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The Protestant Reform is consider as formally initiated the 31st of October 1517, All Hallows Eve, previous to All Saints Day, when Martin Luther nailed his famous 95 Thesis on the door of the Chapel of the castle of Wittenberg (500 Anniversary in 2017) with the intention of inviting all to a debate. I recommend reading them. Luther's purpose was to denounce the corruption of the papacy, the sale of indulgences (to buy God's forgiveness for money, both of the living as of the dead, that the Catholic Church was selling for the construction of Saint Peter's cathedral, which placed the papacy under the authority of the Bible and initiated the religious battle that the papacy converted in the bloody and diabolic Inquisition). Luther was a translator of Hebrew and Greek, as well as doctor in Theology by the University of Wittenberg. Germany would count since then with the Bible translated to German from the original Texts, after the religious victory obtained over the German princes against Charles the V of Germany and I of Spain, who wanted to impose his concept which initially followed the erasmic current of the time, but after ,was influenced by the power of the papacy and its offer of support and blessing for his imperial kingdom, in the same way as it was offered to his grand parents the Catholic Kings of Christianity in the empire.

Mean while the Protestantism in Spain and its past, present and future is one of the most relevant matters for the Spanish Evangelical Church today, for it has the responsibility to give glory to God impacting Spain and the countries of Latin America with the Gospel of Christ. Not in vain these where conquered land, amongst other things, to be evangelized, a controversial matter to this day due to the result. However, to evangelize is the work of the Christian, but not by force with the metal sword, but with that of the Spirit, and he in that carry his cross. We know the Words of our Lord: "If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you" John 15:18. The Lord Jesus Christ, Yahshua was already warning us and making us ready telling us that He would not leave us alone, but He would send the Holy Spirit.

This way, the Church commences its journey of the "Great Commission" of carrying the "Good News" of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the world, and in our case to Spain. Our country has been weighed by many powerful enemies from the beginning, maybe because its culture would conquer all the globe and could evangelize it, which would hit the devil in its forehead. But the first godo kings would embrace the faith of the old Fathers and preserved until the middle ages as God would allow in those times. It would not be until the Protestant Reform, that Spain, after having discovered America, would close its own doors to the return to the primitive and true Christianity. We will never know what the impact would have been in Latin America if the Reform would have arrived to them from the beginning!

Spain was devastated by the Inquisition so it would not receive the Bible in Spanish language, like Germany since Gutenberg's printer that honour it being the first Book printed received it in German, translated by Martin Luther, as we said before, from the originals in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, like other countries in their language. Letters of the Spanish reformers, the best ones, we have not missed, like those of Valera and Del Corro, and we have had the Bible Reina–Valera and many books, missionaries and some relevant Catholics, converted, but we did not have kings nor governors, or the Inquisition took charge on them drowning them –like the queen of Navarra– or in fear and superstition. But, although it is not known much by the society, there has been evangelical media in Spain, that, especially since the XIX century in the form or news papers, letters, pamphlets, books and Bibles have been a support to the brethren to transmit the faith under the tight imposition against it by the authorities.

Today our society has evangelical churches, radios, digital news papers, and some Pentecostal television (TBN) begins, with some limitations. Evangelical associations do a great job on the street, both preaching as helping the needed and emarginated. In summer children and family camps are well known. There are Gospel concerts and other great events, but we still need to win the society tired of a dead Catholic church and a corrupted political class, while we live the injustice of unemployment, the crisis and the education decline of our children. Yes, we are European, but there is not much use in being part of a club where a few rich take advantage of the poor. To change this situation, the Church in Spain, not only we have the opportunity, but the responsibility of doing God's work. First of all we see the lack of unity of the evangelicals, and therefore the lack of a unique action plan that will concentrate all the potential.

The question that will emerge is: If God provides the resources needed to impact our country, will the evangelical church be ready to use them efficiently? As well as the traditional media, radio, news paper, is in the churches and their ministries, together with evangelism on the street that we have the opportunity, but if as well as that we are given what we are receiving today: Internet with fibber optics and 4G with TV on the mobile phone, it may be the end of the limitation of television and radio licences. Will we be able, in unity with out identity crisis, as our philosopher Julian Marias says of changing our society taking the message of the Gospel in Spanish clue of the XXI century?



