MENTE DE CRISTO WITH THE SPIRITUAL DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE. The Mind of Christ, the definitive Spiritual Manual for our mind. The Bible, the Instructions Manual of God for life. You never read the Bible like this before!. How to have the Mind of Christ? Read this book, you will know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free. The door of the Kingdom of God will open before you. Will you enter? ...But we have the mind of Christ... 1Corinthians 2:16b.

December 2012 - 12-21-2012 ONE MORE DAY. ...The day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only. Matthew 24:36. With these Words of Jesus any news of a final day is false. We know the times, but not the day, nor the hour. Jesus Christ will be who will bring the end to history, the same that He started, and He will do it in His coming in the clouds and every eye shall see Him. Revelation 1:7.

November 2012 - DAMASCUS ATTACKED. AT UN ISRAEL DENOUNCES SYRIAN TANKS IN GOLAN HEIGHTS. While Israel denounces the presence of Syrian tanks in the demilitarized zone of the Golan Heights, Syrian bombarding affected a hotel in Damascus used by members of UN. This way the scale of attacks reaches a next step to the Prophecy of Damascus, to this date the largest attack in the last years. Damascus Prophecy, Isaiah 17.

November 2012 - 495 ANNIVERSARY OF THE REFORM. Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis at the door of the church of Wittenberg the 31st of October 1517. Different events have taken place like the one celebrated in the Complutense University of Madrid where they have remembered the bases that would take Christianity to its origins which is mainly exposed in the "solas": sola scritptura, sola gratia, sola fide. to which the Reform added, solo Christus, and solus Deo gloria. That way is was made known that the Bible is above all tradition or writings of any member of the Church. That only God's grace can save us. That only faith alone in the work of the Cross of Christ saves us, without our works of the law that we may fulfill or merits that we may use to justify ourselves. That only Christ is our savior, not saints or virgins. And only to God we shall give glory.

October 2012 - PERSECUTED CHURCH. While Israel celebrates Sukkot following the biblical command until they receive the Messiah and it is also visited by thousands of Christians, the persecuted church, those who live in anti-christian countries, suffers violence and hatred. The number of Christians in Nigeria keeps growing while the radicals continue to mass murder those who convert. 30 university students killed in one night. The whole of Africa is fast becoming Christian, with christianity being the religion with more followers. 150 million Christians are persecuted today, across the world, www.opendoors.org. The Great Commission keeps moving forward throughout the world.

October 2012 - SYRIA BOMBS TURKEY WHILE DESTROYING ALEPPO AND DAMASCUS. The Syrian conflict is becoming worse than a civil war. According to UN, over 2.5 million people are in need of humanitarian aid. Tenths of victims from the last bombing between Turkey and Syria are added to the thousands of murders in Syrian. NATO may have to intervene since Turkey is one of the member countries. The next relevant city left in the country is the prophetic Damascus, whose destruction is announced in the Bible, Isaiah 17:1 and Jeremiah 49:23-27. Humanitarian aid in http://www.yahshua.net/donation.htm

September 2012 - "JESUS WALKING ON EARTH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MAN WALKING ON THE MOON" NEIL ARMSTRONG. He was the first astronaut who set his foot on the moon, of Christian Evangelical faith. He died this month. After his mission to the moon, systems like GPS, space conquest and medical investigations have developed successfully.

September 2012 - IRAN. PASTOR YOUCEF NADARKHANI IS FREED. THE POWER OF PRAYER OF THE CHURCH IN FAITH IN GOD'S MERCY. Iranian authorities sentenced him to death due to apostasy, for evangelizing muslims. After a thousand days in prison, his three-year sentence was commuted for the time he had already spent in prison and he was freed. Do not forget to pray for him, his family and his brethren in thar country that persecutes the Church. Many like him go through tribulation but we do not know about them. Rimsha Masih, a Christian girl jailed in Pakistan was also freed. Both cases in the same weekend 7/8 September 2012 for the Glory of the Lord.

August 2012 - THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE - NEW TV PROGRAM IN THE U.S. - It will reach over 70 million viewers in North America. The media campaign says "it is a game show that has been 3,400 years in the making". The purpose is to spread the knowledge of the Bible, make believers get better at it, make the Bible known and promote Christian values in society. An initiative to be followed. You can find it more in the show's official website http://gsntv.com/shows/the-american-bible-challenge/ The show premiers on 23rd August.

July 2012 - GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS - FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON - WORLD FINANCIAL GOVERNMENT? This is the sequence which the world seems to be heading to. Germany is already threatened by the markets, catholic European countries and Greece are already or will be rescued. USA does not recover, neither does the United Kingdom, China stops growing and Arab countries together with Russia, who handle petrol and gas, are the most powerful ones. Revelation 13:16-18 talks about a "666" mark with its meaning, which is strictly related to economy, with being able to buy or sell, and only those who have it will be able to do so, controlled by the second "beast". Daily news will give us the fulfillment of this prophecy, but "watch" for the Lord to find us in peace and holiness in the Great Commission and in the Great Commandment and in the Golden Rule.

July 2012 - HIGGS BOSON. SCIENCE VS FAITH IN MACRO EVOLUTION. CERN scientists in charge of the program searching for the mechanism that provides energy with structured mass to acquire matter, with a lot of work still to be done in that field, think that they have found what they were looking for. It is like saying that we have found out that a book is made of paper and ink, which is true about its components, but the ink could be scribbles or a prophetic scroll of the Bible, or a Bach music score, or Shakespeare play; there is a major difference, it is called intelligent design. The origin of the universe is the Verbe of God, sustained by the Word of His power, and This has programmed the codes of life, the "software" and the structured interactions of energy in the particles that make up the atoms of the periodic table. You can read more about Science - Intelligent Design HIPERVINCULO??. "... For in Him we live and move and have our being ... " Acts 17:28.

June 2012 - DAMASCUS-SYRIA ON THE VERGE OF CIVIL WAR. CHRISTIANS PRAY FOR THE SYRIAN PEOPLE. PROPHECY ON THE DESTRUCTION OF DAMASCUS, ISAIAH 17. The peace plan designed by United Nations has failes. Opposition from Russia and China have stopped a joint action of the International Community against the Syrian regime. The opposition almost controls Damascus and chose the Kurd leader to attract this nation. This situation, together with what is happening in Iran, where the IAEA has confirmed the failure of the nuclear plan for peace purposes, the world financial crisis, the situation in Europe, the famine in Africa and other regions, the Vatican crisis, and a society that lives further and further away from the Commandments, all bring us closer to the final prophecies of the Bible.

June 2012 - DAY OF PRAYER FOR SPAIN 9TH JUNE. SPAIN WE PRAY FOR YOU. NEW PRAYER BREAKFAST WITH RELEVANT POLITICIANS. After 21 days of fasting and prayer. This year, as in previous ones, the church in Spain comes together in public squares and churches throughout the country in order to pray for Spain. There is also a relevant new event, a "Prayer Breakfast", like the one held in the U.S. every year, where the evangelical community prays with the President, Senators and other leading figures to ask for God's blessing. This is the first time that such event will be held in Spain and the President of the central and regional governments and other relevant politicians have been invited. It has been officially established by FEREDE (Spanish Federation of Religious Evangelical Organizations), and the idea is that all local churches come together to hold a breakfast meeting with the Mayors and public leading figures. http://espanaoramosporti.es

May 2012 - 9th MAY WE PRAY FOR THE BIBLE. 200 COUNTRIES WERE THE UNITED BIBLE SOCIETIES ARE PRESENT COME TOGETHER IN PRAYER FOR THE BIBLE TO CONTINUE REACHING EVERY PLACE IN THE WORLD. Even though it is the world-wide best seller, some countries have not received the Bible yet in freedom, or part of the Scriptures in their own language. We pray for the United Bible Societies to be able to continue their invaluable work in the whole world, supporting churches and ministries. http://www.unitedbiblesocieties.org

May 2012 - CHRISTIAN CONCERT IN MADRID ORGANIZED BY "AMOR HORIZONTAL", CAROL CELICO'S FOUNDATION (KAKA'S WIFE). Hillson London, Marcos Vidal and other Christian artists participated in a top class musical event to dream together for Christ. The "Amor Horizontal" (Horizontal Love) organized the event which hosted about 2000 people who enjoyed an exceptional concert to the standards that Hillsong Music always delivers to the evangelical world. This is a thanksgiving event of the Kaka family to Spain and Madrid for giving them such a warm welcome. Their financial possibilities allowed them to offer free access to all Christians and other attendants.

January 2012 - CREACIONISM AND INTELLIGENT DESIGN  CHALLENGE DARWIN'S EVOLUTION THEORY. The scientific progress on creationism and intelligent design since the   og genetics, genomics and microbiology are scientifically questioning most of the foundations of the theory of evolution. Many schools and universities are discussing the need to teach both theories, since evolution is just a theory, there is no scientific proof of it. Other institutions are shocked SE LLEVAN LAS MANOS A LA CABEZA ANTE SU INCREDULIDAD, but science speaks through evidence, and both parties will have to refute them. Keep up to date on scientific news about the great debate DE LOS ULTIMOS AÑOS. www.evolutionnews.org  and


January 2012 - E-MISIÓN, CHRISTIAN TV PRODUCER IS LAUNCHED IN SPAIN. A dream for many Christians in Spain, who hope to have a Christian TV channel offering full daily quality programs.

Las entidades evangélicas Celebración Producciones de las Asambleas de Dios, y Areópago Protestante de Protestante Digital se han unido en una misma visión para llevarlo acabo. Pedimos oración para este proyecto tan necesario. Lea la noticia completa en www.protestantedigital.com

Christmas 2011 - EVANGELIZATION AND AID CAMPAIGN ORGANIZED BY CHRISTIAN CHURCHES IN CHRISTMAS 2011. Participate in your church, community and town, in campaigns to aid extremely poor countries as well as in special campaigns to help the poor in Christmas - and throughout the year. See some of the campaign from different churches for Humanitarian Aid. Your prayers are also important.

... Blessed is he who considers the poor; the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. Psalm 41:1

... He has given to the poor; His righteousness endures forever. 2 Corinthians 9:9.

www.samaritanspurse.org Is an Organization of the Evangelistic Ministry of Franklin Graham to provide response to humanitarian emergencies and maintain the help, from a perspective of the love of Christ and the Bible. Specific campaign for Christmas "Christmas Child", a shoe-box with presents and - what is most important - the Gospel. Register your church every year and during the year. http://www.samaritanspurse.org/index.php/OCC/

www.persecution.com Is an organization to help the persecuted church in those countries where Christians are killed, persecuted and tortured. World prayer for opening of churches and laws for freedom of worship.

www.prisonfellowship.org Chuck Colson's Christian ministry to help prisoners to repent and receive Christ.

www.remar.org Christian Organization that concentrates in helping people addicted to drugs and alcohol or with aids. Prison help. Families and children with the help of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

www.compassion.com Christian Children's Charity which frees them from poverty in the name of Jesus Christ. Sponsoring since 1952.

www.biblesociety.org World Bible Society for Bible donation and humanitarian aid. Sale of evangelistic material at cost price. Church support.

www.christian-aid.org Is a Christian Organization that provides aid in emergencies and carries the love of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

www.persecution.org Is another organization to help the persecuted church in those countries where Christians are killed, persecuted and tortured. World prayer for opening of churches and laws for freedom of worship.

www.opendoorsusa.org Persecuted Christians. World prayer for the opening of churches and governmental laws for religious freedom.

www.micahchallenge.org Christian Organization to make governments work to eradicate extreme poverty by 2015.

November 2011 – 13th NOVEMBER, INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER FOR THE PERSECUTED CHURCH. The “Open Doors” ministry, whose webs can be found under http://www.yahshua.net/donation.htm is organizing this campaign to move us to pray and/or fast for our persecuted brothers and sisters across the world. Jesus Christ instructs us to pray and to act in favour of those who suffer and our help will be considered as if we were helping Christ Himself. …I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.. Matthew 25:36.

November 2011 – 8th NOVEMBER, ASTEROID WILL PASS THE EARTH CLOSER THAN THE MOON. The Bible prophesizes about stars hitting the earth in Revelation 8:10. The Apophis program (named after Apep, the Egyptian devil of chaos and evil), is still going in the midst of discrepancies between the NASA and the Russian Space Agency about the year when it will strike the earth. Read more about it in www.esa.int - www.nasa.gov

November 2011 - VATICAN PROPOSES WORLD GOVERNMENT TO STABILIZE INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CRISIS. The proposal includes appointing a world leader in UN to rule the world, and creating a world bank to replace the IMF. This, according to many, is the antichrist announced in the Bible with sufficient power to use its mark to control individuals during the last 7 years of the history of mankind, before the return of Christ, and the first half of that time – 3,5 years – would be of peace and prosperity which would turn into a horrible and cruel dictatorship in the second half – the last 3,5 years. Political, financial and religious power. Revelation chapters 11 and 13. Could the last seven years be the last week of years at the end of the last week of seventy years after Israel’s return to their land, since 1948? … But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven,[but My Father only… says the Lord in Matthew 24:36.

November 2011 – 31st OCTOBER: REFORMATION DAY. The whole of Germany celebrated the 494th anniversary of the day when Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on the door of Wittenberg’s church. Many other countries across the world have celebrated it. Churches of every denomination – not just the Catholic church – still need to be reformed and continue to work for the Gospel to reach our neighbour and to take brotherly love and God’s love to brethren and all those in need. The Great Commission. Every Christian is invited to ongoing reformation.

October 2011 - ROSH HASHANAH (TRUMPETS), YOM KIPPUR (ATONEMENT), SUKKOT (TABERNACLES). The new year starts after repentance, the sin paid for by the animal offered in holocaust, and the new remembrance of the tabernacles, the congregation our of Egypt, together and under the Lord's blessing. Yashua HaMashiah, Jesus Christ the Messiah paid for the sins, He gives us a new year, day, life, and He calls us to come together in fellowship in His Church to announce the Gospel to others like trumpets, announcing salvation and His coming, Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the people of Israel in these times. http://www.hebroots.com/

October 2011 - EVANGELISM IN INTERNET AND SOCIAL NETWORKS GROWING FAST. Only twice in history, in Alexandria and in the Internet, existential thinking has had so much influence. Jesus Christ sent Paul in times when Greek thinking was spreading across the Roman Empire. They were times of reaching out with the Gospel to every nation, and the best way to do it was through culture worldwide. Nowadays, the church in the internet is facing the end of times and the return of Jesus Christ spreading the Gospel and the end-of-times message across the globe, to every culture, in every language. In this article, writer Toni Bridsong, author of "How to live your faith online" and writer in Pastors.com, http://www.christianpost.com/news/time-for-online-evangelism-is-now-says-author-57154/ shares the experience of millions of Christians through social networks and how they are influencing world evangelism. The invitation is for every Christian to spread the Gospel, a Bible text, a verse, a comment... since we use the internet everyday to communicate.

September 2011 - FAMINE IN THE HORN OF AFRICA. Proposal of humanitarian aid of Tearfund, a Christian NGO based in the United Kingdom with many years of good experience in the field of humanitarian and spiritual aid. To participate, visit http://www.tearfund.org/en/ Help with prayers, as volunteer, with financial help and with the Gospel of the salvation of Jesus Christ, that will save them forever   ... For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; 36 I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me. Matthew 25:35.

