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Jerusalem is the center of attention of this section, the city where Jesus Christ fulfilled the prophecy about himself, and where the last prophecies will be fulfilled, those that will take the world to the encounter with God in the second coming of Jesus. The literal sons of Isaac (Israel) and the literal sons of Ismail (Arabs), both sons of the same physical father, Abraham, fight to death for it in the Palestinian conflict that only has one solution: That they receive Yahshua, Jesus Christ their Messiah as well as of all nations. Only in Yahshua we are truly the spiritual sons of Abraham, father of all nations, because he believed God. Since 1948 with the prophetic return or Israel to the Promised Land according to Ezekiel 39, the Messianic are rapidly growing within the Jewish community, and are fulfilling the prophecy about Israel in the end of time, announcing that Yahshua was and is the Promised Messiah of Revelation 1:7. URGENGT NEWS: RESURRECTION IS COMING – READ IT HERE… – – – – – – – Science & Faith – – – – –


September 2021 – DEPRESSION AND DARKNESS IN A WORLD OF PANDEMIC AND SHADOW. Several studies done due to the pandemic and the lockdown have proven that the majority of the youth, and those not so young, find themselves affected due to the lack of direction, see an uncertain future of darkness and shadow, in a manipulated world that manipulates us, much like in the end times, just as it is prophesized in Bible. In Psalm 23 we are told not to fear any evil because God is by our side, even if we walk in the valley of the shadow of death. Read the Bible Study of September in the front page: Yahshua – The Light In A World Of Darkness.

September 2021 – 5.000 CHRISTIANS EVACUATED FROM AFGHANISTAN BY CHRISTIAN NGO. The Nazarene Fund has managed to receive 30 million dollars to organize flights to save thousands of Christians and other minorities in danger from the radicals, for the glory of God and the compassion with them. You may visit their website at:

August 2021 – CHRISTIAN ARABIC TV IN THE MIDDLE EAST SAT7.ORG REACHES 25 YEARS. A television that has been impacting with the Gospel for decades in countries where Christianity is persecuted. Another miracle of God who maintains to reach the hearts of those who love Him, in Arab countries and north of Africa.

August 2021 – EVANGELISM IN THE 52 PROVINCES OF SPAIN ON A RED BOX. The evangelistic project for Spain has began in Vizcaya surpassing the expectations, comments from Protestante Digital. This project is a mission from On The Red Box with a dedicated website in our country where churches can participate as well as individuals. A total challenge very needed to fulfil the Great Commission.

July 2021 – GREATEST JOURNEY APP BIBLE GAME. The Billy Graham international evangelistic and humanitarian organization Samaritan Purse, has created an app for children to play the adventures in the Bible. Franklin Graham, Billy’s son and today president, comments: From a spaceship they travel through time to the lives of the characters of the Bible, including Jesus. They have a great time and they learn the history of salvation and the message of God. Also Edward Graham, Billy’s grandson praises the volunteers of Operation Christmas Child reaching 9 million children with the Gospel through the gift boxes, despite Covid and a closed world.

July 2021 – ISRAEL AND 100 COUNTRIES TO USE NUCLEAR ENERGY. The World Association of Nuclear Energy informs of the emerging nuclear countries are over 100. Israel is one of them, but his enemies, and friends are working on their nuclear plants. It is publicly known that Iran and other enemies do not hide their wish to attack them. The situation of energy demand in the world needs an urgent answer that nor fossil, nor renewable energies combined can provide. Although not in the news, majority of leading countries are already building latest generation nuclear plants. Apart from covering the need, will it be the preparation of the arsenal of the battle of Armageddon, in Revelation 16:16? Source:

June 2021 – ISRAEL ATTACKED BY GAZA. A new rise of the conflict after the attack of Gaza on Israel. After leaving casualties, wounded and destruction, a cease fire has been agreed and the intervention of the international community and Egypt. Once again we see how Israel suffers and continues without peace, and how its capital Jerusalem and continues deserted religiously without the temple. It is to do with the prophecy of the Lord Jesus Christ – Yahshua about Jerusalem and its Jewish residents in Matthew 23:37-39 who did not receive the Messiah, but will do at the end. In the meantime their enemies continue to fight against them. Let us pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

June 2021 – CHURCHES CLOSING IN THE US LIKE IN EUROPE. While Christianity in general continues to be divided between Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox and many denominations, that lack of unity results in losing the focus, the glory of Jesus Christ is left aside and each interpretation of Christianism is placed first, especially in those churches that place their tradition before the Bible. But just like in the Babylon of Revelation 18, the Church cannot loot to the profit of souls to make business of them, not to fall like that one, but it owns itself to Jesus Christ – Yahshua and to the Christians, to reach out to the lost world with the Gospel, before the return of Jesus Christ to catch away the living Church, all those that were born again. Is the end of the churches as institutions near?