There is no doubt for the Christian's mind, and not only for his mind, but, more especially for his heart and his spirit, that it is his responsibility to be part of God's work called in the Bible "The Great Commission". The Church therefore is the one that receives the call from Jesus Christ, Yahshua, to go to all nations and make disciples. The Church must win the society, in fact it has won it in many cultures, like the European, although the times and the winds are against many times, and although the world hates us, but not those who's souls are "fished" for the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ promised not to abandoned us ever, and He is faithful and trust worthy, fulfiller of the Covenant that He has made with us, in His blood. The Church, instead has been fluctuant, it has deviated from the Way, we have failed to our Lord, but the Church has also rectified and has returned to the right Way. We thank God and only to Him be the glory because He sent His Holy Spirit that it may guide us and care for us. One of the main rectification of course, if not the most important was the Protestant Reform of the XVI century that began through Luther, who took the bases left some centuries before by Wycliffe, and latter with Calvin, which would enlighten the Way for the true Christians, far from the darkness in which the roman church and the society was.

In Spain, the Church was living the phrase of Jesus "the world will hate you" in their flesh with all the weight of cruelty possible. Meanwhile in Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and later England started to read the Bible in their language, in Spain we would receive the Bible in Spanish, but it would be prohibited under death penalty and excommunion. In the mean time the preaching of the Gospel would be done by letters of reformed brothers like Valera or Del Corro, who would write to the very king of Spain, Philip II. They would also keep the faith alive with letters to the clandestine congregations in Seville and Valladolid. In England, the separation from Rome would arrive and finally the Westminster Faith Confession in 1643 would arrive being a legacy of the true Church of God. In Spain the brothers in the faith of the Bible, as a society could do little to preach the Gospel under the inquisitorial persecution. However, as Gabino Fernandez Campos sais in his book Protestantism in Spain, the legacy of the Spanish protestants in the times of the Reform, covers education (Encinas), art (Seville cathedral), literature (Del Corro or Valera), and this way impacting the Spanish society, who's work remains today. Not in vain converts as relevant as the queen of Navarra are counted amongst the protestants, who offered the castle to install the printer that has been offered to Antonio del Corro by a printer, a testimony that we can find in the letter of Del Corro to Cipriano de Valera to ask for his acceptance and support to print Bibles in Spanish.

After these experiences in times of the Reform, during three centuries, Spain lived in the darkness and repression. It would not be until the first republic, then in the second, and after Franquism, in the democracy, which is still young and far from having changed the society in a deep way in the moral and in the spiritual, that the country has had freedom of speech in the religious, for the Catholic church even today still exercises great oppression against Protestantism. The Spanish evangelical church has much work before it, not undervaluing the great work done, that has without a doubt established the foundations in good works, that must now be followed of the rest of the construction through an evangelism that impacts the entire nation, that will take everyone to know the message of Salvation through the work of Christ, without the works of religion nor of human efforts. The Words of The Lord will always be alive:

"If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. 19If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you... ...But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me: 27And ye also shall bear witness, because ye have been with me from the beginning." John 15:18–19 & 26–27.



The Holy Office –that is how it was called, the Catholic institution for the extermination of Protestants and non Catholic– has in its records approximately 3.500 accused of Lutheranism between the three centuries of the absolutism of Austrias and Bourbons. This according to experts in the matter represents 70% of those sentences that where real, but this amount is thought to be only 7,12 of the cases that really the Holy Office dealt with. The doctrinal imposition of Catholicism in Spain in times of the Protestant Reform, included the prohibition of reading the Bible, which had grave consequences for a society that lived in the obscurantism, both spiritual and cultural. Meanwhile in Europe Bibles were being printed in different vernacular languages, in Spain, the clergy read their books in Latin in the churches so the members would not know or understand the message. And not only in Spain, but in all the empire reading it was prohibited. The impact on the society was negative, missing in those centuries the reading of the appreciated translation of Casiodoro de Reina and Cipriano de Valera, made in the best time of the Castilian language, with all the richness that we find in the Quixote. With out a doubt the best version of The Bible of all the ones produced afterwards in the Spanish speaking world. Many of the renown writers both Spanish as Hispanic received a great impact from that Bible, like Gabriel Mistral (Chile), Jorge Isaac (Colombia), Luis Cabrera (Mexico), Ricardo Palma (Peru), Andrés Bello (Venezuela), Arturo Capdevila (Argentina) and in Spain: Miguel de Unamuno, Salvador Espriu, María Zambrano, Carmen Conde or Concha Alos.