September 2011 - ISRAEL'S ENEMY GOVERNMENTS ARE FALLING IN THE HANDS OF CITIZENS. We have seen it happening since the beginning of 2011, the governments of countries who are Israel's enemies have been falling: Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia. Others are under scrutiny: Iran, Lebanon, Syria. No doubt, the Lord has always judged Israel, but He is also Judge to all the nations. We know that we are in prophetic times for Jerusalem since 1948. We will see relevant and prophetic events but, will they be during 2011 or during the remaining years until 2018 which will be the 70th anniversary of the state of Israel?. For all nations shall come and worship before Jesus Christ, Revelation 15:4.

August 2011 - 3rd AUGUST - DAY OF FASTING AND PRAYER FOR THE "OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD" PROJECT. Every year, the Gospel of Jesus Christ reaches children from all over the world together with a shoebox filled with presents. We encourage and invite you to join this project through the different affiliates in every country of Samaritan Purse, from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, who promote and organize the operation. Check their main website and search for an affiliate in your country, so that you and your church may join in this project: http://www.samaritanspurse.org/index.php/OCC/

August 2011 - DAMASCUS CONTINUES TO KILL ITS OWN PEOPLE. THE UNITED NATIONS WILL HAVE TO TAKE ACTION TO STOP GENOCIDE. THE FULFILLMENT OF THE PROPHECY ABOUT DAMASCUS IN ISAIAH 17 IS GETTING CLOSE. As we have already announced in the past, this is one of the prophecies that has not been fulfilled yet. The way the Syrian government is acting against its own citizens to stop demonstrations against their regime is causing victims on a daily basis, whilst the international community fails to react. The burden against Damascus. “ Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap.2 The cities of Aroer are forsaken; they will be for flocks which lie down, and no one will make them afraid. 3 The fortress also will cease from Ephraim, the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria; they will be as the glory of the children of Israel,” says the LORD of hosts. Isaiah 17.

July 2011 - CHRISTIAN TV CHANNELS WILL CONQUER AUDIO-VISUAL MEDIA. New technologies, like Smart TV through the internet and mobile devices, the new television that includes the internet and on-demand programs so that the viewer can choose date and time, will be the tool to spread the message of the Gospel through films, age-targeted programs, concerts, news, etc and in every available format: TV, PC, laptop, tablets or mobile phone. The viewer is tired of programs and tv series showing no values. Channels like Sky Angel offer 24-hour broadcasting with a Christian approach for the whole family. The Gospel will reach every nation and in every language through internet tv, without any program limitation and with the focus on Jesus Christ and then the end will come, Matthew 24:14.

July 2011 - WESTERN GOVERNMENTS RESTRICT CHRISTIAN FREEDOM ACCORDING TO THE PROPHECIES OF THE END OF TIMES. With the excuse of pluralism and freedom, governments of main world powers are restricting freedom of Christian expression in public and in administrations. In Spain, against religious symbols and in the US and England with atheist movements fighting against Christianity, while at the same time laws are contrary to the moral of the Bible and they teach children inmorality and abomination and other religions are favoured. Apostasy is becoming stronger in the world's system, according to the prophecies:

Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, we ask you, 2 not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come. 3 Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, 4 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.5 Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you these things? 6 And now you know what is restraining, that he may be revealed in his own time. 7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. 8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming. 9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 2 Thessalonians 2

June 2011 - FORUM TO EVANGELIZE SPAIN. According to different Christian media, "Decision", a project of the evangelical churches of Spain with the help of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, together with other associations such as Sepal or Evangelismo en Acción, organized a national meeting of Christian leaders in May to agree and set an evangelization strategy for Spain. The keys will be announcing the Gospel clearly, show the Spaniards what Christian behaviour is about and adapt the way of communicating the Gospel to society today without changing the message - which is timeless - especially to the youth. "My Hope" is the name of the two campaigns that will be broadcasted in national television channels, one for families and another one for the youth, where we are invited to gather our relatives and friends at home and share the Gospel with them, backed by a nation-wide program. An effective way to accomplish the Great Commission which Jesus Christ instructed us, Christians, to carry out: ... Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations... Matthew 28. This is our challenge.

June 2011 - ISRAEL LEFT ON ITS OWN TO DEFEND THEIR STATE. The U.S.A., Hamas and Fatah together with European countries will defend their proposal for a Palestinian state in September, at the U.N. International sources confirm the news: http://edition.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/meast/05/29/qatar.arab.peace.initiative/  Israel will have to negotiate based on the 1967 borders, a result of the six-day war - whose 44th anniversary is celebrated on Sunday 5th of June. At the same time, the international community threatens Syrian government due to weekly massacres in Damascus. And Yemen and Libya continue with their internal minefield. Middle East on the edge. Bible prophecies: Zephaniah 3, Revelation 19:19-21.

May 2011 - DAMASCUS KILLS ITS CITIZENS. THE PROPHECY ABOUT ITS DESTRUCTION IS GETTING CLOSER. This is one of the prophecies pending fulfillment. The Syrian government is causing casualties amongst its citizens on a daily basis, trying to prevent demonstrations against the regime, whilst the international community fails to react. 1 The burden against Damascus. “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, and it will be a ruinous heap. 2 The cities of Aroer are forsaken; they will be for flocks which lie down, and no one will make them afraid. 3 The fortress also will cease from Ephraim, the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria; they will be as the glory of the children of Israel,” says the Lord of hosts. Isaiah 17.

May 2011 - MADRID CLOSES OR THREATENS TO CLOSE EVANGELICAL CHURCHES. A demonstration of pastors and protestant churches will be held on the 9th of May to denounce closure of evangelical churches due to the government's policy of applying commercial laws to the premises where churches have their fellowship, because the government does not want to consider them officially as premises for religious worship. If they go ahead, churches may consider taking them to court for coercing and hindering religious freedom agreed in the Spanish Constitution and Human Rights. Demonstration at Cibeles square, 11 a.m. Source:  www.protestantedigital.com



April 2011 - SPAIN, WE'RE PRAYING FOR YOU. 30.000 Christians together on their knees across the 52 provinces have prayed for God to bless Spain, open the doors to the Gospel, bring jobs and prosperity for the families; but will the Spaniards repent, and especially the political leaders, like the Ninivites did - and I am not referring to the "lost generation" of youth who neither work nor study, a terrible situation that our youth is suffering, with almost 43% unemployment rate in their age group. Will Spain wait until the country's final destruction or will they repent in prayer, fasting and obedience to God, reforming their church into a Bible-based one?.  www.prayforspain.com

April 2011 - JAPAN, A SERIES OF EARTHQUAKES STARTED ON MARCH 11TH 2011. On the same day as Spain was remembering the victims of the Madrid trains terrorist attack, we received the terrible news about thousands of casualties in Japan. The Bible prophesizes a major earthquake in Revelation 6:12 and 8:5. Seismological institutes across the world have also made their predictions. The chain of earthquakes that struck Fukushima has brought major devastation which we have all witnessed through television. Humanitarian aid and prayer for Japan.

March 2011 - NASA - ASTEROID COMES CLOSE TO IMPACT A FEW DAYS AFTER IT WAS DISCOVERED. The Bible prophesizes the impact of stars from the skies (Revelation 8:10). The Apophis Mission (named after the Greek "Apep", the Egyptian devil of evil and chaos), continues in spite of discrepancies between NASA and the Russian Space Agency about the year when it is expected to hit the Earth. Read more about it in: www.esa.int - www.nasa.gov

March 2011 - IRAN SENDS BATTLESHIPS TO THE SUEZ CANAL IN THE MIDST OF EGYPTIAN CRISIS. ISRAEL TESTS ANTI-MISSILE SYSTEM. The battle between Iran and Israel seems to get closer. However, this is not the first time that they are in such a situation. The Bible warns Israel that all neighbouring nations, their enemies in the past, will rise up against them and the news we see in present times seem to describe a race to such end. The Lord shall deal with Israel personally, but God says to all those who attack them: "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee..." Genesis 12:3

February 2011 - ARAB COUNTRIES RISE IN REVOLUTION WHILST THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND THE IRANIAN RELIGIOUS LEADER SAY ISRAEL MUST DESTROYED. FINAL PROPHECIES. The Bible warns Israel that all neighbouring nations, their enemies in the past, Asyria (Syria, Iran, Irak, Lebanon, Moab, Ammon, Egypt, etc) all of them quoted in the Bible, will rise up against Israel, who shall CLAMARA A DIOS and will receive Jesus Christ, Yahshua, the Messiah, whom they pierced, Isaiah 53. Read specifically about the prophecies that are being fulfilled now before our own eyes in Amos, chapters 1 and 2, but the whole book is the history of Israel and its neighbours until the end times, as well as Ezekiel 38 and 39. The Muslim Brotherhood wants an Islamic state in Egypt and break the peace agreement with Israel.

February 2011 - CRISIS IN EGYPT. INTERNATIONAL PRESS IS DIVIDED BETWEEN DESCRIBING THE EVENTS AS CIVIL MOVEMENT OR AS A TERRORIST PROJECT BY ISLAMIC RADICALS. Just as it happened in Coptic Christmas in Egypt when muslims protected coptic churches to guarantee the christian celebration, egyptian christians have now protected muslims in Tahrir square for their friday prayers. Good-willed citizens who want democracy may be influenced by radicals in the Muslim Brotherhood whose target is to impose Sharia (Islamic law) and reject all western influence and christianity in Egypt

CRISIS DE EGIPTO. PRENSA INTERNACIONAL DIVIDIDA ENTRE CALIFICAR LOS ACONTECIMIENTOS COMO MOVIMIENTO CIVIL O COMO PROYECTO TERRORISTA DEL ISLAMISMO RADICAL. Como sucedió en la Navidad Copta de Egipto cuando musulmanes protegieron iglesias coptas para garantizar la celebración cristiana, ahora son los cristianos egipcios los que han protegido a los musulmanes en la plaza Tahrir para que rezaran el viernes. Los ciudadanos bien intencionados que quieren la democracia pueden estar siendo influenciados por los radicales del movimiento de los Hermanos Musulmanes cuyo objetivo es implantar la Sharia o Ley Islámica y rechazar toda influencia occidental y el cristianismo en Egipto.

January 2011 - PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS INCREASING EVERY YEAR. FINAL PROPHECIES. The Bible warns us that, at the end of time, we would be persecuted by every nation, not only by suicide bombers in churches as it happened in Egypt this Christmas. However, hundreds of Muslims attended  Coptic Christmas mass services in chuches as "human shields" with the message "We either live together, or we die together". There is persecution not only in extreme-islamic countries but also in the western world, where anti-religious laws are gaining ground against Christian morals; the prophecy warns us about times of apostasy before the coming of Christ. 1Corinthians 2.

January 2011 - 2010 WAS THE YEAR WITH THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF NATURAL DISASTERS SINCE 1980. MAGNETIC NORTH POLE HAS SHIFTED OVER 60 KMS. FINAL PROPHECIES. It is not about questioning climate change, it is statistics. The magnetic north pole is shifting and could be the cause of the death of flocks of birds and mysterious death of fish in the U.S. and Europe. Airports are having to change the signaling of their runways, as it has recently been the case of the airport of Tampa (Florida). The planet is suffering the worst times of natural disasters that are causing millions of casualties, in addition to on-going famine and forgoten poor areas. In addition to the economic crisis, the western world squeezes energy sources to support consumers' craze. We will continue to help churches and NGOs. The result of the Christmas Child campaign this Christmas (see below) was very successful. The humanitarian help of churches is combined with spiritual help to know the hope of the Kingdom of the Lord in the Gospel. Matthew 24. Revelation 16.

Christmas 2010 - EVANGELIZATION AND AID CAMPAIGN ORGANIZED BY CHRISTIAN CHURCHES IN CHRISTMAS 2010 AND FOR 2011. Participate in your church, community and town, in campaigns to aid extremely poor countries as well as in special campaigns to help the poor in Christmas - and throughout the year. See some of the campaign from different churches for Humanitarian Aid. Your prayers are also important.

... Blessed is he who considers the poor; the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. Psalm 41:1

... He has given to the poor; His righteousness endures forever. 2 Corinthians 9:9.

www.samaritanspurse.org Is an Organization of the Evangelistic Ministry of Franklin Graham to provide response to humanitarian emergencies and maintain the help, from a perspective of the love of Christ and the Bible. Specific campaign for Christmas "Christmas Child", a shoe-box with presents and - what is most important - the Gospel. Register your church every year and during the year. http://www.samaritanspurse.org/index.php/OCC/

www.persecution.com Is an organization to help the persecuted church in those countries where Christians are killed, persecuted and tortured. World prayer for opening of churches and laws for freedom of worship.

www.prisonfellowship.org Chuck Colson's Christian ministry to help prisoners to repent and receive Christ.

www.remar.org Christian Organization that concentrates in helping people addicted to drugs and alcohol or with aids. Prison help. Families and children with the help of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

www.compassion.com Christian Children's Charity which frees them from poverty in the name of Jesus Christ. Sponsoring since 1952.

www.biblesociety.org World Bible Society for Bible donation and humanitarian aid. Sale of evangelistic material at cost price. Church support.

www.christian-aid.org Is a Christian Organization that provides aid in emergencies and carries the love of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

www.persecution.org Is another organization to help the persecuted church in those countries where Christians are killed, persecuted and tortured. World prayer for opening of churches and laws for freedom of worship.

www.opendoorsusa.org Persecuted Christians. World prayer for the opening of churches and governmental laws for religious freedom.

www.micahchallenge.org Christian Organization to make governments work to eradicate extreme poverty by 2015.


November 2010 - QUMRAN ONLINE. A PROJECT BY GOOGLE AND THE ISRAEL ANTIQUITIES AUTHORITY. THEY WILL MAKE THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS AVAILABLE ONLINE. Project Director, Shuka Dorfman, says that he has recruited the most brilliant minds and authorities in the field to publish the 30.000 fragments of the 900 manuscripts found in the Dead Sea in 1947, the year before the establishment of the State of Israel by United Nations.                                              


November 2010 - CAN YOU BE A MUSLIM AND BELIEVE IN JESUS - YAHSHUA - THE MESSIAH, LIKE MESSIANIC JEWS DO?Thousands of muslims believe in Jesus as Saviour and Messiah but they continue to observe their islamic religious life. This news come from the Lausanne congress on world evangelization recently held in South Africa. This situation can be compared with Messianic Jews, who believe that Jesus - Yahshua - is the Messiah but they do not change their traditional Jewish life. A challenge for orthodox individuals in both religions, who do not agree this can be possible. What do Christians think?

November 2010 - IRAN SUPPLIES HEZBOLLAH WITH UAV ATTACK AIRCRAFTS, KEEPING UP TENSION WITH ISRAEL. Iranian government, in their effort to equip Israel's enemies, is cooperating with training and delivering attack aircrafts, with and without pilots, to Hezbollah, according to Kuwait's Al-Siyasa newspaper. This information was published in Haaretz regarding the news that were confirmed by the movement's sources.