May 2021 – HELP COVID 19 AID FROM TEARFUND. Children with no home receive education, aid and a big family that love them. An aid work for more than 50 years, now in the midst of the pandemic shines even more in a world needed of Christian love.

May 2021 – HUMAN PSEUDO-EMBRYO CREATED FROM SKIN CELLS. Published in Nature magazine, the scientists of the university of Monash, have created a pseudo embryo from pluripotent mother cells, which means they can be programmed to become part of the different organs of the body, but they cannot yet produce a complete human being, as Dr. Antonio Cruz explains. Source:

April 2021 – RESURRECTION – NEW FILM ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE RESURRECTION OF YAHSHUA – JESUS CHRIST. Already on at Discovery + for those who have access to that platform or use Youtube for trailers or personal use. The production is linked to the series of films The Bible, with great fidelity to the Biblical Texts, and historic investigation.

April 2021 – TEMPLE OF JERUSALEM – REAL LOCATION ON TEMPLE MOUNT DISCOVERED. According to two investigators, the engineer, Christian Widener, who has published a book about it, and the architect Tuvia Sagiv, non related and each with a different project, each think their location is the one where the Temple I & II once stood. The first locates the main door of the Temple in direct line with the door of Solomon, more northeast, but Tuvia locates it in line with the Wailing Wall, between the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. But until now all archaeological publications locate it where one of the Mosques are. The interesting matter here is that these two locations do not depend on the demolition of any existing construction and would be a question of agreement between Arabs and Jews.

March 2021 – AND BECAUSE INIQUITY SHALL ABOUND THE LOVE OF MANY SHALL WAX COLD. With these words, the prophecy or the Lord Jesus Christ about the end times in Matthew 24:12 begins its fulfilment before our eyes. I think this news and its fulfilment do not need further comments, or arguments, or references, because all of us in the world can see how the society is heading chaos submerged in a general evil which grows each day in all levels of society. But the Lord also, before He returns at the end, has given us hope: “When these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near” Luke 21:28.

March 2021 – NASA ASTEROID APOPHYS 99942 COULD IMPACT EARTH IN 2029. According to the observatories of astronomy, and the program of NASA and other world space agencies for the prevention of asteroids impact which are potentially mortal to massive level that could wipe out life on earth, this asteroid of similar dimensions to the one that annihilated dinosaurs from the planet, has about 300 mts of diameter and could impact in 2029. But its orbit also nears close enough in 2036, although now they say that the more probable of impact is in 2068. The question is, will they take this program seriously and will provide it with funds on time, or human foolishness of ambition of other things will be what shall make Biblical prophecy fulfil “Revelation 6:13”? which will do.

February 2021 – 340 MILLION CHRISTIANS PERSECUTED. Each year the persecution against Christians grows in the world. The report from Open Doors shows Asia, Africa and Central America as the areas of greater or extreme persecution against Christians. However it is in the western world where the persecution against Christians is growing under laws and ways of life or ideologies against Christian moral, something of which little is spoken about in the media. These persecuted for the sake of the Lord will go in front in the Kingdom of God, for they were valiant, some even to suffer death for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ Yahshua, for the glory of God.

February 2021 – MORAL RELATIVISM OF GENERATION Z. About 65% of the youth believes that different religions will take to eternal life, against the words of Jesus: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me” John 14:6. Also 30% accept that morality changes with society and what is good and evil with it. The Commandments of an eternal God don’t change. The survey shown by made in the US shows that the knowledge of the last generation about values and theology is very scarce do to the lack of preaching in their environment. The Bible prophesises a last generation of apostasy in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 before the coming of the Lord, but the question is if this is an excuse for not making more efforts to take the Gospel to this so called Generation Z.