However, while many brothers in Seville or Valladolid suffered the wrath of the Inquisition, the Spanish Reformers, Valera, Del Corro, Enzinas, Pere Gales and many others would work non stop to impact the Spanish with books, Bibles, education projects, underground congregations in houses, like the one of the Cazalla's, and counted with the support of good and influential Christians of faith, many nobles and others recognized university doctors that had to emigrate to avoid being murdered by the Inquisition Tribunal of the Vatican and the Spanish kings. These that would call themselves Christians and keepers of the faith, through ways of unthinkable cruelty, in the ways of jihadist, would use methods or inquisition arts, starting by confiscating assets, would use witness of the same family, who would deliver their own blood, and latter sentence, torture and execution in public in fire or through other ways, was the way the official church would treat the society. Others where tortured to obtain information and would be left to rotten slowly in humid and stinking prisons to death, including pregnant women, children and elder, with no compassion, and in the name of God and of the "Holy Mother Catholic and Apostolic Roman Church", murderer of those that could not convert by force to its destructive heresy; those were the arts of the Inquisition.

Names like Juan Ponce de Leon, Juan Gonzalez –the preacher– Julian Fernandez, Francisca Chaves, Garcia Arias –the white master– Juan Egidio and doctor Constantino, both cannoning preachers of the cathedral of Seville, suffered persecution, torture and some of them death for the glory of God and Jesus Christ, Yahshua, for embracing the true Gospel. With this precedent, the Spanish society has been marked with a history, that even though in latter times like the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera and of Franco would not use to execute for causes of faith, still the Catholic church –part of the political power to almost our days– has kept a strong influence in the tradition of the society that is still coming out of the obscurantism.

The impact of the Evangelical church in Spain, as Juan Simarro says, who is the president of the Urban Evangelical Mission of Madrid, is based in three points: Diffusion of the Gospel, the cultural influence and our social behaviour. In part, the Bible Society and the legacy of Julianillo and Borrow, the University Bible Groups G.B.U., the School El Porvenir, the ministry of Fliedner or CLIE of Vila with complete evangelical library, and the Evangelical Library CLC are impacting our society. But it is the Evangelical media the ones that need to increase their impact, which is being achieved, amongst which we find Protestante Digital, or Actualidad Evangelica. Before these existed there were papers like El Evangelista Español (1871–73) La Aurora de Gracia (1874–76) and La Estrella de Gracia (1875–77). Then at the beginning of the XX century the ministry of the colporteur and the legalization of the Spanish Evangelical Allianz would set the foundation for the present media, but they would have to survive to the two dictatorships of Primo de Rivera and of Franco, and even worst, to the Catholic reaction. To all of it has survived the "the bush that is on fire but does not burn" of the true Church, which is the media of God to open the door of the Bible and the Gospel to a Spain that is still in need of being widely evangelized. With the help of God. Amen.



Following the apostle’s tradition, Spain received the letters of anointed reformer brothers in times of the Inquisition, such as Valera and Del Corro. Of them we shall give testimony of gratitude, for their work is of mayor importance for the Church. As we can read from Valera to the captives of Berber, he awaits in his prayer that His Majesty, referring to Jesus Christ, will do the work in them, while he writes to them comforting and doctrinal letter. In the same way, Antonio del Corro wrote to Philip II in an open letter to the mind of the monarch that he might understand the horror that he was allowing in his kingdom by the hand of the Inquisition and the just judgments of God that would come to the nation caused by the barbarian inquisition that the monarch was allowing, which came to pass. A work that exposes all the theological needed to transform any person that would read it with a heart for God.