October 2010 - DAY OF PRAYER FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM. ON THE FIRST SUNDAY OF EVERY OCTOBER. When human attempts to bring peace fail, the people of God know that He is the only one who will bring peace in His Son Jesus Christ. With the presence of Jerusalem's Mayor Nir Barkat, organized by Rev. Dr. Robert Stearns, it was broadcasted live to almost 200 nations by GOD.TV reaching an audience of three hundred million, attended by international and local authorities, amongst them were Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin, chief Rabbi of Efrat, Dr. Michael Little, president of Christian Broadcasting Network and other leaders of Christian, Jewish or Arab communities. After the Feast of Tabernacles this year, the president of El-Al Israeli Airlines thanked and welcomed all evangelical Christians who have become 70% of the city's tourists during the feasts. http://www.eagleswings.to/israel/dayofprayer

Rev. Dr. Robert Stearns said in his speech: “We are not gathered here as a religious experience; we are gathered here because we believe that prayer makes a difference…Where man’s peace plans fail, God’s peace plans come to pass…Today a generation past the Holocaust, the Church of Jesus Christ will not be silent. We will lift our voices in the United Nations, in the European Union, in our churches, in the universities, in the White House, and we will lift our voices in the four corners of the earth…It’s time for God’s people to not just hear the shofar…but be the shofar!”

October 2010 - BLOOD MONEY. NEW FILM ABOUT THE ABORTION INDUSTRY SUPPORTED BY THE FORMER OWNER OF AN ABORTION CLINIC. A documentary film created thanks to the experience of the former owner of a private abortion clinic, who was became horrified by the lack of scruples of the business, is fighting worldwide to expose the truth behind so-called liberty movements. Carol Everett, who has become a member of pro-life associations and speaker describes her experience as former owner of three abortion clinics.

September 2010 - THREE CHRISTIAN PASTORS EXECUTED IN NORTH KOREA. Three house church leaders were arrested and executed in May 2010, their congregations were dissolved and about 20 Christians were jailed. According to Christian Post, Asian News agency informed that the news were only received now. You can help families of persecuted prisoners and many brethren who are in jail due to their faith in Jesus Christ through: http://www.christianpost.com/article/20100819/north-korea-executes-3-house-church-leaders/index.html

September 2010 - NO PEACE AGREEMENT REACHED BETWEEN ISRAEL AND PALESTINE. PALESTINIAN TERRORIST GROUPS COME TOGETHER TO BOICOT PEACE. Once again, Hamas and its palestinian allies come together to attack Israel and their own leader Mahmoud Abbas to try and stop a two-state agreement, which is the intention of the international community. Radicals from both sides will fight for one single state. What the Bible says about the end is: ...For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them...1Thessalonians 5, Matthew 24 and Revelation 16:14-16. How long will it take? So far the only agreement reached between Benjamin Netanyahu and the palestinian leader is a meeting every two weeks to discuss the process. In the meantime, terrorists will use direct negotiations to continue spreading terror...

August 2010 - RUSSIA SUFFERS DROUGHTS AND THOUSANDS OF FIRES WHILST THEY PROVIDE SUPPLIES TO NUCLEAR IRAN. It has to be pointed out, Russia is suffering raging fires at the same time as the Russian government has decided to provide supplies to Iran, Israel's direct enemy who keep threatening them with final holocaust. The Bushehr iranian nuclear plant is ready to receive russian uranium on 21st August 2010 although it may not become functional then.

At the same time, the Arab league press the US to start investigating Israel's nuclear secrecy. A major plot to set Israel on the edge of destuction. In the meantime, Israel dismantles part of the separation wall from palestinian land when direct peace conversations between Israeli and Palestines are to be held, whilst Hamas and other groups oppose. Revelation 16:14-16. Armaggedon is near.

August 2010 - 20.000.000 DISPLACED IN THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN DUE TO FLOODS. On his trip to the area, the UN Secretary General described it as the biggest devastation he has ever seen, where the number of displaced people is similar to half of the population of a western country like Spain. Famine is already taking its toll, in addition to the 1.600 casualties due to the floods, according to official reports from its capital, Islam-Abad. There is serious threat of infectious diseases such as cholera. No doubt the planet shows signs of being unbalanced in the end times prophesized in the Bible. In addition to the help from United nations, let us all pray and help according to each other's capacity through all the western-world NGOs and Christian movements against extreme famine and proverty such as Micah Challenge; in their compromise for 2015 they fight to make governments aware of the situation under Christian mercy to erradicate these two issues in Pakistan, one of the most religious-intolerant countries and who fiercely persecute Christians. Other programs will help to evaluate high-risk catastrophe areas.

July 2010 - THE BIBLICAL CHURCH PRAYS FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM, AS A REPLY TO THE INCREASE OF ANTISEMITISM. The end times announced by the prophets when every nation would come together to battle against Jerusalem are now here. The Church, the Bible-based Christianity, knows what was announced in the Word of God. Christian organizations and individuals, we are all showing that God will be the One to judge Israel, Who will come to Jerusalem, Who gave the promised land and the Holy City to be, precisely in the end times, cause for battle and cause to test every nation. The warning is clear: those nations that do not understand that they must leave it up to God to judge them but, on the contrary, they try to do their own justice, are confronting God directly, Who also judges them directly, the nations and their citizens. Let us pray for the heart of the Jews to be won over for Yahshua, as it is announced in the prophecy, because every prophetic word in the Bible will be fulfilled. The warning is there. The antisemites oppose God and they will suffer His judgment. This call needs to apply also to those Christians who are asleep, who allow themselves to be carried away by the world, who do not know the Word of God, because they will also be judged if they allow the antisemite spirit to influence them. God will deal with the people of Jerusalem directly, and He will come to Jerusalem on His coming. Zephaniah 3 and Revelation 14:5. The battle of Armaggedon is at the prophetic doorstep, Revelation 16, and also the hope that was announced in Revelation 21.

July 2010 - ISRAEL IS READY TO ENTER PEACE NEGOTIATIONS WITH PALESTINES. The meetings between the Israeli defense minister and a Palestinian leader and also the Israeli's prime minister's recent trip to Israel to deal with the Gaza blockade and the situation of the middle east conflict have cooled the relations. Also, Blair, the quartet's envoy for the peace in the region, announces progress in the negotiations for two states. Additionally, four European countries have made a proposal to watch the opening of the blockade. On top of the above, we have the atomic bomb threats from Iran, who suffer the rejection from the international community in their uranus enrichment plan, the claim of the Turkish government about the flotilla so that Israel would apologize and the relationships with Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon and above all Damascus (Syria). All this panorama is in the prophecies in the Bible, Sophonias 3 and Revelation 19:19-21.

June 2010 - EVANGELISTIC CAMPAIGN IN SOUTH AFRICA DUE TO THE FOOTBALL WORLD CUP. CHURCHES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD CONTINUE WORKING ON THE GREAT COMMISSION THAT THE LORD INSTRUCTED US. 3rd LAUSANNE WORLD CONGRESS ON WORLD EVANGELIZATION TO BE ALSO HELD THIS YEAR. Although ratial hatred between black and white has been rising up again over the past few years, the society that suffered the apartheid has a battle ahead, that can be fought with determination and prayer for restoration. But the international and local crisis is again affecting most those who are less privileged and violence breaks out, just like in other parts of the planet. From this media, we send a call to prayer for all black and white brethren who fight for the Gospel and Southafrican society and for the evangelistic campaign, so that it reaches and touches the hearts of those who hear the preaching.

June 2010 - GAZA, ONCE AGAIN, PUTS ISRAEL ON THE SPOT. THE RIGHT OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES AND THE INTERNATIONAL BLOCKADE AIMED AT AVOIDING REARMAMAMENT MAKE THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY DISAGREE AND RAISE ANTI-SEMITISM TO CONCERNING AND PROPHETIC LEVELS.  Even Abu Mazen himself, leader of the PNA, has stated that he is indeed concerned about Hamas' rearmament and has confirmed that this is precisely what would happen if the blockade was lifted. It is now clear to the international community that the flotilla was sponsored by Iran and Syria, in agreement with all Israel's neighbouring countries - such as the Bible announces that will occur at the end of times, when Israel returned to the Promised Land. Now it is up to the UN to manage and control the situation so that both nations stop civilian casualties on both sides. But will it be of any use if it is the world and not faith that attempts to make these two nations - both in deed of the Messiah - come to agreement?

May 2010 - NOAH'S ARK FOUND ON MOUNT ARARAT, THE BIBLICAL LOCATION DESCRIBED 4.800 YEARS AGO, ALMOST 100% SURE.  Chinese and Turkish archaeologists are almost 100% certain that the wooden remains found on mount Ararat, where Genesis describes as the place where the ark touched ground after the flood, are from Noah's ark. The reaction from atheist and anti-biblical scientist has been immediate, with the same old arguments, like every time there is any relevant discovery that proves Bible dates. On the contrary, as soon as there is a discovery related to evolution, like-minded media are fast to produce articles in favour, even if there is no conclusive evidence. Every new scientific discovery usually rules the former one out, however, archaeological findings confirm otherwise. 

May 2010 - 400 METRE WIDE ASTEROID HEADS TOWARDS THE EARTH. POSSIBLE IMPACT IN NOVEMBER 2011. Nasa is using a telescope to track its course and the U.S. government has approved a financial package for the project once the data confirms that the size of the asteroid is twice what was expected and its orbit will be closer to us than the moon's. Even if scientists think that it is not likely to hit the earth, the information is nevertheless worrying. The Biblical announcement of objects from the sky impacting the earth is another call for attention for humankind, who are nowadays fearless of God. http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=2005%20YU55;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=1#cad

April 2010 - COLD WAR II. USA AND RUSSIA SIGN A NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT TREATY. THREATS TO IRAN AND NORTH KOREA DO NOT EASE THE SITUATION. The two major world nuclear powers that were confronted in the cold war in the 20th century make an attempt in the media to show their good intentions reducing their stockpiles of nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, other countries that are new to this field and radical in their aspirations are becoming nuclear powers. If all exising nuclear weapons were accounted for there would be widespread alarm. Will these be the weapons used in the battle of Armaggedon? Iran has also announced new technologies for its nuclear equipment whilst they threaten to destroy Israel and the international community show no reaction, they will soon regret not having taken any action when they were still on time.

April 2010 - THE SOCIETY OF THE END OF TIMES IS INDIFFERENT. FAMINE. WATER SHORTAGE, CRUEL ETHNIC WARS, EXTREME POVERTY. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DIE WHILE THE WESTERN WORLD CONSUMES THE GOODS OF EARTH. The Bible is clear: ...Indeed the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, cry out; and the cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth...End-of.times earthquakes, all of them high in the Richter scale: Haiti, Chile, California, Portugal, China, Russia, Japan, Sumatra, now New Mexico. Our help, contributions and a lot of prayer are required. If you want to help, visit our links to churches and Christian NGOs in: Humanitarian Aid. How many of them happen coinciding with the approval of laws that are contrary to the Law of God and with behaviour that shows no fear of the Lord?

April 2010 - CATHOLIC CHILD ABUSE CAUSED BY DOCTRINAL DEVIATION. Romans 1 explains that doctrinal deviation in idolatry translates into sexual deviation. Similarly in 1Timothy 4:3 Paul prophesized about the prohibition of marriage. Since Catholics do not want to see it, maybe this warning can be of use for all parents who have their children in institutions sponsored by the Roman Curia and they take their children out of this Sodom which, as in the Biblical one, taints the flesh as well as the soul of its disciples who ignore the will of the Word of God.

March 2010 - TEMPLE MOUNT IN JERUSALEM. CONFRONTATIONS ON THE MOSQUES GROUNDS FOR SEVERAL WEEKS. Muslims threw rocks at the Western Wall after last fridays' prayer, clashing with israeli police; about 80 people - from both parties - were injured in the confrontation. This happened simultaneosly with the reactivation of peace conversations from USA as mediator and after Israel's controversial request of including the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron and Rachel's Tomb as Jewish holy sites, last 28th February.

March 2010 - MAJOR EARTHQUAKES HAPPENING AFTER HAITI'S: CHILE, JAPAN, SUMATRA AND TURKEY. As I am writing this, an earthquake was shaking Turkey, resulting in over 50 casualties. I read the headlines while I was still astonished by the recent call to attention after the humanitarian catastrophe in Haiti and the recent one in Chile. This seems to confirm the increase in the frequency of earthquakes which could be as announced for the end of times. Over just a few months, we have had a plague of sysmic movements. California shook with grade 6 in Christmas, Portugal with 7, then Haiti with 7, Chile grade 8.8, California again with 5.9 in February, 6.9 in the China-Rusia border, Japan suffered another rade 7 earthquake at the end of February and on the 5th of March Chile had another one, together with Sumatra, classified as grade 6.6 according to the United States Geological Survey’s (USGS) Earthquake Hazards Program (http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/). Our help, contribution and prayers are required. If you want to help, visit links to Christian churches and NGOs in: Humanitarian Aid. How many of them coincide with the approval of laws contrary to the Law of God and behaviours that are not worthy of human beings who fear the Lord?

February 2010 - SYRIA THREATENS ISRAEL WITH WAR. ISRAEL WOULD DESTROY DAMASCUS. HAS THE TIME COME FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF DAMASCUS ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE PROPHECY? 1 The burden against Damascus. “ Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, and it will be a ruinous heap. 2 The cities of Aroer are forsaken; they will be for flocks which lie down, and no one will make them afraid. 3 The fortress also will cease from Ephraim, the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria; they will be as the glory of the children of Israel,” Says the Lord of hosts. Isaiah 17. Last month, our attention was brought to the fact that the Syrian capital was entering into diplomatic dynamics to the highest level as a meeting point of all the nations surounding Israel, all of them Israel's enemies and against its initiatives before the international community. This month, Damascus takes the leading role with their threat of war, warning that this time it will reach the cities in Israel. They say it is due to a statement made by Ehud Barak that has been misinterpreted - intentionally or not - by the Syrian president. Lierbemann, Israeli foreign minister, warned the Syrian government that they would be destroyed if they were to attack Israel. In order to ease the tension and retake the peace process, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called his ministers to order so they do not increase the tension and do not make statements to international press.

February 2010 - EUROPE APOSTATE AND ANTICHRIST. ATHEIST CAMPS FOR YOUTH. Atheist leaders, in their fight in favour of exteme laicism, propose all types of events in order to mislead society, providing the same services as churches do but without Christian content, with atheist one. If you remember the fight for atheist buses against Christians, these events have the same source. One of the conversations out there is that many youngsters are taking wrong paths, leading to self-destruction, drugs and delinquency, and those are the ones being targeted by atheists. There is a lot of work to be done by Christian churches.

January 2010 - DAMASCUS ENTERS ACTIVELY IN DIPLOMATIC ACTIVITY AGAINST ISRAEL. The Syrian capital is entering into diplomatic dynamics to the highest level as a meeting point of all the nations surounding Israel, all of them Israel's enemies and against its initiatives before the international community. Turkey, the same as Egypt, Lebanon or Jordan, not to mention Iran, are nowadays going deep into a campaign against Israel in all aspects, before United Nations and the European Union, Radical terrrorist groups are the extremist part that also finds support in the islamic community against Israel. The prophecy about Damascus is clear about its destruction, and it has not been fulfilled yet in history. Isaiah 17:1.

January 2010 - 100.000 CASUALTIES IN HAITI, EARTHQUAKE GRADE 7 IN RICHTER SCALE. A humanitarian catastrophy. Major earthquakes will follow one another in the end of times. In the past few months we have had news about another series of earthquakes. Before Christmas, California shook in level 6 and Portugal in 7, and now Haiti, within less than a month and in great magnitude. Nations can foresee many of the places where earthquakes will take place, but the funds, the large amounts of thousand of millions are invested in surveys, proposals, bureaucracy, etc. It is possible to reallocate residential areas in the planet but...is human kind going to look at the poor countries and, if they help, is it not going to be interpreted as imperialism?. Our help, contribution and a lot of prayer. If you want to help through trustworthy organizations, visit our links to churches and NGOs in Humanitarian Aid.