January 2021 – 10 CHRISTIAN FILMS RELEASED IN 2020 – The industry of Hollywood film makers through the digital media and platforms of streaming have released 10 faith based films during the awful 2020 during the confinement and the closing of the movies which have prevailed. Some have become first in the lists of these famous platforms. I Still Believe at Amazon Prime; Selfie Dad, a father before the digital life of his teenagers; Switched, a friend prays that a famous influencer could know her insignificant life; Home Sweet Home; Against the Tide; Small Group, home church group stories; Infidel, Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ) is imprisoned under false accusation of spy in Iran; I am Patrick, about the life of Ireland’s patron; When We Last Spoke, about a family separated by the Vietnam War; Farmer And The Belle. You can watch the trailers of the films at

January 2021 – DIGITAL IDENTITY AND THE GREAT RESET – The World Economic Forum has amplified its pretensions to control the population of the planet in every aspect, by offering what has become known as Digital Identity. The Great Reset is a proposal from the great and powerful entities that govern the world through this Forum, companies, conglomerates, governments, to carry out the digitalization of life totally. Digital money, digital passport, taxes, health, ideology, vaccination Covid 19, all the life of the citizen under digital control. Many are talking of the mark of the beast, the famous 666 of Revelation 13:18 under one world government, a new world order. Source: web of the World Economic Forum.

December 2020 – OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD. A special year to give boxes with presents and the message of Jesus to needed children of the world. The last week of November has been the collection week in Spain. This year due to the pandemic the boxes have been done as always or one could donate and the volunteers of Christmas Child would do them following the security protocols. No doubt another year, a special one, in which thousands of children will receive their Christmas Child box with joy.

December 2020 – ONE FOR ISRAEL.ORG TAKES THE GOSPEL TO ISRAEL. A mission created by native Israelis to proclaim Yeshua the Messiah, Jesus Christ in Israel. In a time that is being understood more as the end time, according to prophecy, Israel will be the last nation to receive the Gospel of the Messiah, and many Jews are getting to know Him thanks to this mission. They face persecution and heat from the radicals, nothing new, nothing that the even the Messiah did not suffer, also Christians since the first coming of the Messiah. Now that the second coming is near, Israel will be in a different situation.

November 2020 – A STATUE OF CASIODORO DE REINA IN THE MONASTERY OF SANTIPONCE, SEVILLE. He who was burned in effigy in the XVI century by the Inquisition, is born again in a statue. The first translator of the entire Bible to Spanish from original tongs. It was inagurated the 29th of October, 500th anniversary of his birth, in front of the door of the Monastery of Saint Isidoro del Campo, a statue of commemoration of his work and life for freedom of reading in peoples tongs as he embraced the ideas of the Reformation Movement, together with other Hieronymite monks from the same monastery, from which they had to flee to Europe. Cipriano de Valera, who would do the first revision of the work of his colleague, or Antonio del Corro. In the granite of the bronze statue, reads: “To liberty and freedom”. The where the maximas of the movement that the atrocity of the Inquisition wanted to extinct so that the ordinary citizen could not read the Bible in his own language. Today justice has been made, clamed both authorities as brothers representing the (Andalusian Evangelical Regional Council) CEAA. Source:

November 2020 – EARTHQUAKE IN GREECE AND TURKEY. The Biblical city of Smyrna in Revelation 2:8-11 has suffered the greater damage. The Land of the beginning of the Gospel to the world suffers a great earthquake degree 7 in the Richter scale, which has caused more than 20 deaths and great lost, as well as a tsunami. “…and there shall be famines, pestilences and earthquakes in different places…” Matthew 24:7.

October 2020 – TWO BLACK HOLES CRASH AND SCIENTISTS DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE GRAVITATIONAL WAVES PRODUCED. Jesus talks in Matthew 24:29 of the powers of the heavens would be shaken. Today we continue to see how science does not know all the architecture, all the design, all the information of the universe. Creation is known by He who created it. And He who created it says that at the end it will be shaken and that He would come after opening the heavens, so that every eye shall see Him, Revelation 1:7.

October 2020 – BETHSAIDA FOUND BY ARCHAEOLOGISTS. The famous city where Jesus called Peter, Andrew, John 1:44, north of the Sea of Galilee has been found after excavations. That city of the apostles that was lost has been found thanks to the laborious and patient work of archaeologists. Those fishermen would leave there their nets to follow the Master Jesus Christ.