The works of our brothers are of great inspiration, and those who have received the faith and are born again, will find the guide of the Holy Spirit, that they in deed are inspired in The Bible which is inspired by God, and deserves to be distributed to all, and to the Spanish, for in them we fin those letters of the apostles, the epistles. These letters are valid to date, as all the Word of God is. Therefore, the epistles and letters count with the same inspiring Spirit, the first are entirely inspired by God, and the second inspired the minds of the authors to write the message to the brethren. The Church and the society, since then would walk that way together, although many times in a deadly war, others living miracles and finally in good works. But we must not forget that society has received the impact of the Church because this one has been guided by the Holy Spirit.

To correct the deviations experienced, God permitted some good councils, like the one of Nicaea. From them the New Testament would be confirmed. The Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran have proven the veracity of The Bible to the sceptic society. However the Catholic Church deviated from the way incorporating books to The Bible that were not inspired, like those included by the 70, a version that was ordered to be translated by Ptolemy Philadelphus II for the Library of Alexandria with the aim to unite all the Hebrew books, following the tradition of the time that would translate every book that came to their hands to Greek. Then they were accepted in the Councils of Trent 1.547 and Vatican 1.870 and these books would be the base for heresies like the purgatory or the cult to the dead. Never Protestant Christians accepted those books that the Jews did not recognize neither as inspired by God. The Faith Confession of Westminster gave testimony in 1.643 being not authoritative to the true Church of God.



Since the first reformers and missionaries that would come to Spain to bring the Gospel, it was always the hope to preach in public places, in the same way that Paul did when arriving to the cities that he would evangelize. The story of Acts 17:19 about his preaching in the Areopagus of Athens is the most relevant. Spain has been for a long time a Catholic place, where preaching, if there has been, it has been in the hands of the clergy following the doctrine of the Catholic tradition. It would be then after the medieval, when Spain, as many other Catholic countries, the countries and kingdoms that would go to Jerusalem to fight against the infidels, the more relevant society of faith, although a wrong faith based not on the sword of the Spirit, but on the one the ironworker forges. Not in vain the present king of Spain keeps in his collection of titles that of king of Jerusalem. Then it would be characters like than of the Quixote de la Mancha who would remind the heroicness of the Christian hidalgo knights. But in these texts of the Quixote, we clearly see an already rotten and superstitious society that knows nothing of the Bible, while in the "Protestant World" the countries of the north of Europe were starting to come out of the uncultured reading the Bible and appreciating hearing a good sermon that would lift up the soul.

Spain is a rare species, well defined by Americo Castro: "It is useless to apply methods of intellectual logic to the study of anything Spanish –political history, religion, literature or languages– if you don't include in the explanation the Spanish way of existence". If the tradition was true about the trip that Paul maid to Spain –mentioned twice in the Bible– it would be the first Christian that would preach in public, as he used to. The following centuries would be of adherence of the roman ways. We do not know if there have been public events of relevance in those times. It would not be until the times of the Reform that we would have the more relevant evangelizers, following the steps of Luther, but they did not experience freedom of speech under the persecution of the Inquisition. But, from the books, Reina, Valera, Del Corro, Valdes from their international places London, Paris, Ambers, Genève would fill Spain with letters, books and The Bible in Spanish.

Though not in public like the Wesley brothers use to do in the industrial England, it was in squares and meeting places. Spanish Protestantism has managed to enjoy schools, like the one of the Escorial in Madrid, or Barcelona, Valdepeñas and many other places, where generations have been educated by evangelical teachers. They would use Culture Houses and other public buildings for preaching events. Due to the link between the Spanish kings and the papacy, and under dictatorships, only in republican periods there was more tolerance towards the protestant, not because there was a better will towards God, but to favour the non Catholic because it has always been by side of the power. Today there is an association of evangelical police and of the army. Latter they have gathered for decades, entire families in summer camps, and events are made with the blessing of town halls, that include theatre, cinema, and activities for children, and are platform for the Gospel in public. Since some years, in our time, some concerts are starting to happen, like Hillsong, that although they are in the initial phase there is no doubt that they will be the beginning of evangelistic campaigns, as it is the Gospel. In Barcelona there is an evangelical campaign programmed by Franklin Graham, son of the prestigious evangelist Billy Graham. Nowadays it is remarkable the work being done in Madrid Puerta del Sol by the brothers of Urban Mission, eight years preaching non stop and offering help. There is no doubt that much is still to be done, but between the good works and the events doors are being opened in Spain.