Christmas 2009 – HUMANITARIAN AID ORGANIZED BY CHRISTIAN CHURCHES FOR 2009 AND 2010. Participate in your church and town, help those in need in Christmas and throughout the year. Campaigns organized by different churches for Humanitarian Aid. Your prayers are also important.

... Blessed is he who considers the poor; the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. Psalm 41:1

...He has given to the poor; His righteousness endures forever. 2 Corinthians 9:9.

www.samaritanspurse.org An Organization part of the Billy Graham Evangelical Ministries providing humanitarian support in emergency circumstances and for maintaining the help from a perspective of the love of Christ and the Bible. The special Christmas campaign is called "Christmas Child" a shoe box with presents and the Gospel.

www.persecution.com An organization helping the persecuted church in countries where Christians are murdered, persecuted and tortured. World-wide prayer for the establishment of churches and freedom of religion laws.

www.remar.org/english/ Christian organization for the restoration in society of drug-addicts, alcoholics, abandoned children, HIV + individuals, single mothers and prisoners with the help of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

www.compassion.com Christian organization to release children from poverty in Jesus' name. Sponsoring children since 1952.

www.biblesociety.org Bible donation and humanitarian aid. Shop for evangelization materials at low cost. Church support.

www.christian-aid.org World-wide Humanitarian aid and witnessing of Christ.

www.fao.org United Nations Food and Agriculture. Permanent reports on famine.

www.persecution.org Another organization to help the persecuted church in countries where Christians are murdered, persecuted and tortured. World-wide prayer for the establishment of churches and freedom of religion laws.

November 2009 - SUFFER FROM HUNGER IN THE WORLD TODAY. THE BLIGHT OF THE 21st CENTURY SOCIETY. How is this possible? Is it really not possible for man to eradicate poverty with our world's resources? Isn't it rather that man's heart doesn't change and, from world leaders to the man in the street, indifference and lack of mercy prevail?. Many millions of people contribute, within our possibilities, and so do many churches and NGOs. Millions are raised in record time to support events such as the Olympic Games, leaders' summits, exhibitions, sport events, world cups, etc. Jesus Christ's words are alive today, before His return: ...For the poor you have with you always... John 12:8. Now, more than ever in the worldwide financial crisis, help is needed. The FAO is holding a summit on food security: http://www.fao.org/news/story/en/item/37465/icode/   Help churches and NGOs: Humanitarian Aid.

November 2009 – PALESTINE. RADICAL ELECTIONS FOR 2010. Abu Mazen could withdraw from the forthcoming elections in Palestine, making the victory of Hamas – Israel’s enemy – a possible alternative. World leaders, especially the Clinton saga, coinciding with the anniversary of the murder of Ytzak Rabin and the symbolic fall of the Berlin wall (which is comparable to the Palestinian wall), make pressure for the “moderate” Abbas to run for the elections and achieve the “peace” that will imply the consolidation of two states. Jerusalem is the burdensome stone for all the people of the earth, as it says in Zechariah 12:3.

October 2009 – TOTAL CONTROL OF THE INDIVIDUAL THROUGH MOBILE PHONES. Do you have a mobile phone? Positioning systems, audio and manipulation software of the information that you use when you make calls, send sms, your emails, your location. Governments are using control systems with the excuse of security in order to control our lives. How much longer before total control? Very shortly, all information and payments will go through our mobile. Search in the internet and read about USA’s Echelon, Europe’s Enfopol systems. This may well be another step towards total control over man, announced in Revelation 13:16-18. The end of freedom.

September 2009 - PERSECUTED CHURCH. CHRISTIANS PERSECUTED IN IRAN. LEBANON INCREASINGLY ISLAMIZED AND CHRISTIANS BEING THREATENED. PASTOR MURDERED BY ISLAMISTS IN SOMALIA. CHURCH IN INDONESIA WINS LEGAL BATTLE FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. LAOS CHURCH THREATENED TO DEATH. CHINA, 9 PASTORS ARE KIDNAPPED. The case of pastor Shi Weihan is relevant, he has been sentenced to 3 year imprisonment for printing Bibles in chinese for distribution to churches. 140.000 Bibles have been confiscated. In China, with a population of 1.300.000 people, an estimated 10.000 chinese convert to Christ every day. Let us pray for the persecuted brethren. Sources: www.persecution.org and www.persecution.com

...Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. If they kept My word, they will keep yours also... John 15:20.

...Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake...Matthew 24:9.

September 2009 - IRAN. NEW SECRET NUCLEAR PLANT DISCOVERED. After the US announcement about Iran no longer being a threat and that their nuclear power programme had no war purposes, only civil ones, and also the announcement about the dismantling of the shield on the russian border, the news about a plant which had not been declared to the IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency, proves completely the opposite. In addition to this, they continuously issue statements of hatred towards Israel, that is under threat from the Ayatollah regime. Ezekiel 38.

AUGUST 2009 - JERUSALEM, THIRD TEMPLE. ORTHODOX JEWS ASK PARENTS FOR THEIR SONS TO CONSECRATE THEM TO THE TEMPLE. On the 60th anniversary of the return to their land, you can imagine how the fire of the spirit of the Davidic kingdom is becoming stronger than ever. Orthodox Jews already have all the requirements ready to build the third temple. Haretz, the newspaper, publishes ads asking for pious parents to hand over their newborn sons to serve in the temple, in a life of isolation and purity. Recent polls on Israel's population - both believers and non-believers - show that over 70% of them wish to have the new temple, a fact that no one could even think of some years ago. Source: Jews for Jesus.

August 2009 - NEW WORLD CURRENCY TO REPLACE THE DOLLAR, AT THE REQUEST OF NOBEL PRICE WINNING ECONOMIST. Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University Economics professor and former  World Bank director, made a statement in Bangkok about the need for a new reserve currency to substitute the dollar, which supports Russia and China in their attempt to conclude with the world-wide economic power of the United States, arguing that this would strengthen the system and avoid another crisis. Once this currency is approved, the world will be one step closer to the "world government" that will impose a system of total control to eliminate the individuals' freedom. Revelation 13:18.

July 2009 - THE OLDEST ORIGINAL BIBLE IN THE WORLD, FROM THE TIMES OF CONSTANTINE, NOW AVAILABLE IN THE INTERNET. The worldwide presentation took place this month of July in the British Library, a compilation of the oldest manuscripts available which were taken on custody in four different locations in the world. Now, the British Library, the National Library of Russia, St. Catherines Monastery and Leipzig University Library honor the Word of God and have united their efforts to launch http://www.codexsinaiticus.org. Some of the manuscripts are older, from the 1st Century, but they were compiled together for the first time in the IV Century, around the times of the first council of Nicaea. Now we can enjoy them online.

July 2009 - PERSECUTED CHURCH. INCREASE OF ATTACKS AGAINST MISSIONARIES IN INDIA, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, AFRICA, CHINA AND MUSLIM COUNTRIES. THE FORGOTTEN CHURCH. Many Christian brothers of different denominations, or non-denominational, are persecuted, they are being arrested, made prisoners, suffer massacres and, in many of these countries, those actions are directed by governmental authorities. Taking the Gospel and fulfilling the Great Commission has a price for them: their life. They are not famous preachers, in many cases they don’t have the support from major churches…who remembers them? Visit these websites about Christian persecution and be aware of what is going on, pray for them and let the Lord guide you on how to help them. www.persecutedchurch.org

June 2009 – NETANYAHU DECLARES THAT JERUSALEM IS THE CAPITAL OF ISRAEL AND THAT IT WILL NEVER BE DIVIDED OR SHARED AGAIN, IT WILL BE UNDER ISRAELI JURISDICTION. Although the international community, now led by the “in” American president, Barak Obama, is promoting the solution for peace in Palestine through the division of the land of Israel in two sovereign states, Israel does not give up. The prophecy is being literally fulfilled according to the Bible: All the nations will come together against her and to distribute the land. Joel 3. Remember that none of the neighbouring nations has ever wanted to accept the Palestinians as citizens and that Jordan, specifically, has thrown them out of their land. The solution of peace and security will not come through any strategy of human wisdom, but by accepting God’s plan – still pending.

June 2009 – BLAIR IS THE FAVOURITE CANDIDATE TO BECOME THE EU’S FIRST PRESIDENT IN 2010. The commissioner of the peace quartet between Israelis and Palestinians, Tony Blair, has already received support from relevant EU leaders, Brown amongst them and specially Sarkozy who is trying his best to convince Merkel so that Blair becomes the first president of Europe, who would be approved in October – if the Irish vote favourably – and would start his first two-and-a-half year renewable mandate in January 2010. This first mandate would be very relevant due to its influence both inside and outside the EU, and whose parameters of authority are not defined in the Lisbon treaty. He will have to, amongst other issues, define the defense policy of the EU. Europe finally reemerges as the heir of the Greek and roman empires, and finally will have one single head. Will this be the fourth kingdom in the vision of the prophet Daniel 7?

April 2009 - H1N1 FLU VIRUS WITH ABILITY TO MUTATE, SPREAD BETWEEN HUMANS AND PANDEMIC POTENTIAL. According to the WHO, there are over 4.200 confirmed cases of this plague throughout different countries, already causing over 45 deaths. According to the reports of Custom and Border authorities, the situation has a tendency to stabilize but they are already warning about the new and stronger outbreak that will come towards the beginning of the winter season. The Bible warns about plagues, and although the western world almost ignores the terror of plagues and famine in the third world, now these plagues make everybody vulnerable without discrimination of social status or location. Matthew 24.

March 2009 -  A METEORITE PASSES CLOSER TO THE EARTH THAN THE MOON not being detected by space observatories.. According to Robert McNaught of the Australian National University, such a large meteorite had never seen so close to the earth as the DD45 before it made impact. Astronomer Peter Brown, from University of Ontario (Canada) says that the size of this meteorite can be compared to the one that hit Siberia in 1908 destroying 2000 sq kms of woods. Revelation 6:13, 8:10 and 9:1.

March 2009 - JERUSALEM BECOMES THE EXCHANGE CURRENCY FOR PEACE AND DIVISION OF THE PROMISED LAND IN TWO STATES. Olmert has recognized that in order to reach a hipothetical peace with the palestines, they will have to give up eastern Jerusalem, demanded by the palestines to become the capital of their new state. Jerusalem is the burdensome stone for all people, as stated in Zechariah 12:3.

February 2009 - CHURCH PERSECUTED IN ASIA. CHRISTIANS MURDERED, NOBODY HELPS THEM. Democratic nations have freedom of faith, but when it comes to taking the Gospel to totalitarian dictatorships, persecution includes the possibility of death. If you want to pray for them, keep informed and participate, visit these links: www.persecution.org - www.persecution.com

...Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also... John 15:20

Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for my name’s sake...Matthew 24.9

February 2009 - NUCLEAR THREAT. USA BEGINS NEW RELATIONSHIP WITH RUSSIA FOR THEIR ANTI-MISSILE SHIELD WHILST RUSSIA WILL BUILD NUCLEAR INSTALLATIONS IN IRAN. The eastern nations are all along the same strategic line and only USA can compensate it. How long will it be until they threaten Jerusalem to fulfill the prophecy? Matthew 24:5 and Revelation 16:14-16.

February 2009 - WORLD ECONOMY IN REVELATION 18:11-24. Bank directors and experts throughout the world, the presidents of nations, systems and financial structures have fallen. Socialist and capitalist leaders have already tried their systems without guaranteed results. The free market needs regulation and control. The situation in all countries is unsustainable. Hundreds of thousands of people unemployed, companies going bankrupt, banks going bankrupt and countries going bankrupt, it is the 2008 crash.

January 2009 - NASA WARNS ABOUT A SUN STORM THAT COULD AFFECT EARTH. The prophecy says that the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light. Matthew 24:49. A new study from the US National Academy of Science announces in their latest report which has been issued together with NASA, the lines of investigation are to protect and anticipate the situation of a total shutdown of communications due to satellites and all known networks being affected, amongst other difficulties.

January 2009 - GAZA - ISRAEL Palestine, the never-ending war. The prophecy on Gaza in the Bible explains the situation very clearly, it was written in Amos 1:6. Let us pray for both countries so the Lord may soften their hearts and bring peace to them receiving the Messiah of humanity, without Him there will never be long-lasting and definitive peace, when He comes in the clouds and judges all. Revelation 1:7.

December/January 2009 - Christian Persecution. Atheist campaigns in different countries in the world, Church strikes back.

November 2008 - 1000 million of hungry people. This is the figure we are about to reach soon. There is enough food, but it is not distributed properly. This is the result of the lack of MERCY of the international community. Starvation spreads throughout the third-world countries and reaches the developed world due to the world financial crisis. Every 3.5 seconds a child dies from hunger…There shall be famines…Matthew 24:7.

www.actionagainsthunger.org  Action Against Hunger challenge Al Gore to introduce the “No Hunger” project to make the world aware of hunger, just like he has done with the climate change. He will be questioned if he does not accept to go ahead.

Access our humanitarian aid website with links to different NGOs: http://www.yahshua.net/donation.htm

According to Oxfam, the number of those starving is over 923 millon.




According to NGO Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), 20.000.000 children are at risk of death by hunger. Enter the campain. Twenty million children in risk of death cannot remain unhelped...

October 2008 - ISRAEL RECEIVES FROM U.S. NEW ANTI MISSILE RADAR TO PROTECT THE COUNTRY FROM THREATS COMING FROM IRAN AND OTHER ENEMIES. Whilst Russia continues to supply weapons for countries enemies of Israel and the United Estates. Israel has received from its North American ally a latest generation anti missile shield. There are rumours of a European peace plan proposal, in their new Mediterranean Union, to offer guarantees for “peace and security” to Israel once Israel and Palestinian states are agreed. Once this happens, the prophecy that threatens Israel may be fulfilled. Read 1 Thessalonians 4:13 to 5:11.

October 2008 - WORLD FINANCIAL CRISIS. EXPERTS CALL FOR A NEW WORLDWIDE FINANCIAL MODEL. ONLY THOSE WITH THE APPROVAL WILL BE ABLE TO BUY AND SELL. USA IS NO LONGER THE WORLD’S FINANCIAL LEADER. The situation which the world economy is suffering could be the threshold to the new financial order that establishes a rating system to access credit facilities, credit cards, etc, which the Bible calls the mark. Experts worldwide are claiming a new financial order. European and Asian stock markets have maintained and even increased their indexes, whilst Wall Street suffered the largest drop in history. Revelation 13. Read more.

September 2008 - Robes for fifty priests, descendants of Aaron are being tailored for the third temple of Jerusalem. Following a long list, this is just another one of the requirements of the priesthood attire and accessories shown in the Old Testament and which will be part of the third temple of Jerusalem described in Ezekiel 40. An interesting fact: the measurements of this temple described in Ezekiel are not the same as the ones of the second temple, where Jesus Christ entered, neither the ones of the temple of the New Jerusalem which comes down from heaven, described in Revelation 21:22, since there is no temple therein, because…the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it…There will be other related events until the day when the construction works start on the temple’s mount.