September 2020 – ANTI-COVID VACCINES MADE WITH HUMAN FETUS. Two groups of companies will divide society. The first uses embryo material from human fetus in the composition of their vaccines for Covid-19 and the other group does not. Christian groups, whether Catholic or Evangelical, to which other religions will unite, denounce this practice. The film “Unplanned” is about the case a of a director of the company of abortions Planned Parenthood (according to the film provided fetus for experiments), who after coordinating more than 20.000 abortions became an anti-abortion activist, who’s live has inspired the film. An article with the list of companies who provide vaccines with fetal material can be read at:

September 2020 – ISRAEL AND UAE NORMALIZE RELATIONS. Although the Arab countries that surround Israel, from all sides, have been historical enemies, this step is without a doubt a precedent which seems to be a first step to the normalization of relations with other countries surrounding. Many will read this news as the beginning of the prophecy where Israel will have a time of peace ( 1 Thessalonians 5:3) before the return of the Messiah, and the battle of Armageddon of Revelation 16. From the Israeli administration they say they are working in achieving peace agreements with all the other nations. You may read the complete news at:

August 2020 – 100 PASTORS DIE IN BOLIVIA BY COVID-19. Pastors who continued to take food, help and dedicated their lives to their congregations in which they got infected. The Lord will bless their deeds for the Church in their love for their neighbours, for they placed others first before waiting to receiving protection for the virus that would arrive late if it would. These are also current martyrs of Jesus.

August 2020 – CHINA AND INDIA CONTINUE TO PERSECUTE THE CHURCH. We live in the end times and the prophetical signs are fulfilling. The Church is persecuted in the entire world, not only in antichristian countries, but in the west and the traditionally Christian countries, where now the antichristian ideologies are imposed by the secularist society. In Hong Kong they ask for prayer for the great persecution they are suffering.

July 2020 – ISRAEL PROHIBITS GOD.TV – ANOTHER SIGHT OF THE END OF THE TIMES OF THE GENTILES. Under the accusation of proselytise of Jews for their conversion to Christ, the Messiah Yahshua, Israel who receives so much from the evangelical church from all parts of the world, to all levels, has decided to close the door to the evangelistic program and to the Gospel of the God of the Bible through cable TV in the country. Is Israel preparing for its end time?

July 2020 – THE CHURCH THAT TALKS THROUGH ITS WORKS. Today, in the midst of the scourge of migration, racism and pandemic, many churches are serving their neighbours as voluntaries, works and dedication. Modern Christian Mission (Misión Cristiana Moderna) and his pastor Angel Manuel Fernandez, at Fuerteventura are the base of the missionary society for the region and authorities. A great work that is a reference to all: Source

June 2020 – CHURCHES IN HOUSES AND HUMANITARIAN WORK, LIKE IN THE BEGINNING, DUE TO CORONAVIRUS! Before the great financial and health crisis that coronavirus has created, churches are making an effort to provide aid to the affected with social food, and helping those needed. It is always the churches that help society, not the governments. The Gospels talk of famines and pestilences but also of the joy of the brethren that gathered in the houses to break the bread, sing worship, pray for the sick and plan help for the needed.

June 2020 – ISRAEL – ANNEXATION OF SETTLEMENTS – ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISCOVERY OF 2000 YEAR AND HIDDEN TEXTS IN THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS. The plan for annexation of settlements in the West Bank side continues advancing to win the land of Israel and is causing the reaction of the defenders of the anti Israel project coinciding with the elections. At the same time the discovery of a underground complex underneath the Wailing Wall dated in the times of Jesus is a new warrant of the Biblical history and of the world in the place of the Temple. Also they have discovered new Texts that were hidden in the Dead Sea Scrolls. According to Smithsonian magazine an investigator believed to see traces and using a new method found Bible Texts that we now wait for them to be published.

May 2020 – CHINA PERSECUTES CHRISTIANS FOR GATHERING THROUGH INTERNET. China persecutes Christians that gathered through Zoom during Easter Week to respect confinement for coronavirus imposed by the government. On the other hand Google Play suspended the Christian app with the excuse of events policy. Let pray for our persecuted brethren because the wrath of God will not be delayed.

May 2020 – CORONAVIRUS. 250.000 deaths according to some sources, according to others there will be many more, and only in two months. They announce vaccines in record time and effective treatments in two months. There are speculations about the origin, if natural or created. The truth is that the world has been touched by this pandemic that makes one suspect all kinds of things. However, the world is searching God and the Church is responding and is uniting. Another anteroom of the end times because Jesus Christ is returning.