From the Areopagus in Athens to Gutenberg in Germany, and to global Internet, the evangelistic arena reaches its culmination with TV through Internet to the world. From the times that Spain went from having a unique TV Spanish channel, known as "the first – la Primera" more channels would be added. First of al was the "second channel" in times of Franco. Latter, with democracy came the private channels, Antena 3, Telecinco, and the autonomic, which together with the national are financed with public fund. Strange enough in no channel of national coverage where there is an evangelistic TV program of great impact to this day. Exceptionally there is the emission of an evangelical program in the "second channel" now known as the 2 of TVE which is directed by brother Jose Pablo Sanchez, from Decision, where as part of a small fraction of time ceded by the government and in early time on Sundays, when the nation sleeps or is enjoying. In the book of Jose Pablo Sanchez about the bibliography of Billy Graham, he tells about the victories in television and radio in the US. In the regional ambit, the situation is similar, where in some TV channels cede some spaces in times with no audience. Even though it seams little this fruit of years of negotiations and the help of churches and of Christian associations like FEREDE which represents evangelicals before the government of the nation.

The truth is that Spain only counts with one Christian TV that could be considered of national coverage in 2014, but limited to satellite, or in Madrid under TBN. When one sees TVs like God.tv which transmits from Jerusalem to the world, once reaction is to pray to God so He will concede us a ministry of such will that it may lift up the Christian people of Spanish language, not only in Spain, but all around the world, and not only to lift it up, but to unite it and feed it until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now in Spain, television stations to date are subject of licence that is granted by the government of the nation, and the financial amount needed are to large to be accessible to a divided in denominations, and poor.

On the other hand, the content of the true Doctrine of Christ, preached publicly through such a powerful national media as it my be the TV or a radio, frightens governments, who's interest is to sell themselves to their voters and live a lukewarm and permissive life with the immoral lives of a spiritually dead society. For this reason the opening of Internet through fibber optics in Spain, which is now a reality, without protocols nor licenses, may allow to start a TV channel with a complete programming of quality to win this generation of all ages, and through all the audiovisual media. If also it could be supported by national radio station it would be the best achievement of media in our country, that no doubt would impact also the rest of Hispano American nations. The main requirement is the unity of all the evangelical church in Spain to take it fourth, or a ministry with the call of God and the resources that only He is able to provide. What is true one way or another, is that the time has come, it is now, and the prayer of everyone who is a Christian that loves the brothers in Spain will be relevant so that God will grant it. Not only we will have left behind the time of the repression of the Inquisition, but the fields will be able to be seeded. Once this is achieved, the spiritual battle will be against atheism, relativism, religions and sects –even with some that call themselves Christians– and the return of old gender ideologies found in Sodom and Gomorra, which can be defeated with the Word of God, and supposedly we are in a democratic society in which all may express themselves under the same rule of measure of the freedom of speech, under the cover of the flag of human rights from United Nations, which we will see.

We have now seen news papers, magazines, pamphlets, ministries like the one of Juan Gili and his biblebus, the Gedeon filling hospitals, hotels, prisons with The Scriptures, Mecovan (evangelical communication media) Libertad Digital, Evangelismo en Accion, Actualidad Evangelica, radios and Christian TV, like Solidaria, but these are limited under licenses. A new door opens with the arrival of fibber optics and 4G to the country to forecast live through Internet, what many radio stations have been doing, but now they will be able to do to any mobile phone through TV, live and with the necessary quality. If God grants the resources needed to impact our country, will the Evangelical Church be prepared to use them efficiently? Internet with fibber optics and 4G TV in the mobile puts an end to the TB and radio station licenses. Will we be able, in unity, to change our society carrying the Gospel in Spanish clue for the XXI century?