September 2008 - NEW RUSSIAN MISSILE ANTI US MISSILE SHIELDS WAS SUCCESSFULLY LAUNCHED. Russia is testing an intercontinental ballistic missile RS 12 Topol, with capacity to pierce anti-missile shields. It has been the reply to the long negotiation with Poland for the anti-missile shield. NATO cannot do anything to stop these Russian displays of power, neither can the European Union since they depend on Russia for gas and oil supplies. Could this be a return to the cold war?. In addition, North Korea has restarted its nuclear program. The world is losing its balance.

September 2008 - DAMASCUS, HOST OF THE RUSSIAN-SYRIAN MEETING, THREATENS ISRAEL. Damascus: Meeting held between the Russian and Syrian Presidents to deploy missiles with capacity to destroy Israel. The perfect excuse to go ahead is the signing of the agreement signed between US and Poland in August for missile interception…

August 2008 - IS THE NEW MEDITERRANEAN UNION THE ROMAN EMPIRE? If Bible prophecy announces that the last empire that was ruling in the times of the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in the 70th a.C. would be also ruling in the end of times, we could very well see the new order of Mediterranean countries like a succession that looks to much like the old empire. The president in turn of the unsuccessful European Union, Nicolas Zarkozy, who has a Jewish origin, http://www.ajn.com.au/news/news.asp?pgID=3162 for which he has a particular interest in adding the estate of Israel as a member of the Union, as well as the Arab countries of the Mediterranean coast. We only have to wait to see it up and running. Daniel 7 the fourth beast. NATO on its side still considers the adhesion of Israel in the structure, but a new Mediterranean Union with a new military force could also do it.

August 2008 - ANTIMISSILES SHIELD FROM THE US TO BE INSTALLED IN ISRAEL. Israel is still under threat of destruction by its old enemies. The Lord will bring peace when the Messiah is proclaimed by His people, mean while they depend of the protection of allied countries. While NATO studies the possibility of the adhesion of Israel in the alliance, the US offers to install one of the antimissiles systems as part of their protection shields. Now is the time to help Israel because the Lord will soon reveal the Truth about the Messiah, and those nations that help them will be blessed. Romans Ch. 9 and 11.

July 2008 – ISRAEL ATTACKS SYRIA’S NUCLEAR REACTOR AND PREPARES FOR A POSSIBLE ATTACK TO IRAN. The New York Times published the attack of over 100 Israeli planes to destroy Syria’s nuclear power installations which, in spite of being declared for civil use as energy source, they had been built with the help from radical regimes which are nuclear and weapon powers. Israel has undoubtedly defended the nation against a possible attack from the North, close to the area of the Valley of Megiddo, mostly known as Armageddon. Revelation 16:16.

July 2008 – CHINA WILL DISTRIBUTE FREE BIBLES DURING THE OLYMPICS. The Lord has opened the doors which remained closed and has demolished China’s spiritual wall. The Chinese government has finally heard the requests of the Christian international community and it own Christian leaders. China is the country with the largest and fastest growing Christian community, due to the massive response of their people to the evangelization work of fellow Christians...Go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…for the forgiveness of sins and they shall receive eternal life…

June 2008 – ISRAEL NEGOTIATES WITH SYRIA OVER THE GOLAN HEIGHTS, WHILST LEBANON INCLUDES TERRORISTS IN THEIR GOVERNMENT IN ORDER TO REACH PEACE. The cost of this peace may be a war, perhaps the last one. Even though the Golan Heights are not in the map of Israel’s tribes, they were Jewish land in times of King Saul, David and Solomon. The area is a high plateau which guarantees a dominant position in the frontier with Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. It also controls the water reserves of the north. If Israel gives this land away, which is now considered as occupied by the UN, they will depend on Syria to honour the peace treaty and not to attack them, and therefore the northern regions of Israel will be more vulnerable. This is the dominant area which is closer to the place of Armageddon, the valley of Meggido, to the north of Israel. Revelation 16:14 to 16.

June 2008 – EARTHQUAKE IN CHINA WHILST PASTOR PREACHES IN STADIUM TO MILLIONS OF CHINESE LEAVES ALMOST 70.000 CASUALTIES AND THOUSANDS INJURED - …and there shall be earthquakes in divers places…Matthew 24:7. Earthquakes have always happened but seismic activity has reached the highest levels over the past years, check the statistics in the World’s Earthquake Centre http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/. Pray and help. See the Christian NGOs which are providing physical help whilst spreading the Gospel.

May 2008 -  FORTH DAY OF WORLD WIDE PRAYER IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST PENTECOST SUNDAY MAY 11TH. A movement of the Church of Christ with several events in stadiums around the world, broadcasted on TV and Internet from Jerusalem, coinciding with Israel's 60th anniversary, to 220 nations of the world, represented by different brothers of the different nations. We invite you to join for prayer. You may visit http://www.globaldayofprayer.com.

May 2008 - 60th ANNIVERSARY OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL, UNDER THE THREAT OF A MASSIVE TERRORIST ATTACK. The people of Israel, who are fulfilling another Bible prophecy, in Ezekiel 36, having returned to their promised land by God’s voice; for the glory of Yahweh’s name and because it is the Divine plan, says the Lord. Because salvation comes from the Jews, Yahshua, the King of Kings. The final prophecy on Zion is closer every day. 15 May 2008.

May 2008 - DESTRUCTION OF NUCLEAR PLANT IN SYRIA BY ISRAEL. The Damascus regime had received, according to their own statements and accusations from Washington, help from North Korea to develop a nuclear power plant, which according to Bush was only weeks away from completion. This plant has been recently destroyed by Israeli air forces, allegedly supported by the U.S.  The truth is that the group of Israeli-enemy countries are preparing an attack which will destroy Damascus, fulfilling the prophecy …See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins…Isaiah 17:1.

April 2008 - TERRORIST ATTACK AGAINST MESSIANIC JEWS PREACHING JESUS CHRIST IN ISRAEL. The 15 year old son of a Messianic pastor suffered the explosion of a parcel bomb camouflaged as a Purim celebration gift. The box exploded on opening, damaging one of his lungs and causing severe burns, having to stay in Intensive Care. These attacks in Israeli land are caused by Palestinian groups or ultra-orthodox Jews who do not tolerate that Yahshua is preached as The Messiah. We ask for prayer for these brothers who are the link between the last-time Jews and Yahshua Christ The Messiah, who prepare Israel for the coming of the Lord. Source: El Vino Nuevo, from Israel.

April 2008 - NUCLEAR WEAPONS FROM POWER PLANTS FOR ENERGY USE. UNITED KINGDOM AND FRANCE SIGN A JOINT NUCLEAR PROGRAMME. Just like Iran and Israel, no country recognizes holding nuclear weapons. Those which do, say they are under the protection of the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty. The reality is that uranium-enrichment takes place in those plants, and today there are alternative sources of energy which are not being promoted.


March 2008 - OPEN WAR IN GAZA STRIP. Oslo agreements in which the Gaza strip was ceded to the National Palestinian Authority, have become a boomerang for Israel, who sees how time after time this land has become a platform of military attacks, as revenge for the situation of the Palestinian people. The never ending war, until both parts accept the Messiah Jesus Christ. Several casualties after the flood of military incursions and of the bombarding. The consequences for the road map we'll see them before Passover. Amos 1:6.

February 2008 -  HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL IN ISRAEL.  In XXI Century Israel still feels the extermination threat, through voices of regimes that ask publicly and in international forum its disappearance. When will they understand that Israel is key in God's peace plan for humanity?. That Israel must reconcile with the Messiah is a work of God. International community must be there, as Pharaoh did in Egypt times, to bless them so that they, them selves open their heart to God's plan. I invite to the prayer for Israel so that all nations obey the heavenly God and not fight against Him. This way they will see the Light. Yevarejeja Adonai veishmereja, yisa Adonai pena veleja, veyasem lejá Shalom. Numbers 6:24-26.


After the frontier was demolished some days ago, Egypt has decided to close the access. The Palestinian tragedy continues.

January 2008 - BUSH TRAVELS TO JERUSALEM AND THE MIDDLE EAST. First trip of president Bush to Jerusalem. At this time the city is formally dressed to receive it's biggest ally. Islamic extremist reactions have not taken long to appear to foment attacks against him. The peace plan does not convince either of the parts and it cedes Biblical land as part of the negotiation. A high risk trip for the president and a sign of support to Olmert. Bush's trip does not consist only on this first intention but also brings to the Middle East plans for the entire region to be discussed, Iran, Damascus, Afghanistan and contacts with allied Arabs and Egyptians. Is all this organization only to prevent attacks to Israel? Israel has not jet learned to find it's protection from the Son of God, but they will do: Zechariah 12:9 y 10.

December 2007 -  THE MIDDLE EAST PEACE CONFERENCE FAILS AGAIN. New failure in the achievement of peace in which Israel keeps ceding the land that God gave them, but the true land which they must seek as a nation is the soul of their neighbours to bring to them the Messiah Yahshua, the only way of salvation for all nations on Earth. Next year they will try again, while their enemies from Iran and Syria prepare missiles to kill them. But when they say: ...Peace and safety! then sudden destruction comes upon them... 1Thesalonians 5:3.

December 2007 -  RUSSIA BREAKS THE CONVENTIONAL ARMS TREATY WITH NATO. Because of the insisting of the US for the installation of the anti missiles shield in Poland, the Russian Duma have decided to cancel their agreement with Europe in the arms treaty. At the same time the US and Russia fight to be the one bringing peace to the Middle East, to win for themselves the peace medal in Jerusalem. The battle for the holy city is still on until they all obey the Messiah.

December 2007 -  BANGLADESH, MORE THAN 2000 DEAD BY CYCLONE SIDR. The last prophetic Bible times announce climatic catastrophes, and as always those areas that man leaves with no infrastructure nor resources, where the most poor live, are the affected, because these things don't occur in modern cities under these kind of climatic phenomenon. Once more human solidarity stands out.

November 2007 - DAMASCUS, HAMMAS ORGANIZES ANTI NEGOTIATIONS WITH ISRAEL CONFERENCE, TO COINCIDE WITH THE DATE OF THE UNITED STATES MIDDLE EAST PEACE CONFERENCE. Damascus comes close to its prophetic time ...Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, and it will be a ruinous heap... Isaiah 17:1 becoming Israel's enemies capital, where all the plans of it's destruction are thought and the control of the region under the nuclear threat against Israel.

November 2007 - USA LOOSES WORLD LEADERSHIP AS IT BENDS THE KNEE BEFORE IDOLATER BUDDIST LEADER DALAI LAMA WHEN GRANTING HIM WITH THE GOLD MEDAL. EE.UU. In his political strategy, Bush has not measured the consequences that will make the US it's hegemony of power, but of course, this is part of God's prophetical plan of the end of times, where allies of Israel will leave them. It was impressive to see how the same day the leadership went to Russia, Iran and China who prepare the battle of Armageddon against Israel, which in it's blindness has initiated it's alliances with Russia. The same day these governments were building defence alliances of the Iranian nuclear plan. China and Russia rejected backing sanctions against Iran nuclear plan.

October 2007 - IRAN. FRANCE READY FOR WAR TO STOP IRAN FROM HAVING THE ATOMIC BOMB. According to Couchner, France's foreign minister, Iran must not carry on enriching uranium because they all know that their plans are the regional control through the threat and against Israel...

October 2007 - 122 MILLION INDEMNITY FOR SEXUAL ABUSE OF CATHOLIC PRIESTS IS THE OBLIGATORY CELIBATE, A MAN MADE COMMANDMENT, NOT OF THE BIBLE. United States faces another scandal from it's catholic dioceses, under the denounce of victims of sexual abuse in the XX century. Levite priest had wife and children, the Apostles and future Christians would follow the Lord's teaching in the Bible, to be bishops that would rule well their homes to be able to pastor the churches of the Lord. Fulfilled prophecy is: ...Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron, forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth. 1Timothy 4:3. Repent...

Septiembre 2007 - CHIPS RFID PARA LOCALIZACIÓN DE MINEROS EN CHINA. Según la agencia EFE de noticias el "Shanghai Dailhy" periódico oficial informó del uso de sistemas RFID para la localización de mineros, lo cual salvará cientos de vidas a año. Ya se está implantado como sustituto del código de barras por su facilidad de lectura a través de ondas magnéticas sin necesidad de ver el objeto, y a larga distancia. Lo que muchos están identificando ya como la marca de la bestia de Apocalipsis 13:18.

Septiembre 2007 - GRECIA EN LLAMAS. Devastadores incendios inflamados por grandes vientos, Euroclidon, nombre que dio origen al continente Europa, tanto en cultura como en implantación de sus dioses. El Señor envió allí las primeras iglesias con Pablo, pero ¿que ha sido hoy del origen de la iglesia del Señor que surgió en el primer siglo? Nuestras oraciones por un país tan emblemático y por nuestros hermanos que allí viven para que insten a sus vecinos a creer en el Señor que les libre de estas catástrofes, porque como dice la Escritura: ¿Habrá algún mal en la ciudad, el cual Yahweh no haya hecho? Amós 3:6.

Septiembre 2007 - LA CIENCIA DEL HOMBRE HA DE REHACERSE OTRA VEZ. EL CEREBRO HUMANO NO SOLO FUNCIONA POR LAS NEURONAS. Un nuevo descubrimiento de científicos europeos ha cambiado la visión que teníamos hasta ahora de las neurociencias. El descubrimiento de la implicación de otras células llamadas gliales son de tres clases, lo cual añadido a las neuronas, principales motoras del pensamiento y las funciones eléctricas del cerebro, tenemos cuatro componentes que intervienen en la función cerebral y mental. Lo más llamativo además de este descubrimiento es que los gliales son parte esencial del sistema nervioso central, lo que implica que en todo el cuerpo hay células que aprenden. Pueden ampliar la noticia en sciencemag.org

Septiembre 2007 - PERÚ. TERREMOTO DE 7,9 ESCALA RICHTER, 500 MUERTOS Y 85.000 AFECTADOS.  La ONG Cristiana Remar ha organizado con las iglesias de Perú el envío desde todo el mundo de ayuda a esta situación devastadora. Oramos por los afectados y por todos los hermanos que conocemos allá. Dios les bendiga y saque adelante en sus vidas.

Septiembre 2007 - LA CIENCIA DEL HOMBRE VUELVE A ERRAR. LA MASA OSCURA NO ES LO QUE NOS HAN DICHO HASTA AHORA. El Satélite Chandra de la NASA en una prueba realizada para establecer la ubicación y composición de la materia oscura ha encontrado zonas del universo donde no hay galaxias pero si materia oscura, en contra de lo que hasta ahora nos han enseñado los científicos. De nuevo hay que replantearse todo el concepto universal, ya que esto implica que el universo pueda contraerse o expandirse, tema que deben ahora volver a estudiar.

Septiembre 2007 - ASIA INUNDACIONES 35 MILLONES DE AFECTADOS, 350 MUERTOS. Malaria, disentería, encefalitis, y otras enfermedades son la tónica general de una situación devastadora que mezcla inundación y altas temperaturas. Un total de 10 millones de personas han perdido sus hogares. El cambio climático?, castiga Dios a las naciones idólatras como la Hindú que dan culto a la naturaleza a través del panteísmo; o a la otra parte Islámica que no acepta al Mesías Yahshua para la humanidad?