April 2020 – EASTER IN CAPTIVITY. Christianity did not expect to spend this Easter looked at home. This will be an experience in which the true faith will be practiced. Christians may take Holy Supper at home with their families and thank the Lord for their salvation. And Palm Sunday may be celebrated at home, Easter Thursday and Friday, and Resurrection Sunday. But many will not be able to celebrate as usual, some in idolatry way as they carry statues against the Commandment (Exodus 20). This will be a Easter week of faith for the glory of God, to show our love for our Lord Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit that abides in us.

April 2020 – ECONOMY BEFORE HUMAN LIFE AND CORONAVIRUS. The European Central Bank has offered 750 billion Euros that come from no wear. Spain has offered 200 billion that does not have. The US on their side has offered 2 trillion Dollars. They all have millions to try and save the economy but have left aside the poor, the sick, the refugees, those who suffer in the first world as well as in the third world. No doubt that those in power will be judged in the Day of Judgment for this attitude.

March 2020 – BIBLE PLAGUES? CORONAVIRUS AND LOCUST. In the last weeks the world has been impacted by a virus which propagation cannot be stopped by the technology nor by the science of modern man. In the meantime Africa is impacted by plagues of locust that according to the UN will threaten with creating famine and remind us of the Biblical times of Exodus, when God punished Pharaoh, who believed he as god. Today the world endorsed in itself sees how simple and ancestral things dominate it and man is under the mercy of his Creator. Man must always seek for the grace and the glory of God.

March 2020 – IS LENT BIBLICAL? The Council of Nicea (325 A.D.) initiated a tradition that the Catholic Church has maintained to observe 40 days prior to Resurrection Sunday, of penitence, abstinence and observance to sanctify before celebrating Easter. Some reformed and evangelical Christians also prepare, even the cross of ashes in their foreheads, like the Catholic tradition. The 40 days are taken from the days of Jesus in the desert, or Moses in the mount, or the years that Israel stood in the desert. Fasting is well known in the Bible, as does ashes and clothes of cilicio when seeking God’s forgiveness. But Jesus Christ – Yahshua has taught that once a Christian is born again, lives in a progressive sanctification by the habitation of the Holy Spirit inside, reason why he lives close to God, but not only those 40 days prior to Easter, but all the year; it is his way of life. The Christian has communion with God through the Spirit, and cannot do any work to obtain salvation, nor the grace that emanates from the will of God. But the story of Israel in Deuteronomy 16 tells that the Bible does not show a time established by the first Christians, but it shows a time of sanctification prior to Passover in the Jewish community, a preparation for the unleavened bread and study of Exodus, even in times of Jesus. Anyway and even though there a pagan links to the pagan carnival with the ashes and lent, to date the Christian community in its denominations is divided amongst this. God will see the heart of the true worshiper who does not do it when the clergy imposes, but every day when he feels his love for God in his heart. May the glory be to Jesus!

February 2020 – HOLOCAUST WORLD FORUM – 75 ANIVERSARY OF THE LIBERATION OF AUSCHWITZ AND VISIT OF THE KING OF JERUSALEM. World leaders, kings and presidents met in Jerusalem to commemorate the end of the Holocaust 75 years ago, they also visited Auschwitz, with the presence of survivors of that generation who suffered the hate barbarism of the Nazis. King Philip IV of Spain holds the title of “King of Jerusalem” and was received with special friendship by the Jewish leaders. The forum has helped to alert of the increase of anti-Semitism in the world. Will it be that the final prophecy for the people of Israel is coming to an end with the increase of anti-Semitism in the west and the gathering of the Jews in the Promised Land?

February 2020 – 260 MILLION CHRISTIANS PERSECUTED. The 2020 report of Open Doors updates the countries where Christians who live there do so under persecution, whether by the governments or by society, whether by terrorist groups or extremists. The map is revealing the reality that those who believe in Jesus suffer. But now the persecution to Christians in the Western World is growing, not only in the historically hostile countries, but in the cradle of the Christian society, with attacks to churches in Germany by abortionist feminist groups. Link to Open Doors:

January 2020 – EVANGELISM IN AFRICA – The largest evangelistical event of history will take place in Africa in March 2020 “(1GDA) One God, One Day, One Africa” organized by different churches in different African countries. Source Christian Post.

January 2020 – ARQUEOLOGY – Church of more than 1700 years found in Ethiopia enlarges the spread of the primitive church. The Gospel would arrive sooner than thought to Africa sub-Saharan according to the finding of this old basilica. Source Christian Post.