The Protestant Reform that is known thanks to relevant Christian such as Wycliffe, Luther and Calvin takes us to preach the Gospel, the true message of The Bible, commandment of Jesus Christ called "The Great Commission". The Spanish evangelical media at the beginning of the XXI century count with sufficient maturity and focus so that we may commence to see the light, after the darkness of a society called bipolar catholic–atheist. To open the doors to the Gospel in a land that up to now has been a stony place, where little has flourished the Good Seed of the Good News of the Kingdom of God, has been, is and will be a challenge that we will have to achieve with the help of the Holy Spirit. In 2014 we count with technological structures that include fibber optics being installed in the entire nation by one of the best companies, if not the first, in telecommunications in the modern society. This means that briefly we will count with Internet TV. God willing licenses of governments will finish, and the churches –better to say The Church– will be able to use a new and until now the most powerful way to communicate the Gospel to all the society of Spanish language, not only in Spain, but in all Latin America and other parts of the world.

But all the technology that we will have, which surpasses the barriers of all the denominational divisions, the inquisitorial ones of the still influential Spanish catholic church over the governments, would be useless if there is no spiritual and fraternal unity in the Message that we communicate to society. We now have the maturity amongst many of the churches to share with others the same purpose, but many others don't. We are clear about faith statement. We have clear that the Spanish society is needed, far from the humanistic relativism, of the Message of Salvation, justice and love of God that we read in Sermon of the Mount (Matthew 5). There, the church was one, and Its pastor Jesus Christ. That society may be impacted by the Church we must be one in Christ, use all the resources that we have, the associations, the camps, the missions, the social aid, the political relevance of those who are in places of power and are brothers, but it is in the daily life and between our neighbour that we may establish the foundations to communicate to society our personal relationship with God in Christ, and that we share it with our brothers in joy and hope in the new Kingdom of justice. We know that we fight against the rests of the intolerant Inquisition that doest not recognize any other church than the catholic –but now there are many Catholics and protestants that are leaving behind fights, intolerance and it begin to communicate, which happens when the Bible is placed before tradition of ones and others– but we must have the faith that God demands because the same Christ that gave the faith to the first Christians, to the reformers, is the same Christ that lives in us today.

May our prayer be on how we will transmit the Message to this country in unity. Many countries like the US have already experienced TV preachers that each go their own way. We see how God.tv impacts the world of English speaking from Jerusalem, in prophetic clue. Another similar media is needed as a Spanish speaking project. The society is heart and with no direction in the middle of political and financial corruption. We are the hope, the salt and the light of the world. Let's place Christian TV as a light to bring Jesus Chris to the hearts of all, and lets fulfil the Great Commission making disciples in our nation for the glory of God. We conclude then with the questions of the end of the introduction: If God provides the resources needed to impact our country, will the Church be ready to use them efficiently? As well as the traditional media such as radio, news paper, it is in the churches and in their ministries, together with evangelism in the street, that we have the opportunity, but if also we are given what we are receiving today: Internet with fibber optics and 4G TV in the mobile phone, may put an end to the limitation of licences of TV and radio stations.

Will we be able in unity, to change our society carrying the message of the Gospel in Spanish clue for the XXI century? Will be have the courage and determination that Valera and Del Corro had, now closer to the end times, once Spain opens to be impacted with the Word of God? From prayer, giving to God and the unity of the Church will depend the result and the final conquest of the potential that God has placed in this nation through His Church, which is pending, not only of initiating, but of finishing a Reform Unconcluded. But the opportunity will be given to us and we are at the door. However, the will of God will be done, who always has placed leaders anointed with His Spirit to take ahead His work, for the love of the neighbour in good deeds, for love to His Church and for His glory. Amen.




  • For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Prophecy of Isaiah 9:6.

  • I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6. Words of Yahshua – Jesus Christ.
  • You want to know God, but you know the way is not through organized religion, nor by sects, nor by society. The world has failed. ...I pray for them;  I do not pray for the world but for those whom You have given Me, for they are Yours... John 17:9. Prayer of Yahshua – Jesus Christ.

  • If you really seek God, begin today the new life though the true hand of God. The Gospel is the message for all nations, no matter their race, their origins or culture. God is the saviour of those from humanity who open their hearts to Him.

  • ...Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.  1Corinthians 15:58.

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