August 2007 - JAPAN. BABIES READY INSIDE A CHIP TO BE IMPLANTED. AT THE SAME TIME AN EARTHQUAKE 6.8 DEGREES RICHTER HITS THE COUNTRY LEAVING SEVERAL DEAD AND OVER 500 CASUALTIES. Japanese Doctor Teruo Fujii from Tokyo University has developed a computerized conception system that acts like an artificial uterus, and acts in the commencement of the development of the baby who is implanted in the mother, activated in the chip platform, where fertilization takes place. The human act it is no longer necessary as in the in-vitro.

August 2007 - JAPAN. 6,8 RICHTER EARTHQUAKE, SEVERAL DEAD AND 500 CASUALTIES. Mid July an earthquake took place, that caused considerable damage as to kill several people and multitude of injured; the area seams to be more affected lately by seismic activity. This news occurs as the microchip inside prepared babies for implantation is announced.

August 2007 - BRITISH FIGHTERS TAKE OFF TO MEET OTHER RUSSIAN'S. The British Russian crisis has raised, after the negative to cooperate in the case of the spy's. An excuse or is it really the bad feelings after the American anti missile shield and the Soviet right to protest? Whether one thing or another, the reality is that smaller questions have initiated WORLD WARS. We are talking about two powers from the so called GROUP OF THE 5 IN THE UN.

July 2007 - BLAIR ON THREE BANDS. MEDIATOR IN THE MIDDLE EAST, EUROPEAN PRESIDENT AND PAPAL BLESSING. FLOODING AND FRUSTRATED TERRORIST ATTACKS DEPART HIM. According to the Vatican, the European constitution must mention the Christian bases of the new Europe. Also doors have opened for the reunification of the UK church under the Pope, and at the same time letters of reconciliation have been sent to the Orthodox Church. With Blear, those doors are open if he accepts. The U.K. returned the land to Israel, will it also bring the peace? Maybe a new empire is raising under the Pope and whit which alliance, the expected leader would come out, who would deceit all, who prophets announce in our times. On his side, Gordon Brow, his substitute, is a son of a protestant Presbyterian pastor, and has promised to work for a moral government.

July 2007 - BOSTON SCIENTISTS OBTAINED NON EMBRYO MOTHER CELLS . After year of investigation, Boston Scientists guided by Kathrin Plath, have managed to obtain mother cells genetically identical without using embryos, which avoids having to enter in the moral field opening the door to advances in sickness healing. When there is will and one obeys God, there is always reward. But man, as always in his impatience, does not take God into account and sins against Him. Until now a small group of scientists did not care  to use human embryos, like they don't care about abortions, nor euthanasia, etc... Thou shall not kill... Their scientific ego is for them an idol who they adore. Thanks to Kathrin and her team, God bless them and prosper you in your work more that the others.

June 2007 - RUSSIA & THE US AGREE TO COOPERATE IN THE ANTIMISSILE SHIELD. The ghost of the cold war has been in the G8 assembly, with the confrontation between Bush & Putin about the convenience of the antimissile shield for the European protection against the Iranian threat. Putin took it as an insult which placed Russia in an European enemy position, as the location would be in the frontier between Russian and Europe. Azerbaijan, ex Soviet where Russia has lost power, was the proposal for the new location. There is a additional advantage for Europe which is the protection of the Iberia peninsula, that was unprotected before. The situation is not agreed. If relations tens, fed by the Iranian regime, the world could suffer a new cold war.

June 2007 - ELDER RABBI INVITES JEWS TO STEP THE TEMPLE MOUNT, THE MOSQUE'S SQUARE. Acording to the Israeli press, the elder rabbi Zafania Drori, has reached the conclusion that Jews can walk on Temple Mount if they are purified inside the Halakja, the traditional Jew law, which establishes that for fear to step on the enclave of the Santa Sanctorum, a Jew must not step on sacred place, now there is agreement between the community and those that according to the mentioned law are purified in water and other fulfilments may step the place freely, something that did not happen since the six day war, 40 years earlier. The Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ already warned that there would be no stone remaining in the place because God seeks the inner temple of the soul, that He saves through his work on the Cross.

May 2007 -  CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION IN THE WORLD. THREE MORE CHRISTIANS ARE KILLED BY RADICAL MUSLIMS IN TURKEY. While in democratic countries we have thousand mosques, in the Islamic countries Christians are persecuted. The wife of one of the murdered travels to the city of death of her husband to forgive the murderers, as a Christian. While in Turkey and Iran our lives are in danger if we preach the Bible, in the western countries the Koran is preached openly. However although this is not reciprocally just, what this shows is that Islamic countries are going more radical in their hate to the Judeo Christian world, but they are only one of the factions of the anti-Christ, they will all unite against Christianity and against Israel as prophecies say, and it will go from bad to worse, until the arrival of the Messiah Yahshua in His kingdom, then they will lament. Revelation 19:20. Pray for the widows and orphans, and for all the brothers that suffer persecution for preaching the Gospel. In Turkey there are thousands of Christians that convert from Islam.

May 2007 - DAMASCUS IS PREPARING AN ATTACK TO THE GOLAN HEIGHTS. According to the Israeli press, was could be imminent against the Syrian regime. Military manoeuvres are taking place in a demonstration of power of both armies, but the danger is not in the battle field but if the attack reaches the level of Scud D long reach missiles which are more than enough to attack any Israeli city, which would lead to a large scale attack that would conclude with the prophesised destruction of Damascus in Isaiah 17. Our prayers are raised to the Father that he may open the hearts for the Lord Jesus Yahshua.

March 2007 - Apophis threatens the Earth with an impact by 2036. The UN will create a department of defence anti asteroid impacts. This time seams that the scientific community has convinced the governments before the seriousness of the nearing of this meteorite, which as announced in 2004 of which's orbit has been confirmed with a high probability of impacting on Earth, the moon, satellites etc. Its size is more than 300mts and its consequences could devastate life on Earth. The first date for a possible collision would be 2029. NASA is studying how to divert it. Films like Deep Impact or Armageddon, already advanced us this panorama. The book of Revelation in the Bible has more details.

March 2007 - CHINA 300.000 new Christians. The country of greater growth in the Gospel, not in vane has the greatest population on Earth, but the hanger for the Messiah that this nation has is admirable. Missionaries, as it was in his time Watchman Nee, and the economic prosperity together with the partial opening of this government regime, its making the evangelization of the Holy Spirit work possible. The work of the Apostles has not cessed since the Lord came. Glory to Him and welcome the new brethren to the people of the Lord, Who will come soon in His kingdom from Zion.

March 2007 Hitachi creates a Nano-chip of identification by radio frequency. This is a Nano-technology system with some minute chips for identification that look like dust spots but are robotic, that store large information and sell to identify, not only people for access to places, but also products for its commercializing, distribution and location, all this through radio frequency. The mark of the beast? Revelation 13:16, read more in the manufactor's web http://www.hitachi.com search RFID.

February 2007 - NEW SECRETARY GENERAL BELONGS TO MOON SECT. The second of January was elected Ban-Ki-Moon as the new SG of the UN. Commentaries of journalists relate the last north-Korean missile launching to influence over voting, being Moon south-Korean. The sect Moon, name of his leader who preaches to be messiah, battles for the control of the UN to convert it in a religious system, establish Korean as a leader language and proclaim Korea as the centre of the world. Another sect of false prophets and messiahs announced by the Bible, because, even as they say the follow Jesus Christ, they mix the Bible and buddism and a list of anti Christian blasphemies. Read more in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unification_Church

February 2007 - CHINA DESTROYS SATELLITE WITH BALLISTIC MISSILE. CHINA SPACE POWER. From the aerospace centre Xichang a ballistic missile was launched which destroyed an old satellite provoking the protest of the international community, not only for provoking and what that means, but for not taking into account the fragments which are a danger for operative satellite of all countries. Chine says they are studding a defence system against enemy satellites and that also they have a new generation of Nano satellites to create their own GPS system for military control, defence, and civil service. A reminder that China has its own space centre which is very relevant because that converts them in a power in all senses. The prophecy about the dragon in Revelation, links with the ones of the beast and the false prophet. These three go by the hand as we can all see, the Chinese dragon, the laic and anti-moral beast of the western governments and the false prophet of the radical Islam. All the puzzle of Revelation is being complete before us.

February 2007 - CLIMATIC CHANGE.  As the climate disasters carry on to happening faster than expected; as clear as the just suffered storm in Europe during the month of January with dozens of deaths, the groups of the international community announce terrible consequences that will have, with human displacements, geographic changes of islands, etc, drastic changes in temperatures, melting of the poles, and a long list of killing effects for the planet. However the cause seams to be, not only in fifty years of oil abuse by the hand of man, but according to scientists is part of the development of the planet and its irreversible. This one seams to be a useless battle which again is included in the prophecies for the last days. Lastly a reminder about the famous "repent" of John for those who have not received Yahshua, Jesus Christ as savour before His imminent come. Read Matthew 24 y 2Peter 3 o el 6th seal of Revelation 6:12.

February 2007 - NUCLEAR WAR THREAT BETWEEN IRAN AND ISRAEL. Russia just sold 29 antiaircraft systems for protection of the new nuclear installations before the threat of auto-defense of Israel who has announced that they will attack Iran, according to the Sunday Times, as a reply to the Iranian prime minister of destroying Israel. Suspicions of Israeli intelligence must take this attack as possible by the anti-Israeli coalition of socialist, communist and Islamic countries, like Russia, Syria or Iran, who cooperate in a nuclear system capable of destroying Israel. Lets pray for the peace of Jerusalem as the Lord asks us to do in the Bible.

January 2007 - URBANA.ORG ASSEMBLES THOUSANDS OF YOUNG ONES IN A WORLD WIDE  EVANGELISTIC UNIVERSITY PROJECT.  World wide, with pastors in all countries have assembled through this Christian Organization, for preaching to all youth who graduate in universities of all the planet in their multy cultural. Includes seminaries for preaching and preparation for them who will be the ones ruling the future world. God bless them. We pray for them.

January 2007 - WORLD FISH RESOURCES WILL END BY  2048 ACCORDING TO THE  CANADIAN UNIVERSITY Dalhousie; SCIENCE MAGAZINE . A group of scientists from 14 countries, and amongst them the biologist Boris Worm from the University of Dalhousie, Canada, have certify that by 2050 our children will know a planet with no fish. If nations don't unite in a common project, at the rhythm we consume fish, it will disappear by then. The consequences it would provoke would go beyond nutrition, as it affects the ecosystem and affects worlds biology in its environment equilibrium. Another sign of the end of times.

January 2007 - EUROPE RETURNS TO ATOMIC ENERGY. THE WHOLE WORLD RETHINKS ATOMIC ENERGY. IRAN IS NOW UPFRONT. WILL THIS BE AN EXCUSE TO CONFRONT AN ISLAMIC NUCLEAR WEAPONS WORLD?. After Iran's announcement of their 3000 plants are ready to start functioning, "what a coincidence" the European Union just started to present warranties from ecology groups which all of a sudden don't see nuclear energy such a threaten for the environment as they did before compared with other energy resources. In deed we are over using our resources, but don't you see it suspicious that suddenly we return to the nuclear era. Finland has almost finished which would be the first atomic plant in the last 10 years, in an island of their jurisdiction. Could this be the preparation for an atomic confrontation in all the planet?

December 2006 - ISRAEL RECEIVES A BLOW FROM UN'S SECURITY COUNCIL. The latest resolution, even if it is not of legal nature, reflects the opinion which the majority of countries have on Israel's land. As months go by, we can see how Israel 's allies decrease. The UN claims that Israel should withdraw from all the territories conquered during the six day war. Armageddon is closer each time for the Jewish people, the time is near when the will surrender to Yahshua the Messiah. On the other hand, Solana is concerned because he cannot achieve the Palestinian peace treaty.

December 2006 - FRANCE AND USA AGREE ON THE USELESSNESS OF NEGOTIATING WITH SYRIA. The situation is becoming more strained each time and it is no longer a secret the fact that Damascus is involved in the instability in Irak and the rest of the region. The Iranian leader says that he wants to negotiate in order to achieve an Islamic domain over the whole area with a large alliance. All this happens whilst he is also announcing the disappearance of the state of Israel. Iran 's parliament has proposed bringing elections one and a half years forward in order to have them simultaneously with the parliament's ones, but what this is really trying to cover up is that they will coincide with elections in the US and other relevant countries. Major changes in world stability are about to happen.

December 2006 - LEBANON SUFFERS POLITICAL ATTACK FROM HEZBOLLAH TO CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT. Hezbollah and their support from Damascus, Syria, in an attempt to overthrow the actual government and after the murder of Pierre Gamayel (Industry Minister) which has caused serious instability in the whole region, and whilst an international committee is accepted to investigate the killing of former Prime Minister Hariri, have chosen to have crowds camping on the streets blocking Beirut. All this manoeuvre is caused by a their wanting to have Islamic control over the whole region, since Lebanon is still 40% Christian.

December 2006 - H5N1 BIRD FLU NEEDS URGENT INVESTMENT OF 1,400 MILLION EUROS, ACCORDING TO UN. Matthew 24:7. After the increase of thousand of birds infected in the Korean region, UN warns about the urgent need to attack this threat which could become present world's worst nightmare. As usual, man will not worry about it until it is too late. This, together with Aids, is another one of Egypt=Matrix=society's plagues.

December 2006 - 25 YEARS WITH AIDS, A PLAGUE FOR HUMANITY. Just like famine, which is far from being eradicated, it is now 25 years since Aids became known. Thousands of people are infected every day, proving that the efforts have only managed to slow its growth. We are confronted by another one of Revelation's plagues for the last days.

December 2006 - FIRST SECURITY CHIPS IN HUNGARY AIRPORT PASSENGERS. The 666 mark is closer every day, and will finally take over because security is essential for society, and there is no other way to control every passenger who could be potential terrorists. The same way as it is done with prisoners on probation and with children to avoid their kidnapping. It is all controlled by satellite. Banking and tax systems will soon join in and if course so will the health system so that an individual's full story is loaded in one single chip. Our pets have had the chip incorporated years ago…

December 2006 - NANO ROBOTS INSIDE THE BRAIN BY 2020 AND CONQUERING SPACE. "The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology" is the work of inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil who is working on adapting nano robots to insert them in the blood flow and which, lodged in the brain, will increase memory capacity and may be used for other purposes. Surely they will also be useful to control every individual, once they are 'equipped' with this technology. We are one step away from the bionic man. Stephen Hawking also suggests that we start using the knowledge we have to conquer other planets before humanity becomes extinct, either by plagues, nuclear war or meteor impacts. Nobody seems to remember Apostle Peter's second letter: "…But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare. Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat.

December 2006 - A TYPHOON CAUSES 800 DEATHS IN PHILIPPINES.  The Red Cross has just announced it, Philippine's government expects about 1000 casualties. It is clear that climate catastrophes are increasing. World politics is already moving according to climate planning, but are we still on time or is it too late?. The latest news about major changes has been a polar cap, the same size as France, which is about to come loose and which will increase sea levels over 10 metres. Do not worry, the kingdom of God has a solution for each catastrophe. Christ is coming soon.

November 2006 - IRAN ANNOUNCES THE NEXT STAGE OF THEIR NUCLEAR PROGRAMME. AHMADINEJAD THREATENS AGAIN TO DESTROY ISRAEL. Why would Russia fail to support UN sanctions against Iran?. If we go back to Abraham and see the constant fights since childhood of Ismael against Isaac, whose son would be named Israel, we will be able to understand further the battle which still goes on today, as it is the case with Iran and Israel. Russia, in turn, has found the Islamic regime to be an excellent client for their nuclear war material and at the same time the scale with the US tilts in their favour. Iranian leaders do not reveal the purpose of all these weapons and boost about them before extremist multitude who hate Israel and the western world. They have just announced the second stage, the completion of over 150 gas centrifuges needed for uranium enrichment. We will follow this programme’s evolution which, so far, and although it goes against UN’s resolutions, does not imply any sanctions for the Persian government.