December 2019 – EVANGELICAL SOCIAL WORK – DIACONIA XI AWARDS. Another year volunteers and evangelical NGOs are awarded, some have managed to build schools and hospitals, but more than that they have attended 1.881.436 people through 2.256 homes by 56.768 volunteers and have achieved an investment of 72.040.189 Euros between donations of churches, NGOs and social funds, according to the president’s presentation David Casado from FEREDE. Diaconía integrates all the entities that are part of this project in Spain with an international reach where food, medical aid is needed for families with problems. This year the awarded were Chari Ramos and Reto de España.

December 2019 WORLD POLITICAL CHAOS AND CHRISTMAS ADVENT. The situation which the world is going through is of a total political destabilization which mostly calls our attention due to the fact that it affects the western world and the big powers. From Brexit and Catalonia, to the extreme populist movements from right and left are destabilizing the classical coalitions in central Europe, South America and Central America have most of their countries with revolts, the US is threatened with “impeachment” to the president, China and Hong Kong, Russia and the information strategies, Israel without government, and there have been some radical Islamist attacks. In the meantime the Vatican faces the problem of celibacy after the scandals of pederasty worldwide, and its possible bankruptcy. This decadence of civilization on a world level still cannot solve hunger or the help to developing countries. Will these signs be part of the anteroom of the end times? Meanwhile we celebrate Advent before we close the liturgical year with Christmas, that good news, the greatest of all, the best news to this world in chaos, God came as a Man to die for ours and raise to open to us the door to the new world that He will bring in the end of times, and that will be eternal, to which we are all invited if you have faith in Jesus Christ and His work.

November 2019 – THE REFORMATION OF THE CHURCH DID NOT END WITH THE PROTESTANT REFORMATION. On the 31st of October, close to the recent celebration of the V Centenary of the Reformation, Biblical Christians have celebrated what became a movement that was initiated by many Catholics to amend the derive of the Church, being called “protestants”. The news is not what was achieved and the great blessing provided to the next generations to have the Bible in our language –like the Bear Bible in Spanish, which celebrates its 450th anniversary this year– and all the study of the true Biblical doctrines, this is, the teaching of the Master Jesus Christ about Theology, but the news is that the Reformation is not finished. Today, the churches of the world, denominations and branches of Christianity have a pending task: to finish their reformation for love to Christ and for the glory of God, if we really love the Lord and His Church for which he gave His life on the Cross.

November 2019 – 12% LESS CHRISTIANS IN THE U.S. AND GROWTH OF ATHEISTS AND AGNOSTICS. News from “The Christian Post” talks that only 65% of North Americans consider themselves Christians. At the same time it informs of another grave worry for Christianity, adult youth are leaving. Really, the Church needs to look at herself and continue to reform herself in present times of consumerism and postmodernism. True Theology and science continuing its advance in Intelligent Design, like DNA will always be the best answer for the human mind, hungry for knowing God.

October 2019 – SEVILLE – CONCERT 450 ANNIVERSARY OF THE BEAR BIBLE IN THE MONASTERY OF SAN ISIDORO DEL CAMPO. On the 28th of September 2019 a concert took place by Ensemble Bohorquez. The 450 Anniversary of the Bear Bible, the first Bible translated to Castilian from the original Texts, Hebrew and Greek, by Casiodoro de Reina and revised by his colleague and reviewer of his translation Cipriano de Valera. The translation was initiated in the Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo, in Santiponce, Seville, Reina and Valera had to emigrate due to the persecution of the Inquisition. It was presented in 1569 in Basil (Switzerland). The event has been sponsored by ABRE Foundation which’s Theological Seminary of Seville continues to teach the history and the importance of such an emblematic monastery where the Word of God rooted in times of the Reformation.

October 2019 – RETIRED MISSIONARIES AND VOLUNTARIES. We have a vast missionary force in the retired people who offer their time, wisdom and social compassion of an entire live. Not only that some are missionaries in their daily life ambit, but some also use their travelling to visit needed countries as part of Christian missions or several evangelical associations.

September 2019 – POSTMODERNISM. Without Sunday school, without religion. Christianity is seeing how the new generations are being raised with their children not receiving Christian education. The key question is: Who’s responsibility is that they receive such education? If schools do not do offer it, nor do churches or less or it is not interesting for children, are Christian parents who must educate their children in the faith of Christ? Are Christian parents prepared to teach the Bible? Should the churches prepare parents for it?