November - 2006 ISRAEL BREACHES UN'S 1701 RESOLUTION. FIGHTER PLANES FLY LOW OVER LEBANON AND BREAK SOUND BARRIER. United Nations will reply with its military forces?. UN's usual tepidness in international interventions, the situation previous to the change of the organization's Secretary General and their increasing lack of authority together with NATO's always force countries to solve their own conflicts. Israel justifies their raids in Lebanese territory by the need to prevent Hamas' rearmament which, according to Tel Aviv's government, is not supervised by UN's troops. This situation may cause violent confrontations between UN and Israeli troops, and US will surely support Israel whilst North-American government remains the same. Let us pray for peace in Jerusalem as the Bible asks us to do. But, who will prevent prophecies from being fulfilled? Read Revelation 16:14, 15 and 16.

November - 2006 H5N1 NEW STRAIN OF BIRD FLU VIRUS HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED AND IS INFECTING HUMANS. According to scientists in Southern China, this strain has adapted to circumstances and has not been affected by health measures taken. It has already infected an unknown number of people, in spite of having animals vaccinated last year. Matthew 24:7. H5N1 BIRD FLU AND THE 1918 PANDEMIC. Science magazine has published the results of years of investigation on the causes and consequences of that influenza which killed over 40 million people worldwide in one single year. It has been identified that this virus attacks the same way and mutates mixing with common flu.

October 2006 - EARTH HAS REACHED A TEMPERATURE OF 1 DEGREE BELOW EXPECTED CLIMATE CHANGE. Nasa scientists have announced that we are reaching a climate state similar to that of 3 million years ago, in the Pliocene era, when the sea level was approximately 25 metres higher than the actual one. Our planet’s temperature has raised constantly over the last 30 years about 0.2 degrees Celsius until 2005. Today’s measurements will surely show a higher increase for the past year. Is it too late for man to react? Technology is available to help, but as usual there is a major force which stops mankind from doing the correct thing: the financial profit of corporations, who in due time will have no clients left to sell their products to because they will have extinguished. 2 Peter. 3:10…

October 2006 - CIVIL WAR IN PALESTINE. Judging by the confrontation between Al Fatah and Hamas, where they are killing each other to gain control over government, we could say that Palestine is undergoing a civil war. Whilst three hooded terrorists murder one of Hamas’ leaders, Condoleezza Rice will meet ANP’s leader Abas in an attempt to solve the conflict, seeing that peace is escaping their hands once again. The Messiah brings peace: “…Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you” John 14:27.

September 2006 - DAMASCUS. TERRORIST ATTACK TO US EMBASSY. The attack was foiled by security forces but still caused deaths, also amongst the terrorists. The consequences of an attack against the US Embassy could bring the beginning of the city’s destruction, as the prophecy announces. At least it has proved that it is a target for radical groups and it is in their priority actions.

September 2006 - TROOPS OF ALL NATIONS AGAINST ARMAGEDDON. UN troops, in a so-called peace intervention, have met in Lebanon, in the northern Israeli border. We are obviously talking about a joint peace operation to protect the cease fire between Israel and Hezbollah. But this situation lasts for a few months and falls under the new UN Secretary General’s term – since Kofi Annan’s term of office expires at the end of this year – the world’s army forces will be under another person’s commands. We will watch out for this change, since it is a situation which has not happened before and could affect Israel’s defence strategy. This circumstance, at fist glance, does not attract major interest, but when the prophetic circles relate a future world leader with the anti-Christ, this changes the situation dramatically. Watch out.

September 2006 - AL-QAEDA THREATENS THE WESTERN WORLD. Al-Qaeda urges the Western world to convert to Islam or else suffer the consequences. Is this the beginning of the final battle between this anti-Christ religion and God’s people, Christians and Messianic in the last crusade?. True Christians will not fight with weapons but with faith and prayers.

August 2006 - ISRAEL ATTACKS LEBANON. International reactions against Israel and in favour of Islamic radicals. Why?. “…And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people…though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” Zechariah 12:3. During last month, the tensions amongst leaders in the UN meetings have resulted in a direct confrontation from US and UK to demand a cease fire against Israel by a resolution, since it seems that they are the only countries who defend the right to defend from Israel. On the other hand, the disproportionate use of force has caused over 800 deaths in such a short period of time, most of them civilian victims, children and women.

July 2006 - ISRAEL LAUNCHES MISSILES AGAINST PALESTINE’S PRIME MINISTER KILLING A MEMBER OF HAMAS. After invading Gaza last month, in spite of the appeals – which were disregarded, as usual -  from the international community, who are passively watching how the Palestinian conflict intensifies, Israel continues their offensive which, if you look at it closely, will fulfil one of the prophecies on Gaza. This permissive attitude from the international community is just an example of the fact that prophecies will be fulfilled even if they seem impossible. Egypt has tried to mediate but it has not been taken into consideration by Israel. Awaiting forthcoming events, news only seem to show that the situation will get worse.

June 2006 - ISRAELI AIR FORCES BOMB GAZA.”…Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Gaza, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because they carried away captive the whole captivity, to deliver them up to Edom.” Amos 1:6. Israel has invaded Gaza after the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier by Palestine’s radical Hamas groups. Israel, USA and most of western countries accuse Damascus of being the source of all Islamic terrorist activities against Israel and in Irak, in fact the reinforcement of relationships between Iran and Syria refer us back to the Asirian empire, Israel’s old enemy. Damascus has not ceased being a city, but the Bible prophecy says that it will be “…taken away from being a city…” in Isaiah 17:1 to 3. The Armageddon valley is located between Damascus and Jerusalem where the last war will take place and that time it will be the nations against the Lord. Israel has kidnapped over 80 Palestinian leaders.

June 2006 - H5N1 HAS MUTATED IN HUMANS. FIRST BIRD FLU CASE IN AN INDONESIAN FAMILY. The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed the first case of a child who has infected eight of his relatives and almost all of them have died already. The alarm of a world pandemic is about to go off. The book of Revelation warns us in chapter 6 about the seals, especially the fourth one which refers to the death brought by the pale horse with the plagues which have been hitting humanity. In the case of bird flu, it is worrying to see that the scientific community does not have any vaccine against it. At the moment, prosperous humanity keeps thinking about how to enjoy their lives, but when we come to the time of living the events described in prophecies, how many of them will repent?

June 2006 - THE RED CROSS STOPS USING THE SYMBOL OF THE CROSS. The secular spirit of global society rises against any thing related to Christ; we are already living in an anti-Christ society. Instead of a cross, a red square standing on its corner. The square is really the base of Islam’s symbol, since their star is two overlapping squares. The origin of the Red Cross is due to its founder, who came from Switzerland and inverted the colours in his flag. Nowadays, neither Muslims, nor Jews or Hindus accept to be attended by an organization with Christian origins. The name will change to Red Crystal and inside it will be allowed to have the symbol of each religion. So, more of the same thing !

June 2006 - USA ACTIVATES THE ANTI-MISSILE SHIELD. in response to North Korea’s threat to launch a long-range missile. No doubt this is a situation which can confront nuclear powers in two different sides. A group of anti-Christian countries such as North Korea or Iran, capable of causing the start of the third and last world war, but nor Armageddon. The Bible Christian must be able to tell the difference between worldly events and prophetic ones and understand the reason why they are happening. A war between two sides is not the same as all nations against Jerusalem – which is Armageddon – however all nations will reach an agreement in the belief that they are following a common plan, but it will be when Jesus Christ comes when He will face a secular and anti-Christ world which we will see growing in all aspects of culture and global society.

May 2006 - 6.2 DEGREE EARTHQUAKE ON MAY 27TH IN INDONESIA CAUSES OVER 6,000 DEATHS. Over 24,000 injured and hundreds if houses destroyed. No doubt the planet will reach a major seismic situation, as the increasing progression shows over the years. The information provided by seismic study centres worldwide detect an increasing activity not only in terms of frequency but also magnitude. The Earth, just like our body, has an expiry date, it is growing old, and we, inhabitants, do nothing but contribute towards its deterioration. Bible’s prophecies are being fulfilled: …and there shall be earthquakes, in divers places. Matthew 24.

April 2006 - USA WARNS IRAN IN THE EVENT OF AN AERIAL NUCLEAR ATTACK. ARE WE STILL FACING ARMAGEDDON? Bush’s Administration has released a statement where they invite Iran’s prime minister to cease their uranium enrichment programme, fearing a nuclear attack against Israel, after the serious statements about the elimination of the Jews. Iran has just informed about the amount of material they already have in stock, they have also performed missile tests – the fastest in the world. In view of these statements and their announcement of alliances with other countries within the so-called Axis if Evil Countries, USA warns about a possible aerial invasion with a nuclear attack, mainly to destroy Iran’s nuclear plant. Other news is the decision reached by the European Union to withdraw the support to Palestine after Hamas’ recent victory.

February 2006 - ARE WE IN THE PRELUDE TO ARMAGEDDON? As we are living Hamas’  absolute majority victory in the Israeli border, when we see that their leader are still being accommodated by Damascus, a city which is pending fulfilment of a Bible’s prophecy related to its destruction - read the first chapter of prophet Amos’ book, which will surprise you, or Jeremiah 49:23, even the similarity of the names which appear is in the text is astonishing comparing them to the ones who are or have been involved. It mentions Hamat and Arfat, or Isaiah 17:1. If we also add Iran’s growing nuclear crisis which is leading to almost ceasing their relationship with the UN who want to send inspectors, the support they are receiving from Russia and North Korea, Irak’s instability, the increase of troops in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda’s terrorist threats to the Western world. Armageddon or Megiddo’s Valley is located in northern Israel, on the way to Damascus. Revelation 16:16.

January 2006 - ARIEL SHARON AND THE MIDDLE EAST SITUATION.Today Israel is facing an unprecedented situation. There has never been such instability in the whole history of Israel. Iran is threatening with their nuclear plan. Irak is an unstable powder magazine. Syria carries on with their diplomatic war against UN. Israel has their prime minister in coma. Palestine is in elections and radical splinter groups such as Hamas or Al-Fatah are candidates.

Ariel Sharon leaves the country’s politics in a difficult situation for his successor, if he does not recover. After the construction of the boundary wall with Palestine, the visit to the temple’s mountain and withdrawal from Gaza, President Sharon leaves politics just when his new party Kadima has been presented, after his exit from Likud for the new elections in the spring of this new year, having attracted the former labour leader Simon Peres. The declarations about the curse he has suffered for withdrawing part of his people out of territories which were given to them by God have also added further uncertainty about the way he governs Israel. The truth is that these days most of the Israelis recognize that he was the strongest leader they had to be in the Presidency. We are indeed facing a scenario of political uncertainty, but the clock of God’s prophecies is clear. Will we see over the following months the prelude for a new change in the area?

December 2005 - THE UN HAS JUST RECEIVED EVIDENCE OF SYRIA’S INVOLVEMENT IN HARIRI’S MURDER. Damascus’ involvement in the Palestinian border conflict seems an open secret. Although these documents – now official – of their involvement may or may not be final, they do reinforce the Israel-allied countries, the USA, to have Syria against the wall accusing the, of collaborating with Irak and of being the door to rebellion against Irak, as well as being a hide-out for terrorists and obliged route for those of Turkish origins. This is another piece of this puzzle which this month seems to be accelerating, maybe as a prelude for what we will have to live next year.

December 2005 - IRAN WANTS ISRAEL TO DISAPPEAR OR TO BECOME PART OF EUROPE. The recently elected Iran Prime Minister seems to be ready to start a battle against Israel. This battle will go beyond words. Several international organizations have already made public statements to try and stop Iran, a long-standing enemy of Israel, to complete their nuclear energy plan. After re-opening the uranium enrichment facility, some media say that it is Russia who is selling them the technology to equip the land missiles with nuclear heads to attack Israel. This year 2005, which is about to end, has been a ramp-up to prepare the scenario for the great Armageddon battle. Together with Syria, the door to rebellion against Irak in the north, Iran and the other countries surrounding Israel, all Islamic, the situation is similar to a powder magazine about to explode. Sharon has already instructed the army to get ready for an unprecedented attack in March 2006, according to Jewish e-paper Haareth.com. Revelation 16:12 to 16 clearly reflects this prelude to the prophecy which is about to be fulfilled. Israel has already asked for urgent help from USA, the eternal ally and from Europe. However, the question is what will happen when the US government changes political sides in the forthcoming elections and the Bush administration no longer rules the country and they no longer have the commitment to defend them and the new President – man or woman – has a different ideology, non-Christian and not pro-Israel, or due to internal affairs which may require their full attention. We know that the Lord’s Israel is the one formed by all those who love God and have received His Lord the Messiah Yahshua as their universal saviour, and Israel is still has a majority against Yahshua. The prophecy says that the Lord Himself will come and save them, but it also says that He will pour His Spirit over all flesh and will save Israel, also the literal one, once their hearts change. See MESSIANIC.

December 2005 - ISRAEL CHANGES GOVERNMENT IN PROPHETIC TIMES. Prime Minister Sharon’s last statement prior to leaving Likud and creating a new political force did not seem to make any sense at all, but it is really the only alternative left to try reach peace with Palestine, since his ultra-orthodox partners would not agree. The new government of Sharon’s new party counts with former Labour leader Shimon Peres, which seems to be the political trend of the rest of leading governments and, apparently, the one which his strongest ally-USA-will also follow. American media are already announcing a presidency campaign headed by Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice. All the pieces of this puzzle are slowly fitting in. But remember that “…For when they say, peace and safety! The sudden destruction comes upon them…” (1 Thessalonians 5:3). This sudden destruction could well refer to Islamic strategies against Israel.

November 2005 - DAMASCUS REJECTS U.N. REPORT WHICH ACCUSES THEM OF BEING INVOLVED IN RAFIK HARIRI’S KILLING AND OF ANOTHER 20 INDIVIDUALS. We are still expecting to see fulfilment of the Bible’s Prophecy on Damascus in Isaiah 17:1, and we know that all Bible’s prophecies will be fulfilled, as we can see throughout history. Besides, Syria has been a historical enemy to Israel. Damascus an ally of all radical Arab countries and is strategically located – bordering Turkey, Irak, Jordan and also Israel. All those nations loathe Israel and have openly announced it, like in the recent demonstration in Iran where their Prime Minister participated supporting those statements.

October 2005 -  7,6 DEGREE IN RICHTER SCALE EARTHQUAKE IN PAKISTAN, INDIA AND AFGANISTAN KILLS MORE THAN 18.000. The planet doesn't stop moving and earthquakes are increasing their degree as years go by. All these news are bringing reality closer to the fulfilment of Jesus' prophecy. Visit NGO's websites and collaborate, we provide a link page with some of them in DONATIONS. Your daily prayer for those who suffer is most needed.

October 2005 - HURRICANE STAN KILLS 1400 IN GUATEMALA. Areas close to the gulf of Mexico are continuosly being hit by natural disasters that could be a weapon of mass destruction or the effect of global warming and are devastating this area of the planet. Visit NGO's websites and collaborate, we provide a link page with some of them in DONATIONS. Your daily prayer for those who suffer is most needed.

October 2005  - BIRD FLU 2005 - 2006 COULD KILL AS FAR AS 150 MILLION. We are no longer surprised with announcement of these plagues; it seems as if we were immune, specially when spokesman of the UN announces and later denies. However mankind is threatened by nature and daily we are being warned  of the consecuences of our negative management of the planet. This reminds of the plagues of Egipt announced by Moses. Will man take this seriously and act? we are afraid not. Burocracy and lack of interest, which are the fruit of human foolishness, will reign again.

September 2005 - GEOPHYSICAL WEAPONS COULD HAVE CAUSED HURRICANES RITA AND KATRINA. Soviet era was a time of making weapons of mass destruction of different types. One of them was the development of geophysical weapons to create hurricanes and thunder storms to provoke natural disasters that would not be blamed on anyone. The case is that all those weapons, according to international press, were sold to the highest bidder. Nowadays investigations are centered in it. This could be a different kind of third world war from the hand of the enemies of the western civilization, in which the weapons are viruses, plagues, natural disasters and all of them apparently without man's intervention.

August 2005 - ISRAEL CASTS AWAY GAZA DELIVERING IT TO PALESTINE. The prophecy over Gaza in Zephaniah 2:4 says that it would be forsaken. Gaza is the limits of the Canaanites' land that God gave Israel when He took them out of Egypt. Therefore Gaza is not part of the land of the twelve tribes although it was conquered by several Israely kings and others from Egypt or from its original people the Philistines. City where Samson was made prisoner and died after taking his eyes out and laugh at him, which symbolizing that in this land they would not be prosperous. Finally the prophecy over Gaza has been fulfilled and has been cast away by Israel. The question is: Why has Israel cast Gaza away? Now they will concentrate in the re-construction of their temple in Jerusalem.

July 2005 - TERRORIST ATTACK IN SHARM EL SHEIKH. AL-QAEDA KILLED MORE THAN 80 AND LEFT 120 WOUNDED. Sharm el Sheikh has been hit once more by radical Islamic terrorists. Al Queda continues its terrorist campaign against the Western civilization and its allies. This new war isn't against other nations, but inside them. Will the international community know how to react? Maybe it's to late; they are integrated in western society and implemented inside a system that isn't ready to defend itself from this type of violence; London has instructed police to shoot to kill. God has warned man over the years to obey His commandments and man keeps ignoring Him. All these enemies and others may rise and destroy this human project of a civilization without God. It's time to repent and seek God to obey Him and He will bring His kingdom. Jesus said: ..."Or those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them, do you think that they were worse sinners than all other men who dwelt in Jerusalem? "I tell you, no ; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish." ...Luke 13:4&5.

July 2005 - TERRORIST ATTACK IN LONDON. AL-QAEDA KILLED MORE THAN 50 AND LEFT 700 WOUNDED COINCIDING WITH THE G-8 MEETING. Three bombs in London tube and one in a bus spread terror in London City. Again Al-Qaeda linked groups clamed the attack making other cities go under alert like Warsaw and Rome for their implication in the Iraqi war. ...And you will hear of wars, and rumors of wars...but the end is not yet...and there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places...and this Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations, and then the end will come...Matthew 24. Brothers, all this is already happening, we are in front of a new war against principalities and powers of the dark, and the enemy is inside, in house. Our prayers for the victims' families, but tomorrow, preach to your neighbors in case something similar happens to them, so they do not fear death, but live in the faith of the resurrection of Yahshua the Messiah, Jesus Christ, and in theirs. Thousands of Jews and Arabs are receiving Christ. Amen.

July 2005 - GENOCIDE IN EUROPE, TENTH ANNIVERSARY IN SREBRENICA, 8.000 MEN KILLED. Muslim men killed by the Serbian-Bosnian army. Human madness as the result of any war. Although it is a commandment of God and of Christ to preach the Gospel to Muslims the same as to all nations so they may receive the Messiah of humanity, it may not be imposed, nor the use of murder. The Lord of any man gave the example of behavior while on Earth. Everyone's death is in the hands of God, the giver of life. We ask for prayers in the name of Christ Jesus for all the affected families of the victims. Remember, it only happened ten years ago.

June 2005 - EUROPE IN DEEP CRISIS. European leaders' meeting to agree the cohesion fund's estimate for next period 2007-2013 has failed, and several of the countries claim a return to their national currencies. The 10 new countries or kings according to the prophecy they seem to have obtained their kingdom, in other words, their membership in Europe only for one hour, symbol of a year. For the time being they have been left

without financial aid, even though they accepted to reduce their percentages.

June 2005 - THE G8 CANCELS THE DEBT OF SOME OF THE POOR COUNTRIES. Finally the G8, being promoted by the USA and UK, have condoned the historic debt of 18 of the 60 countries considered under extreme poverty. The NGOs, but specially Africa have celebrated. Soon if other countries go under "political stability" will be condoned also.

June 2005 - VOLCANO COLIMA IN MÉXICO, CRACK IN THE MIDDLE IS OPEN RISING THE RISK OF EXPLOSION.  According to experts who study it, after a large crack in the middle caused by incandescent lava, they hope to alert for evacuation several hours before. No casualties are expected, but it is another one in the increasing activity over the past months on Earth.

June 2005 - ASTEROID 2004MN4. NASA WILL SEND A BOMB TO CHANGE DIRECTION. NASA will use Deep Impact, sound, to change direction of an asteroid called 2004MN4 the 4th of July 2005, independence day in the US, to change direction to Earth, or to start testing against threats of this type that we are not informed for obvious reasons, like other comets expected for 2006, 2012 and 2029 according to governmental sources that I managed to investigate through Internet.

June 2005 - GENETIC INHERITANCE.  PURDUE UNIVERSITY HAS ANNOUNCED THE DISCOVERY OF PLANTS NOT FOLLOWING MENDEL LAWS, AND REPAIR THEIR OWN DNA. Once this study published on 30th of March 2005, is confirmed by scientists' association it will be a sound discovery. The hopes arises, as humans, they say, also keep a copy of the original and perfect DNA to repair defects and mutations. In the medical side it could be the way to stimulate the own repairs by the individual. In the literal Biblical vision, it means a confirmation to: ...the soul that sins, shall die..., and ...the curse transmitted to the third and the forth generations... Before the evolution theory, it may mean a new investigation era.

May 2005 - IRAN. NUCLEAR PLANTS ARE BEING PREPARED WITH RUSSIAN HELP. After the last denounce of the international community, Iran will not renounce to the production of nuclear energy to provide electricity to the country. The well known anti-Israeli and anti-American feelings of this Islamic republic, create doubts to their intentions. Russia takes advantage by selling its obsolete material and to "compensate" the balance on their side in the world power control. The UN has warned Iran of their financial embargo.

May 2005 - NORTH KOREA. NUCLEAR DEMONSTRATION AND THREATENING THE US.  The North Korean regime has showed their nuclear cards in the world power game. They have developed several maneuvers in the ocean and have said that the US shall not spy them as they are ready to begin an attack.

May 2005 - INDONESIA AGAIN UNDER THE WRATH OF NATURE. Talang volcano has entered eruption provoking panic, and 26.000 have been evacuated in this new era of volcanic activity around the planet. Expert investigators and scientists aware of the imminent eruption of several volcanoes that were "asleep" until now.

April 2005 - AL-QAEDA TRIES TO OBTAIN NUCLEAR WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. The director of the International Agency of Atomic Energy (IAAE), Mohamed El Baradei, radical Islamic groups have been trying to obtain these type of weapons, but if they do not obtain them, they are considering others with radioactive effect. El Baradei exhorts governments to strengthen precautions.

April 2005 - UP TO 9 EARTHQUAKES IN SUMATRA, INDONESIA FROM 5 TO ALMOST 7 DEGREES RICHTER, ALL IN THE SAME DAY, 10TH OF APRIL. The Tsunami area keeps being affected by earthquakes. You may pray form them and donate to the different NGOs. See our links page Christian and of the world NGOs.

March 2005 - KYOTO PROTOCOL TO LATE AND INSUFFICIENT. THE DAMAGE IS IRREVERSIBLE. According to the conclusions reached by the scientists in charge of the study about global warming by the industry of man, that was ordered by the responsible parties of the Kyoto summit was complimented by the UN's latest report confirming that it is no longer possible to stop the illness that will kill the environment of the planet and of human kind, who will be obliged to live in artificial environments similar to glasshouses in which he can produce its own oxygen or emigrate to other planets, if possible, and if the time given by God to human kind includes it. According to prophecies, time is set, there is no extension, so that man can see the fruit of everything he touches, I mean the man without God, and without values. Man doesn't look after his own body, nor after his mind-soul; How could he care about the planet?

March 2005 -  ANIMAL VIRUSES (AVIARY FIVER), (BLUE TONG) ETC, ARE MUTATING. South Korea government has confirmed cases of aviary fever this month. In the western countries the blue tong begins to appear. They could be mutations of these viruses that scientists cannot eradicate. All these remind us of the plagues of Revelation. Be aware for the food of your families.

March 2005 - US BLAMES DAMASCUS OF HIDING THE TERRORISTS WHO GO TO IRAQ AND OF NOT DOING ANYTHING TO STOP THEM. US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice has confirmed interviews with members of the opposition in the Syrian regime in which she alerts that the situation can become extreme as they are not willing to change their behavior, was published in the Washington Post. At the same time, General Abizaiz, American chief of the central command assures that Damascus is the door of terrorist insurgency that attacks Iraq. All of this could become the previous step for a final stack to Damascus, whose destruction is prophesized in the Bible. We will keep informing.

March 2005 - EARTHQUAKE IN INDONESIA + THAN 2.000 DEATHS. 8.7 DEGREE RICHTER. The earthquake wave keeps growing progressively according to Bible prophecies. You may pray for them and also donate to the NGOs. See our links page Christian and of the world NGOs.

February 2005 - EARTHQUAKE IN IRAN, 400 DEATHS. Seismic movements keep increasing and reaching higher degree around the planet. From our site we will closely follow earthquake activity and will inform every month of any new ones. Remember that the Lord prophesized about them. You may pray for them and also donate to the NGOs. See our links page Christian and of the world NGOs.

February 2005 - CONFIRMED BLACK HOLE. A STAR EXPLODED IN THE MILKY WAY WHILE REACHING THE CENTRE. FRAGMENTS TRAVEL CLOSE TO LIGHT SPEED. Nasa has detected the explosion of a star when it was getting close to the center of the Milky Way. Astronomers confirm that what they thought it was coinciding in many galaxies has converted in a rule. Every galaxy has a black hole in the centre, and it's a question of time that they absorb matter (stars and planets) of their system. This is another step confirming prophecies, in this case Peter's. ...the heavens and the earth which now exist are kept in store by the same word, reserved for fire...

February 2005 - Crisis IN Lebanon WITH SYria AFTER THE assassination OF LEBANESE ex-prime minister Hariri. The prophecy about Damascus' destruction is still to be fulfilled. The recent alliance between governments of Syria and Iran to create a common force against countries that could attack them, referring to the US, who has just called back its ambassador from Syria, the EU and Israel. Iran renounces to disarm of their nukes plants even of the threatens of the international community. Russia still provides the Syrian regime with weapons who fight in Iraq. Prophecies of Tire, in Lebanon, origin of its artisan fame and old allies of David and Solomon in the construction of the temple of Jerusalem, may now bring the help of Israel.

February 2005 - ISRAELI PALESTINIAN SUMMIT IN SHARM EL SHEIJ, (EGYPT). IS THE ROUTE SHEET ON AGAIN? Peace agreement between Sharon and Abu Mazen, sign it in Egypt invited by president Hosni Mubarak; just announced to the press, as an agreement reached by both presidents for a bilateral stop fire although radical groups like Hamas and the Yihad have replied opposing and claming the liberation of Palestinian prisoners. Gaza zone and its return to them, which Sharon is using as part of his strategy, has cost him the threats from orthodox Jews. Do these two nations really believe they will have peace without receiving the Messiah? The Bible prophecy says they will have no peace until they say: ...blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord...

February 2005 - HUMAN EMBRYOS  ARE BEING CLONED TO EXTRACT THEIR ORGANS AS PARTS TO USE IN ILL. The UK has just authorized the father of sheep Dolly, for cloning embryo mother cells for therapeutic uses. Projects like the Spanish and French authorize families with an ill son, to conceive another healthy son to use him to cure his brother. This would be the same as saying that fecundation of embryos in these cases as parts. This way assassination has been legalized, while human rights are use on terrorists in affected countries. God's reaction will be seen.

January 1/27/2005 - 60 ANNIVERSARY OF THE LIBERATION OF AUSCHWITZ. COMMEMORATION OF NAZI HOLOCAUST 6.000.000 JEWS MURDERED. From Yahshua.net we humbly ask to pray for the Jewish nation. Yahweh has not forgotten you. Yahshua, the Messiah, awaits with His open arms. ZECHARIAH CHAPTER: 8 ...20 "Thus says the Lord of hosts: Peoples shall yet come, inhabitants of many cities; 21The inhabitants of one city shall go to another, saying, let us continue to go and pray before the Lord, and seek the lord of hosts. I myself will go also" 22 Yes, many peoples and string nations shall come to seek the Lord of hosts in Jerusalem, and to pray before the Lord.




Resurrection, is without doubt the most important news in history for humanity.

2.000 years ago a man died in a cross and resurrected rising to another dimension, of which man knows little of, the average man who lives without God whom he does not know.

This man who resurrected was God manifested in the flesh. 1 Timothy 3:16 and Isaiah 9:6. Indeed there will be all kind of discussions about this matter, between those who don't believe, but, don't you think that 500 people that saw Him resurrected and then saw Him raised to Heaven in front of many and of the apostles would lie?

Until now, science can only admit that it cannot prove there is no life after physical death.

The present from God is that if we repent of living without Him, which is the sin of humanity, He will give us eternal life by His side. But those who hate Him, will also resurrect to see that indeed it was true, and seeing the majesty of the kingdom of God, will be left on their loneliness by their own choice. That loneliness through eternity is hell, where man seeks for the things of this world, but it will no longer exist, neither the pleasures nor this body that we know, neither the god of it, Satan; therefore if any man has doubts about resurrection, he must think about the situation after physical death, which will reach him for certain.

This is why Jesus Christ came in a man; to prove that: by dying in the Cross, and having resurrected the third day, according to the prophecy, has beaten death and the enemy of God, the devil. Victory is of God. And what about you, will you come to that eternal paradise? Must read: Isaiah 26:19, Hosea 6:2, Matthew 28:6, John 6:40, Acts 2:32, 3:15, Romans 14:9, 1Corinthians 15:35 to 42, 1Tesalonians 4:16, Hebrew 13:20, Revelation 20:5. FULL STUDY ABOUT RESURRECTION.

  • Your want to know God, but you know the way is not through organized religion,, nor by sects, nor by society. The world has failed. ...I pray for them;  I do not pray for the world but for those whom You have given Me, for they are Yours... John 17:9. Prayer of Yahshua, Jesus Christ.

  • For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Prophecy of Isaiah 9:6.

  • I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Words of Yahshua - Jesus Christ. John 14:6.
  • If you really seek God, begin today the new life though the true hand of God. The Gospel is the message for all nations, no matter their race, their origins or culture. God is the saviour of those from humanity who open their hearts to Him.

  • ...Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.  1Corinthians 15:58.

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