September 2019 – CLIMATE CHANGE – TOWARDS THE END OF THE WORLD? Amazonia and Africa are burning, the poles melt, the sea dies polluted with plastics and chemicals, man throws his rubbish to the ecosystem, species are at an end and man dies in his own pollution in large cities. This is the result of the world without God. The Bible reminds us that creation desires at once the manifestation of the children of God (Romans 8:19-23). But not many remember that it will not be the man who will destroy the planet, but God is, Who will create a new heaven and a new earth where He will take those who love Him, believe in Jesus Christ and do His works. In the mean time some of us make the effort and take care of our planet, and of ourselves honouring our Creator.

August 2019 – TEMPLE MOUNT. The peace plan of Trump includes conversations with Saudi Arabia to cede the control of Temple Mount, Esplanade of the Mosques, instead of Jordan, accused of looking aside during the attacks to Israel. The relationships Israel-Saudis are strengthening with the aim of youth from both countries of a better future of economic and technologic prosperity. On the other hand Abbas threatens with braking relations with Israel doe to new settlements. Source: Jerusalmenonline and Haaretz.

August 2019 – PRAY FOR THE DEAD. The pope called on Catholics to pray for the dead castaways of the last intent to cross the Mediterranean from the coast of Libya, against the teaching of Christ in the Bible. He also called to governments to end this grave situation. The Bible teaches the doctrines of Jesus Christ that once a person dies we cannot do anything for the dead. If they have believed and accepted God’s salvation they will go to His presence, if not, to the place the Bible calls hell. Catholicism recognizes that the Bible does not teach prayer for the dead, but they find support in a tradition adopted by part of the people of Israel when they mixed with pagans in the Diaspora before Christ, exposed as a pagan practice in the apocrypha book of 2 Maccabees 12:45 that they added in the Council of Trent. Can you imagine Catholicism without the masses for the dead, and following the truth of the doctrine of Christ? This is the first part of the news, the intercession for the dead. The second, to intercede for the alive before authorities, yes it is a practice of a true Christian. Source Euronews.

July 2019 – NUCLEAR IRAN. Iran begins to enrich uranium above the international agreement. USA breaks the agreement with Iran due to the fact that the established controls are not in their view enough to warrantee that Iran will not reach the development of nuclear weapons. The threat to Israel from the Iranian regime is known.

July 2019 – NORTH KOREA. Religious freedom promoted by new international association ONE KOREA. Christians and activists some who were detained by the North Korean government work for the rights of the citizens of the country.

June 2019 – SPAIN WE PRAY FOR YOU. 8th OF JUNE DAY OF PRAYER OF THE EVANGELICAL CHURCHES. One more year evangelical churches unite to pray for our country in the 52 provinces, as altars where to bring to Christ the spiritual and material needs of Spain, its church, its society, and ist future. You can participate in any evangelical church, and if you cannot, pray wherever you are. “The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” James 5:16.

June 2019 – NASA- ANTI METEORITE SHIELD. NORTH POLE MOVES KMS. The Space Agency has now launched the shield program to protect the earth before the impact risks of meteorites. The Bible says that in the end of time the stars of the heavens will fall on earth, Revelation 6:13. The known program Apophys is dedicated to following a large asteroid that threatens the Earth in its orbit with possible impact in the next years. On another matter the movement of the poles, enough kms as to have to readjust navigation systems of planes, ships, satellite, gps, etc. something not new in the history of the planet, but it is provoking great concern and is being studied if it has relation with the movement of tectonic plates, which are directly related with earthquakes of great magnitude due to the crashing of the great plates, something also prophesized in the Bible.

May 2019 – TODAY’S GENOMICS PROVES THAT MONKEY DNA IS NOT SIMILAR TO MAN’S AND INVALIDS THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION. Evolution scientists that published a similarity in the sequence of DNA between chimpazee an man similar to 98,5% did it choosing those sequences that where the closest, but not all the sequence. Present capacity of sequencing studies provide precise information and move between 66% and 85% while for a possible link between the two species it is necessary to have a difference of only 1%.

May 2019 – PERSECUTED CHURCH – SRI LANKA ATTACKS. One again radical Islam assassinates more than 350 people in its crusade against the Church of the Savour of souls. Sons of rich, with education were part of the terrorist group. Christian brothers in Sri Lanka ask for prayer to be strong and receive direction, to come out of this tragedy.

April 2019 – CHINA CLOSES CHURCHES. The Chinese government persecutes the Christians of his country, closing churches and rewarding informers of gathering houses. There has always been persecution in this country, but in the last years with the great growth of Christianity it is seen as a threat by the authorities. Pray for the persecuted brethren

April 2019 – DNA TAKES TO GOD. The last book of professor of biology Dr. Antonio Cruz, shows how intelligent design in DNA cannot be the result of evolution. Each day the number of serious scientists that decide to study the evidences of the creationist option in a scientifically way is growing, they dear to challenge the established “lecture” of evolutionism. You can read more about the doctor in: Or another of his colleagues Dr. Behe, in English:

March 2019 – 750.000 JEWS MIGRATE TO ISRAEL SINCE DIASPORA. Aliyah is a program of return or immigration of Jews from Diaspora that arrive to Israel. Since XIX century to date there are millions. In the last years 750.000 Jews have received help from an organization founded by a raby in Chicago but financially suported by western evangelicals. This is the plan of God for the end times, to take His people to Sion before the growth of anti-Semitism in the world, as we read in Jeremiah 16: 14 “Therefore behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord, “that it shall no more be said, ‘The Lord lives who brought up the children of Israel from the land of Egypt,’ 15 but, ‘The Lord lives who brought up the children of Israel from the land of the north and from all the lands where He had driven them.’ For I will bring them back into their land which I gave to their fathers.”

March 2019 – VATICAN WORLD WAR II NAZI HOLOCAUST INACTION OF POPE PIUS XII. FRANCISCO WILL OPEN HISTORICAL ARCHIVES IN 2020. While the Catholic Church looks more and more like the Babylon of Revelation 17-18 -and it’s not the only one- currently drowning in cases of pederasty, Francisco, the Pope or bishop of Rome now wants to open the historical archives about the Holocaust about the inaction of the Pope who lived World War II to try to make clear that inaction long criticised by many Jews, du to the little that he did to avoid the extermination in the gas chambers. Benedict XVI nominated him to sainthood arguing that Pius XII worked in secret and silence. The minister of foreign affairs of Israel showed his hope in that they will obtain full access to the archives, while Francisco says he does not fear history. Some say this news is just is a smoke screen to deviate attention from the current grave situation.

February 2019 – NUCLEAR ARSENAL: US AND RUSSIA BREAK INF TREATY OF NON NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION AGREED END OF COLD WAR. Both countries accuse each other either of leaving or unfulfilling it. Both powers say they are working on new hypersonic nuclear defence systems, at the same time as they say they do not want to return to another  dangerous escalation for the entire world. Will these be previous steps to the battle of Armageddon in Revelation 16?

February 2019 – SPAIN: 450 YEARS COMMEMORATING STAMP OF THE BEAR BIBLE. Finally Spanish Post Office has created a long claimed stamp to commemorate the 450 Anniversary of the Bear Bible, the first Bible in Spanish translated from the original Texts Hebrew and Greek, by Casiodoro de Reina, initiated its translation in the Monastery of Saint Isidoro del Campo, at Santiponce, Seville. The commemorative stamp the that the Spanish Evangelical community of Spain asked for does so to the V Centenary of the Protestant Reformation. On the 28th of September 2019 it will be celebrated in the Monastery where he lived and started, but he had to leave to to the persecution of the inquisition. It was presented in 1569 at Basel (Switzerland). Source Actualidad Evangélica and Post Office of Spain.

January 2019 – 215 MILLION CHRISTIANS PERSECUTED. The report from Open Doors cannot be more revealing towards the present situation lived by Christianity, no doubt a sign of the prophecies of the late days. We request daily prayer for the persecuted Church, but also for those who persecute so they may be touched by the Holy Spirit and repent embracing Christ and their persecuted, something that occurs more often than we think. Read the report at

January 2019 – ISRAEL AND THE U.S. LEAVE UNESCO FROM 1/01/ 2019. In the year 2017 the estates of Israel and the United States decided to leave the organism of the United Nations for Education, Science and Culture amongst other things the recognition of the Palestinian estate in 2011, together with allegations that the organism serves the enemies of Israel who deny their connection with their capital Jerusalem and the Israeli land. Since 1947 Israel has been a member of the organism that now leaves after celebrating the 60th anniversary of the return of Israel to their land. Both estates stopped paying their millionaire fees years ago. This way both allies separate from the rest of the world within the organism.

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